This is my second story about Riptide. But it is before souls of chaos: Jade and Riptide. The story was kinda short so I 'm going to change a few things. So this a crossover from Jackie Chan Adventures plus it's crossed over with wolverine's origin so you might need to read that first, maybe. There I some digimon stuff in here, Season two.

San Francisco Ca.

Riptide was a pokemon trainer from cinnabar island; his one goal not, to be a pokemon master but to be the strongest trainer. Riptide did not have a professor like Ash, he was not even given a first pokemon and he had to fight it himself. Now a year later at 11 he has a rough reputation and a killer winning steak. Riptide had all ready beaten every gym but viridian's

He walks in to uncle's antique shop, hoping Jade is awake. Jade was sitting behind the counter. "Heay." Said Jade "Heay." Riptide replied. He looks around the store. "I'm going to celadon, you going to go with me?" Jade left the counter and walked up to him. "You know I don't go with you when you go to casinos. I don't want to be hauled out by the cops, plus what would Jackie think."

"Oh come on you got to go some day." "No that place is run by gangsters anyway." "Heay I know those gangsters" Riptide walked up to some piece of gold jewelry. "Yeah and they don't like you cause you beat there boss in a pokemon battle." Riptide shrugged and picked up the jewelry. "What's this?"

Jade thought for a minuet. "I don't know what it is but uncle got it off a guy from Canada. That wanted to trade it for a lamp." Riptide held it up to the light "I want to buy this." Jade went be hind the counter and went thought a list. "Uncle wants 75 bucks for it cause it's real gold" Riptide handed her a hundred fifty bucks and winked "Keep the change."

Riptide was wandering around celadon. He had all ready beaten the gym there so he was just visiting celadon. Riptides carried with him a Charmeleon named Inferno his first pokemon, a talking Pikachu named D.C Surge, a Beedrill named Symbiot, a Gyarados named Chaos, a Pidgeot named Falcon ,and Machoke named King.

D.C was walking with him "Are you going to the game corner again." "Why you don't want me to go no?" "Cause last time you went there we got chased out for cheating at poker." "Alright what do you want to do?" "I heard there is a one pokemon contest two blocks away from here." Riptide ran off. "What are you waiting for?"

Riptide crashed into a mail box in front of two guys. "Stupid thing I could have swore it was not here last time." The gold jewelry had fallen out of his pocket. The two guys saw it before he picked it up. One of them gave him an awkward eye but Riptide ran off to fast to let it sink in. "That was Rose's I took it after she died." "So" "so what is he doing with it it's been around 90 years ago." "Well you pond it. Its not like my brother went back and found it then gave it to him." "How do you know he could be his son, Dog. He's still alive so he could have children that age." Dog looked a Cook "well how else could he have found something in a pond shop buried in an avalanche. The bastard dug it up." "Watch you mouth cook we have the same father." Dog put on a hat and trench coat and fallowed Riptide

It had been two years after he first got Pikachu Ash and his friends were in celadon too. Half an hour a go "Misty if you please wait till later and let me enter the contest with pikachu and I will buy you some ice cream. I really want to enter. "Take it misty he is actually going to buy you something. "But the special only last for 4 more hours." "Oh please, please can you let him enter there will be all kinds of pretty girls there!" "ok but don't you try to get out of one this Ash!"

Right now Ash and co. are in a waiting room with other trainers, when D.C and Riptide walked in. "whoa he looks like trouble." Said Brock. Riptide managed to let his pants fall down. "knew I should have warn a belt." "You mean thug."

D.C walking up to Ash. "hey it's Ash!" "HUH!" said Ash and his friends. "What you staring at?" Riptide stepped in "This is D.C Surge he can talk." Just then a man in a trench coat walked past them "Wow I thought meowth was the only pokemon that could talk!" Misty keeps giving Riptide disgusted looks.

"That gold chain is so distasteful." "What's wrong with my chain, it cost more than your whole outfit." "He's got you on that" Misty smacked Brock in the head and started yelling at Riptide when all of a sudden. D.C yelled "Ash check your girl! Ash and Misty stare at him. D.C looked at them. "WHAT!"

"She is not my girl!" "Eeww, we are not like that. Riptide just rolled his eyes and mumbled "yeah right." Riptide noticed the guy in the trench staring at him from the other side of a few tables. "Hey I have heard of you they say that you have got in to some fights with trainers after a battle, ko'ed them and took there money Brock then stepped in front of Ash

"is that true?" "Yeah, Misty it is cause some people don't know how to take a lose and want to fight. I just take advantage of there unconscious bodies. Ash walked around Brock. "That's is just wrong you are no better than team rocket!" "Funny. I' am affiliated with team rocket, though not a member. Ash and misty gasped Brock came to his senses "D…do you know J, J&M?" "Yes, but I know B&C better."

Just then smoke appears filling the room and music starts playing. "Oh no not them." two figures can be seen in the smoke. "To protect the world from devastation." "To unite all peoples within our nation." "Do you all ways have to make a seen? Yelled Riptide. "Don't interrupt!" Came a mans voice. "If you DON'T SHUT UP I WILL SHOW YOU A REAL INTERUPTION!" "Quiet little boy we just want the twerps pikachu." Said the woman's voice." "Who are you calling little 17 year old, and my pikachu is better than his. "Ooh yeah?" "Oooooh yeah." "We'll just see about that!"

Ash and Riptide were trash talking wile Team Rocket's smoke clears out. Leaving D.C to talk to them.