Spongebob Heroes

Ch.2: The new world.

A/N: When we last seen Spongebob, he and some others were sucked into a vortex that's taking them somewhere. But where? That is about to be answered.

We now see Spongebob, Patrick, Sandy, Mr.Krabs, Squidward, and unknowingly Plankton in the vortex spinning around. "Whohohohoh!" Patrick said. "Tell me about it!" Spongebob said. "How do we get out of this mess?" Sandy asked. Mr.Krabs then sees a light at the end of the vortex. "Maybe that light will get us out of here!" Mr.Krabs said. "Doesn't it always?" Squidward asked. The screen fades black and now we see Spongebob on the beach infront of a different city. "What happend?" Spongebob asked. He then looked at the scenery. "Well now I know I'm not in Bikini Bottem anymore. Maybe I should continue." Spongebob said. He then walked on to the city and then saw a computer device on the ground. "Hello? What's this?" He aksed before picking it up. It then started shaking and transformed into the mermalair computer. "Mermalair Computer! How'd you get here?" Spongebob asked. "Same way you did. Now listen, we are now in a different place we don't where." the computer said. "I know all that." Spongebob said. "But it also seems you can have new powers here." the computer said. "Wow." Spongebob said. "So right now, I'm giving you one." the computer said. "What is it? What?" Spongebob asked eagerly. "I call it: Super Speed!" the computer said. A diploma is then shown on a black screen saying Spongebob Squarepants, power given: super speed, signed by mermalair computer. Then the diploma dissapears and shows Spongebob on a podium doing a pose when the spotlight shows on him. A badge with a shoe on it goes on Spongebob's pants and then Spongebob then runs in place with his feet now a really fast wheel of feet. The screen changes back to normal. "But Mermalair computer, I already can do super speed as the quickster." Spongebob said. "Yes. But now you can go twice as fast then the quickster." the computer said. "Oh. So can you give me more?" Spongebob said. "I'm sorry Spongebob but you have to get them when you have enough hero badges." the computer said. "Oh." Spongebob complained. "Good luck on your quest." the computer said before dissapearing. "Well, I guess I'm going to stay for a while." Spongebob said. He then used his badge to go fast and go to the square.

A/N: How did you like the second chapter. I'll be back soon to make Ch.3: When Heroes Meet. Bye!