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Geisha Girl


Sakura gasped as she fell back on the bed, the contraction making her nearly scream. Sitting on the hospital bed, she let out a scream anyways, using one hand to hold onto her round belly, as if the touch would calm down the pain.

"S-Sakura? You're h-hurting my hand-"

"Damn it, shut up! This is your fault" She hissed at her husband.

Syaoran shut his mouth obediently, deciding to just endure the pain in his hand silently rather than piss Sakura off even before. Damn, only labor can turn his sweet, lovable, gentle wife into a cuss. He winced when she tightened her hold on his hand, and he bit his tongue before letting out a yell of pain.

"Oh, God, get them out! Get them out, get them out, get them out!" She shrieked, glaring at her husband, as if he was supposed to do something.

"What? I can't do any- Ouch!" he winced again when she squeezed his hand even harder. He knew she did that on purpose. "Sakura, don't you think if I could do something, I would have done it already?" he asked, his voice strained.

"What you could have done is not get me pregnant. If you hadn't touched me I wouldn't be in this situation. Damn it, you love seeing me in pain, don't you? You like me screaming with all this pain!"

He sighed and reached out his hand, his good, free hand, to touch her face, to reassure her, but she slapped his hand, and then took a swipe at his head, her palm striking above his ear.

"Son of a-" he swallowed the last word and touched his head. Damn, she got him good. "What the hell was that for?"

"Don't touch me. You touching me is what got us in this situation in the first place" she hissed, although she still clutched at his turning-numb hand.

Syaoran frowned. She was such a different person during labor. He then glared at the couple of nurses and doctor, who were running around the delivery room. "Damn it, why won't you deliver the babies already!" he growled, just as his wife let out another scream of pain.

"She's not fully dilated" the doctor answered.

Sakura moaned "Syaoran, I need my music. I need my soothing music."

"But, Sakura we don't have the CD-"

"I want my soothing music!" She screamed.

"All right!" he exclaimed, not wanting her to swipe at him again. "Little sunshine, you bright up the room . . ." he began to sing, and he knew he was singing it horribly, but Sakura seemed to feel better with hearing the words. It was humiliating, but he would do anything for his wife.

When he finished she glared at him. "I hate you" she hissed.

He scowled. He just sang a song for her, was enduring the pain in his hand, and all she could say was 'I hate you'? He knew it was the contractions talking, but a 'thank you' would have been nice.

He opened his mouth to say something but she screamed as another contraction struck, clutching his hand, and he nearly screamed along with her. "Fuck" he hissed.

"Oh, God, I hate these contractions! I shouldn't be having contractions!"

"These contractions are normal, babe" He said, his voice full of pain. "You should know that."

"Normal? Normal? You try having these babies, and let's see if you feel the same way!" She bellowed. "You are not touching me again after this, got it? I don't care how horny you get, we are never having sex again!"

Syaoran was seriously thinking the same thing.

But then again, hadn't he felt the same way when she was in labor with their first two kids?

He nearly smiled, remembering when she had their first child fourteen years ago, a daughter they had named Ayame. Being her first pregnancy, she had screamed far worse than this one, never having felt such pain before. Syaoran, who had never in his entire life seen an actual baby be born, had fretted and worried the moment her water had broke. Every time she had screamed, his anxiety level rose, thinking that something was wrong even though the doctors had kept reassuring him that everything was all right. When it was all over, Ayame had been wrapped in a pink blanket, and he had held his very first child throughout the whole night. Three years after Ayame came their son, Toshi. He had been easier than their daughter, and although Sakura had screamed with the pain, their son had slipped out from her body with ease. Syaoran knew the moment he made eye contact with his son, staring at eyes that showed signs of resembling his own, they would have a bond no one would be able to break.

For each pregnancy, while he had been enduring the same kind of pain he was enduring now, he had vowed he would never touch her again. Of course, after the six weeks of no sex, and after the doctor gave the okay, he had completely forgotten about his oath and tumbled her into bed.

They had been content with their two kids, until he got her pregnant again nine months ago. Contrary to what she was saying, it wasn't his fault she was in this much pain. It was her fault for had handing him a condom that tore. Although it was probably his fault that she was going to be delivering twin girls, since he was the one that had twins running in the family.

This pregnancy had been the toughest for all of them. She had been more moody, making everyone tip-toe around her because she would either easily burst into tears or easily get angry. In other words, anything he did, it wasn't satisfying. Ayame and Toshi she loved, happy to have their company, while his company had been irritating and unwelcome. She had yelled at him constantly, glared at him more often than not, and even once threw a plate at him because he had refused to take her to Jamaica when she was eight months pregnant- after all, it was highly recommended that she not fly during that time.

Hell, he had been lucky he had been allowed to sleep in the same bed with her!

And all the cravings . . . Several had been so nasty, like sardines dripped in fudge and ketchup, topped with bacon. Even now he shuddered just thinking about it.

- -

Another scream was heard from the other side of the swinging doors, and the people who sat in the waiting room all sighed.

A young fourteen-year-old girl with auburn hair couldn't help but giggle when a 'Somebody do something' came right after the scream. Her amber eyes twinkled with mirth, knowing it was her father.

"Man, I never heard mom or dad scream so much" the eleven-year-old boy muttered next to her. "At one time" he added.

Ayame looked at her little brother. "They probably screamed this much when we were born. Or, at least, mom had."

Toshi frowned, his own amber eyes flying over to look at his uncle. "Is that true, uncle Touya?" he asked, running a hand through his chestnut hair.

Touya snickered. "Oh yes. She screamed at your father like there was no tomorrow."

Fujitaka smiled, looking at his wife. "Do you think Syaoran will faint again?" he mused.

Nadeshiko couldn't help but laugh. "Oh, I don't think so. I think he has the hang of it now." She sighed, knowing that Yelan would have wanted to be here. Unfortunately, a year ago she had gotten ill, which immediately had turned into pneumonia. A week after getting sick she had died in her sleep.

Syaoran had been so torn up over the death, but with the help of everybody, he got through it, saying that he was at least glad that his mother and him had made up for all the years they had lost.

Nadeshiko knew her daughter was happy with her husband, both of them living in a nice house a little outside of Tokyo, raising their two kids. She still thanked the heavens for bringing back her daughter, for allowing her to be a part of this.

Another scream came, and she sighed, knowing exactly how it felt like to be in labor.

- -

"All right, Mrs. Li, I need you to start pushing."

Sakura nodded and she pushed, something close to a howl escaping pass her lips. She then fell back, breathing heavily.

"Okay," the doctor said. "I see the head. Push again, Mrs. Li."

And push she did. It took quite a few pushes before their child slipped right out and into the awaiting hands of the doctor.

Syaoran smiled, hearing his daughter cry. But then he paled seeing all the blood and fluids covering her, and he saw just as the doctor cut the umbilical cord.

"If you faint on me again, Syaoran, I swear I will give you a concussion when you wake up" Sakura growled, clutching his hand, seeing how pale his face had become.

Syaoran winced at the pain, but he was also slightly embarrassed at what she had said, making the doctor smile ruefully at him while the two nurses snickered.

Hell, it wasn't his fault. Seeing all that blood and fluid covering his first two kids when they were infants, hearing Sakura's screams, her clutching his hand in a death grip . . . It had been all too much.

Even now, seeing their brand new daughter, he wanted to pass out, but he swallowed and looked at his wife, trying to smile, but knowing what he was giving her was a grimace. He was not going to faint. He had promised himself on the way to hospital that he would not faint. And, by God, he was going to keep that promise. There was no way he would suffer the humiliation again of passing out.

"Okay, Mrs. Li, time for the second baby. Are you ready?"

"Ready? I've been ready the moment my water broke five hours ago!"

The doctor merely smiled and instructed her to push. Sakura did, determined to get the second baby out as soon as possible.

Much to everyone's surprise, the baby slipped right out on that one push, wailing her heart out at being brought into a new world.

Sakura fell back again on the bed, breathing deeply. Relived that she was no longer in pain, and smiling at hearing her daughters wail as they got cleaned up, she looked at Syaoran and said, after several moments, "You didn't faint this time."

"Well, you did threaten to give me a concussion if I did" His voice was strained, but he smiled. "You did wonderful, darling. Well, now that you are no longer in labor, can you let go of my hand?"

She blinked, and then realized she still clutched his hand. She let it go, and she winced, along with him, when seeing his hand covered with bruises. "I am so sorry" she whispered, touching his hand.

He sighed, studying it. "At least you didn't break it." He then touched his head. "Or my skull."

She could only smile, too exhausted to laugh. "I'm so sorry. For everything. Even for making you sing."

"Anything for you, Sakura, anything for you."

Their daughters were finally brought to them, Syaoran taking hold of one while Sakura got the other. Both were wrapped in pink blankets, and, as if knowing who their parents were, they stopped crying the moment they were in their arms.

They got Sakura's coloring, he noticed, just like Ayame and Toshi. But on top of their heads rested a few curls of chestnut.

And they had emerald eyes. He stared into innocent emerald eyes, and he smiled. "Someone finally has your eyes, Sakura" he murmured, running a finger down his daughter's small cheek.

"It's about time. It wasn't quite fair that both Ayame and Toshi had gotten your eyes."

He glanced up, and he saw the twinkle in his wife's eyes, telling him that she was only kidding. She crooned to the twin she held. "So which one is Kana and which one is Kata?" She asked.

He frowned, wondering which name that they had picked out months ago should belong to which twin. But then he shrugged. "Let's name the first one born Kana, and the second one Kata."

Sakura smiled, and a couple of minutes later their daughters had name bands circled around their tiny wrists. Like when Ayame and Toshi were born, their hearts swelled as they stared into the twin's tiny faces, so vulnerable and depending on them for love and support. Syaoran leaned down and kissed the forehead of the twin he held. He then bent forward and kissed the other twin's forehead.

"And me?" Sakura playfully asked. He grinned and kissed her lips.

"I'm proud of you, Sakura" he whispered, just like he had when their first two children were born. She smiled and relaxed against the bed, continuing to croon to her daughter as Syaoran sat down on the chair beside the bed and did the same.

A couple of minutes after that came Sakura's family, along with her two children. Ayame and Toshi immediately circled their father, looking at one of their new sisters, while Fujitaka, Touya, and Nadeshiko circled Sakura to look at the other twin.

"This is Kana" Syaoran said to his two kids. He nodded at Sakura. "The one your mother has is Kata."

"Ooh, she is so cute!" Ayame squealed, looking at her new baby sister. "I can't wait until she and Kata are older so I could start teaching them all the tricks a girl needs to know to get a boy's attention and a date."

Syaoran frowned. "Tricks? What tricks?" Ayame only smiled at him, making his frown turn into a scowl. "You are not teaching neither Kana or Kata any tricks to getting dates. In fact, you better not be using any tricks to get dates, because you are not dating until you're thirty."

Ayame merely giggled, along with Sakura. Syaoran frowned at both of them.

"Why couldn't they be boys?" Toshi complained. "I already have one sister. That's bad enough." That resulted in a sock from his older sister.

"Oh, but they are so precious" Nadeshiko crooned, taking hold of Kata.

"Yes they are" Fujitaka agreed.

"So are these your last kids?" Touya asked, smiling as he tickled Kata's tiny belly.

"Who knows" Sakura answered, and when she looked at Syaoran, he winked.

Later that night, when it was just Sakura and Syaoran again, they held each other close, Syaoran laying next to Sakura on her bed. The twins were in the hospital nursery, being carefully watched by the staff. Her parents had graciously taken Ayame to their home for the night, since Syaoran was going to sleep over night in the hospital with Sakura. Touya had volunteered to take Toshi to his place so that they could have a boys night out. Syaoran had grumbled, not wanting his son to be alone with that man, but he relented. They respected each other, yes, but they didn't have to like each other.

"Four kids" Syaoran murmured. "I never would have dreamed of having four kids."

"Me neither." Sakura snuggled into his arms. "But I'm happy. I'm sure we'll survive."

Syaoran sighed. "We'll survive waking up at two o'clock in the morning?"

"Mm-hmm . . ."

"We'll survive tantrums when the twins don't get what they want?"


"We'll even survive diaper changes?"

She grinned. "We did those before. We could do it again."

Syaoran sighed again. "All right. We'll survive." He then grinned along with her. "I should have called Tokumatsu and his wife about this new birth."

"Call them later. Besides, they are probably busy trying to control their son.."

Syaoran's grin grew. While Sakura had been pregnant with Ayame, so had Mrs. Tokumatsu, who had a boy named Haruki, born two days before Ayame. This time, the Tokumatsus had done right with their son. He was a sensible, unselfish- although at times rowdy- fourteen-year-old, and he was Ayame's best friend. He frowned. He didn't like the fact that the boy was getting too close to his daughter, but he couldn't order his daughter to stop seeing him, because she'll merely ignore him. Syaoran will just have to make sure Ayame didn't use any of her 'tricks' in order to get a date with the boy.

"Before I forget" Sakura said tiredly, "Haruki asked Ayame out for a date. She said yes, and they are going to the movies this Saturday."

Syaoran scowled. So that's why they giggled earlier! "She's too young to date" he said flatly.

Sakura peeked at him from underneath her lashes. "Even you knew that your daughter and Haruki were close. This first date was expected."

Okay, he admitted silently, it was sort of expected; just not this soon. "But-"

"Syaoran, don't start on that whole 'Ayame is my baby girl' speech. She's a teenager now, not a baby."

"Still . . ." he grumbled. He will always view his first born as his baby.

"And I don't want you following them to the movies, either."

He spoke nothing, because that was exactly what he would have done. God, no book prepared him in watching his baby girl grow up into a woman. And now with Kana and Kata . . . Two more girls he will have to watch grow up into becoming women whom will need his protection from the boys who will surely chase them. God, at least he didn't have to worry about this with Toshi. The girls will be chasing him.

He briefly thought of Leiko, who was around thirty-three years-old now. She was still living in Australia, according to her parents, because she refused to come back. Apparently, she held a grudge against not only her parents, but also against him and Sakura. Syaoran didn't really care. He hadn't really like Leiko to begin with, anyways.

Zen was retired now, in his sixties, and he had found a woman of his own. They were married for ten years, the longest marriage Zen has had, and probably the one that would last.

Syaoran has no idea what happened to Totsuda, but the last he heard, Totsuda had been arrested for raping three different women. Syaoran was eternally grateful that Sakura hadn't been one of them.

He caressed his wife's hair, thinking of his mother. He missed his mother terribly, the pain still raw even though it's been about a year since she passed. But it was bearable now; knowing that his mother loved him and was probably watching over him helped ease the pain. Besides, after years of hurting over the loss of her husband, his mother was now up there with the father he never knew, but nonetheless would have loved if he hadn't died. His parents were now together, and that made him happy.

He looked down at his wife. "I love you, cherry blossom" he whispered, brushing a kiss on her lips.

Sleepily, she looked at him and said "I love you, too" and then she fell asleep in his arms. He smiled, and closed his eyes. After fifteen years of marriage, their love was still strong. They got into fights, yes, but, they usually ended up having make-up sex afterwards. Hell, make-up sex was the reason why the twins were now born.

Oh, well, he thought. If they ended up having another bundle of joy in the years to come, he would welcome it. He had plenty of love to give away, and without a doubt he knew he would be loved in return.

Without a doubt.

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