Strange Illness

Hiei was sitting in the window seat, looking out the window and into Genkai's forest. Unconsciously he started scratching his arm as he wished he was out there and not in here listening to Koenma rant on how they all should have been more careful with the stolen artifact, and that they were going to be quarantined to the temple….wait quarantined? Turning his head he started paying more attention to the conversation.

"What do you mean quarantined? There's nothing wrong with us, what do you expect us to do here, just sit and do nothing? I have a date with Keiko, she'll kill me if I don't show up, and my mom. What about her, when she finally decides to come home, I might not be there to stop her from doing anything stupid, she's always drunk after all," screamed Yusuke.

"I hate to say this Koenma but Yusuke's right, I too need to go home, my mother will worry and I can't miss school, I have a test I need to study for," said Kurama.

"I don't mind, I'll be able to be by my lovely Yukina," stated Kuwabara with a loving gaze pointed to toward the ice maiden.

"Well sorry, but you can't leave until we have checked to make sure you haven't caught anything from the demons that you were fighting in the last mission you were on. And Kuwabara, being quarantined means that you cant go anywhere near Yukina until we know for sure that you don't have anything and she wont get sick," said Koenma.

"What but that's not fair!" shouted Kuwabara.

"Life isn't always fair," countered Koenma.

"What is it that the demons had, that you don't want us to have?" asked Kurama.

"It's just a virus that hasn't been introduced to humans, and we don't want the humans getting exposed to it. It could cause a panic, as well as many unnecessary deaths," Botan said.

"And how do you know if they have the virus Koenma?" asked Genkai.

"If they have it, then we will be able to tell by red marks that would be appearing on their skin."

"What exactly does this virus do?" asked Kurama.

"It's basically a combination of viruses. Red marks are like the chicken pox's and will itch but you can still use the calamine lotion to help. You also get a cough, fever, cold sweats, loss of energy, runny nose, stomach aces which lead to vomiting, dizziness and possible death."

"So how do you treat it?" asked Yusuke.

"Keep them in bed, but calamine lotion on the red marks, and basically do what one normally does when taking care of a sick person, there is no cure for it, it will just go away after a couple of weeks, unless of course its not taken care of and the person dies. Now, enough with all the questions, we need to know if you have this virus in you or not. So if you will allow my spirit world healers to check you over that would be nice," said Koenma as he waved to the four healers.

"If you four will please follow us, we will go into separate rooms to check and make sure you don't have this virus, if you do then I'm afraid that you will be staying in that room for some time in order to ride it out." One of the healers said, then turning to the rest of the group she said "anyone who is to tend to one of the infected people is to wear a mask when in the presence of them and after words you will have to wash yourselves so that you don't spread it to other people." With that said she started ushering the boys down the hall and into separate rooms.

Ten minutes later

Yusuke walked out of the room, proudly saying that he was all clear and that he could go home just as soon as he showered, in case he was caring the virus on him.

Five more minutes

Kuwabara came out, running straight to the bathroom saying that the sooner he showered the sooner he could see Yukina….guess he passes as well.

One minute more

Out walks Kurama, "No virus in me, how's the rest doing?"

"Kuwabara and Yusuke are clear, and Hiei hasn't come out yet," said Yukina.

"How long has it been?" asked Kurama.

"About sixteen minutes," said Genkai.

"Oh, well I'm going to go shower now, tell me the results for Hiei when I get back," said Kurama as he walked out of the room, heading for the bathroom.

Hiei's Pov

"Alright Mr. Hiei, would you please take off your clothes so that I can check if you have any red marks?" asked the healer.

I stared at him, did he really expect me to take my clothes off and stand naked in front of a complete stranger? I don't think so.

"Please Mr. Hiei, the sooner we get this over with, the sooner you can be at ease that you don't have the virus," the healer reasoned.

'He has a good point,' I thought.

"Look, my patience is thinning. You've got two options, strip or be stripped," said the healer.

Weighing my options I would rather not be touched unless necessary, so with a sigh I started de-clothing. Once I was finished the healer gave a nod of approval (on making things easier, not his body though that's definitely worth approval) and started walking around me. While doing so I became aware of the air that was hitting my skin, and for some reason it made me itchy...oh shit. Looking down, I realized to my horror that I had red marks on my skin.

"Were these here before you went on the mission," asked the healer, as he moved to get a closer look at one of the marks on my arm. Then looking me in the eye, he asked "do they itch?"

"…No I've never seen them before," was all I said.

"Do they itch?"

"A little," I lied and I'm sure he knew it, they itched like hell, and there was no little in there.

"I'm sorry, but you're going to have to remain here," said the healer as he started to gather my clothes and head for the door.

I quickly hid under the blanket on the bed, I didn't want other people to see me naked, one was bad enough. "Hey, where do you think your going with my clothes?"

"Taking them out of this room, so that they can be burned, your clothes are infected, we can't have other people getting sick," said the healer as he continued to head for the door.

"But what about my stuff that's in those clothes," I said starting to panic. I didn't have very many possessions and the few that I did own, were all in my pockets.

"They will be removed and cleaned, you might not get them back for a while though, since we need to make sure that there isn't any traces of the virus on them," with that said he walked out the door, closing it behind him.

"Great, I really hope that there are clothes in this temple, in my size, because I sure as hell don't own any other clothes," I mumbled as I stared at the door. Just great, I'm gonna be stuck in this room for Enma knows how long and I have nothing to do, and I'll bet just about anything that they already warded the window and door before I came in here, just in case. With that though, I laid down and tried to go to sleep.

Back with the rest of the gang

"So, where is Hiei," Kuwabara asked as he saw the healer come out, but not the fire demon. "And why do you have his clothes?"

"Hiei is to remain in that room, he has the virus. And as for the clothes, there to be burned after I remove everything from the pockets," said the healer as he created a portal and left for Spirit World.

"Poor Hiei, I don't think he's going to enjoy these next few weeks," said Yukina as she stared at the door where the healer had come out of.

"So how are we going to do this when it comes tending to Hiei," asked Genkai.

"Well first of all I think that we are going to need Yusuke and Kurama to stay here, and possible have Keiko and Botan stay here as well. But that would mean getting permission for them to get out of school as well as permission from their parents….Botan, go call them and tell them the news, have them call the school and tell them that they are going to be taking care of a friend that's sick and I suppose give the parents the same information. I've got to get back to spirit world, so keep me informed on what's happening with Hiei," said Koenma, opening a portal and vanishing.

"Well should we go check on Hiei?" asked Genkai.

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