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"Wolverine what's wrong is he really your son." Asked Jean. "Oh that's what you found another red head." Logan growled and unleashed his claws. "I should have killed you all those years ago."

Jessie, James and Meowth were watching this. "See now James is not a sissy name." Jessie just looked at him then hit him over the head. "But you still are."

Dog just did not care that Logan's claws were metal now. "How do you like it if I do your son like that puppy." Riptide took the risk and kicked Dog in the face and ran. He looked back and saw wolverine tearing up Dog. Jean came running towards him. He managed to escape her but ran into Misty. "Why were they after you?" "It turns out they think I wolverine son cause I had a fake pokemon ID that said Riptide Howlett. That just happens to be wolverine's real last name." Misty just fell on the floor. "I could deal with them" "No D.C Logan's already doing that."

Davis jumped kicked Riptide. "Dam you, why can't you just stay down." Daisuke picked up a pole and started spinning it around. "Come get it."

Riptide rolled his eyes. "Oh this is why. Ken has taught you something. Tell me did he tell you how to take a hit." Riptide avoided all the pole action and uppercutted him hard enough to shatter the rest of his teeth. Davis got up and tried to swing the pole at his head.

Just then Officer Jenny walked up "Stop what are you doing? Are you about to hit that boy?" "Um I uh was just" "save it. What's your name." she pulled out a writing pad "Daisuke." "In English please." "Davis Motomiya." "You have a passport there Mot…Motomiya. I'm detection an accent." "Hum." Daisuke fished around in his pockets. "Dam it I can't believe I lost it." "I lost it but I have a broken arm, some cracked ribs…" "Okay, okay I'll take you to the hospital the n we will talk about that passport the n I be back for you." As soon as she left Riptide took off with Misty and D.C as his heels. "My parents don't need to hear about this."

Riptide ran off to another part of the fair. Jenny did not have the time to go find Riptide with the rest of the cops. They were too busy tiring to get Logan off of dog and arrest Cook.

Riptide had told misty and D.C to go to the game corner. Hours later at the fair Riptide's shoot baskets for a prize. "Heay, you're bleeding a bit. You going to go to the hospital." The man handed him another basketball. "After this shot. Its 100 in a role to win the bike." The man nodded and went over to the bike. Riptide made the last shot and took the bike. "Misty really needs a bike I think I give her this one."

At the game corner. "Hit me!" "See your getting good at this." "Yeah I know, D.C just don't tell Ash about this." The dealer asked her to show her cards. Misty reveals 21 again for the tenth time. "I think we should stop now riptide is coming." Misty exchanges the chips and D.C walks over to Riptide. "Misty, how are things? You have fun." "Yeah I won 4,328 bucks. "Wow, that's a lot. Hey I'm sorry that fair got screwed up, so I won a bike for you, it's a BMX." Misty got on the bike and rode out of the casino "thanks, I want to show ash."

At the contest. "I wish Riptide saw this, he thinks that just because he beat I'm a chump." Brock hulled Ash out "Well that is too bad. You need a self confidence boost." Ash just looked at him "I do not." "You do to." Misty just rode up to Ash. "Look Riptide just got me a bike in two hours, you could not get me a bike in two years!" um…I was going to." Ash started scratching his head. Riptide put his arm around Ash's shoulder "You just don't make enough money do you." He winked at Misty who was still checking out her bike. Ash was starting to wonder why Riptide was winking at him. "If you want to be with that thug then you can be." "Heay I'm not a thug." "You have been fighting your covered in blood." Riptide was just about to protest. But Misty cut him off. "What are trying to say!" Brock cut in "Yeah what does that mean." "I don't want to be in between a lover's quall." D.C walked away from them shaking his tail." "What!" Misty said shaking a fist. Riptide decided that he needed to leave. "Thanks for the good time Misty, see you around some time. Bye." Misty waved and Ash looked on with envy.

Riptide smiled and pulled out the gold jewelry. "I love string up trouble. But I think I need to take this back to Jade." They walked to the edge of town before D.C grabbed Riptide by the belt and flew him back to San Francisco.

They landed in front of the antique shop. Jade was sweeping the side walk. "What happened to you?" she touched the stab wound on his shoulder. "Well you know about the fake pokemon ID I use when I'm in trouble?" "Yeah." Jade pulled off his shirt and pushed him through the door. "Well some guy named Dog thought I was Wolverine's son cause of the last name on it. Howlett is his real last name and dog just wanted to torture him by killing me." Riptide handed Jade the gold jewelry back. "To make things worse this was Logan's and they knew it."

"That just sucks. I'll tell uncle to get rid of it." She put it on the counter and tried to patch up Riptides shoulder. D.C came back with a can of soda. "I got an idea how about we visiting the X-men." "Riptide put his shirt back on. "I don't know Logan might have got a good look at me." "Nah, you were to far away." Jade piped in. "Can I come?" Riptide looked at D.C then at Jade then back at D.C and smiled.

Note in souls of chaos the end up at Xavier's institute but they were going to try and go there anyway if they could.