Latter that day...

"Ah, good morning Kurama, did you sleep well?" asked Yukina as Kurama entered the kitchen.

"Yes, Hiei was sick last night, but he's fine now. Kuwabara and me took care of him and the mess," said Kurama as he sat down, watching Yukina move about the kitchen. "Do you need any help?"

"No, me and Keiko are just finishing up. Unfortunately Shizuru wont be eating with us today, she had to go in for work and Genkai was needed to help a women deliver a set of triplets. You just sit back and relax."

Just as she had finished setting the table, Botan walked in. "I just went in to check on Hiei, his fever broke sometime during the night and his cough is gone. Kuwabara is bringing him in to eat with us, since Hiei refuses to stay in his room any longer," said Botan with a giggle.

"Quite understandable, shall I go get Yusuke and tell him that breakfast is ready?" asked Kurama.

"No need," said a voice from the doorway.

"Good morning Yusuke," said Keiko coming in and setting a plate of pancakes on the table.

"Morning," said Yusuke with a yawn. "Anything new?"

"Hiei's feeling better," said Kuwabara walking into the room.

"Ah, good morning Hiei. Its good to see you sitting at the table," said Yukina as Kuwabara gently sat Hiei down in a chair.

"Mm," Hiei mumbled.

"Are you hungry? If you are we can try giving you some oatmeal…but if you don't think you can stomach it we can stick to broth," said Yukina.

"Oatmeal, I'm sick of broth."

"Alright then, I'll be right back," said Yukina as she left the room.

"So Hiei, are you glad that you'll finally be able to start training again soon?" asked Yusuke as he stuffed his face full of pancakes.

"Hiei won't be doing any fighting for a while yet, he's still to…susceptible to getting sick again. He needs to build up his immunity first," said Kurama.

"Nice save there Kurama, Hiei probably would have raced out the door just to prove you wrong if you had said weak," Kuwabara whispered.


At that point Yukina had returned with two bowls of oatmeal.

"Here you go Hiei, I added cinnamon just the way you like it," said Yukina setting the bowl down in front of him and then taking the seat next to him.

"I didn't know Hiei liked cinnamon," said Botan from across the table, putting eggs on a piece of toast.

Yukina gave her a funny look. "Hiei comes here every morning asking for oatmeal with cinnamon. Anytime he smells it he comes bouncing in waiting to get some. Kuwabara can't keep him away from it."

"Now this is interesting," said Yusuke. "How come he never ate any of the stuff when we were at the dark tournament? I distinctly remember seeing some cinnamon rolls at the breakfast buffet tables."

"You never saw him eat it, because he'd continually sneak over to the table and hide them in a napkin, one at a time and once all of them were gone, he would then zip up to our hotel room and stash them away. Then when we weren't busy he would devour them," said Kurama with a rye grin.

"And how do you know this?" asked Keiko.

"Because Hiei has a tendency to sneak valuables of good quality from people, so I've developed a habit of keeping an eye on him. So when I saw him get up, I watched wondering who he was planning on stealing from. Turns out it was the table."

"Are you still stealing peoples stuff?" asked Botan.

"No, you humans don't have anything worth stealing," Hiei pouted shoving another spoonful of oatmeal into his mouth.

Everyone burst out laughing.

A few months latter…

It was a peaceful day, the sun shining and the birds screaming…wait screaming? All of a sudden there was a shout and a loud bang. "HEY EVERYONE, KOENMA'S GOT ANOTHER MISSION FOR YOU, COME QUICK! THERE'S BEEN ANOTHER OUTBREAK OF DEMONS!"


The End

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