Title: Spying on you

Author: sorato-takari

AKA: sorato4eva

Summary: Mimi likes Yamato so she asks her best friend Sora to spy on him for her. Will she fall in love with him with it? Sorato

Author's Notes: I am trying on a different style of writing. Tell me if you like it? Thanks! Well, here goes nothing!

Prologue – The Beginning

A girl with ruby eyes and crimson hair just woke up from a nice sleep. The girl yawned and got up. She went to the bathroom and brushed her white teeth. Then she washed her face. She combed her hair and fixed it to her normal hair style, which consists of her hair just laying just below her shoulders. She took of her pajamas and put on her uniform. Her uniform was a white shirt and a green skirt. She made sure her appearance was presentable and went out of her room.

"Good Morning Mom!" She greeted to her mom who was cooking breakfast.

Her mom smiled at her and said "Good Morning."

Her mom put a plate which had a pair of toast and some jam to go with it. "Sorry Sora, I can't cook you anything good today." She said sadly.

The girl smiled and said. "No, its okay. I don't mind."

"Okay, if you say so. Well, now I have to get going. I'll see you when I get back."

"Ok… See you mom." The girl said.

Then her mom came out of the door and the door slammed shut. The girl finished her breakfast and ran to her room. She went back to the kitchen with her shoes in one hand and her backpack in the other and placed her backpack on the floor. She gently put on her shoes and took her keys to the house. She placed her backpack on her shoulders and went out the door.

The girl hummed to herself while she walked to her high school. She smiled when she saw someone with pink hair. The girl with the pink hair grinned and said. "SORA! There you are!" the girl with the pink hair ran to her.

"Hey Mimi." She smiled.

Those two girls are best friends. Their names? Sora Takenouchi and Mimi Tachikawa. They have been friends since the first grade. Mimi was the most popular one between them while Sora was the smarter one. But together they have overcome obstacles that was in their way.

And the two new guys going to their new schools was going to be another one…

Chapter 1 – The New Guys

Sora and her best friend Mimi went to their first period class, English. Sora sat in her seat in the front while Mimi sat right behind her. Sora took out her notebook and her pen. Mimi didn't bother taking those out. Sora shook her head. "Mimi…"

"Yeah? Sora, class hasn't even started. I'll get out my things when the bell rings."

"Which should be… right now…"


Mimi groaned and took out her shiny pink notebook along with her pink fluffy pen. She mumbled things to herself about school starting so early. Sora grinned to herself while waiting for the teacher to come in.

And the teacher did. Along with two guys. One of the guys had brown hair and hazel eyes. His hair was all up. He had his backpack slumped on his shoulder and he was grinning. The other guy was what Mimi noticed was the leader of the popular band called The Teenage Wolves. He had golden brown hair and sapphire blue eyes. He also had his backpack slumped on his shoulder. He didn't have a smile or a frown, he was just… well, he just had his regular face. Mimi was trying not to jump out her seat. Sora could hear her muttering things like, "Oh my god" , "It's him!" and "He's hot!". And the class seems to know what Mimi was saying. Well, mostly the girls.

The teacher called for the class attention, then the teacher said. "Class, I would like you to meet your two new class mates for this particular class, or some other class. I would like to introduce you guys to Taichi Yagami and Yamato Ishida."

The girls had a dreamy look. The guys were just like their normal selves. Sora, however, just smiled at the two of them then went back to writing things to her agenda. Mimi was gazing at the so called "Yamato Ishida". She sighed dreamily.

"Yamato please sit over there and Taichi over there." Yamato was to sit right behind Mimi and Taichi was to sit right next to Sora. Taichi dropped his backpack on the desk. He grinned at Sora and sat down right next to her. Sora smiled back.


Mimi ran to Sora after 4th period class. Mimi just came out of History while Sora in Chemistry. Mimi pulled Sora to a corner. "Mimi? Are you okay?" Sora asked worriedly.

"Yeah! Oh my god! Okay… Sora, you just have to help me!" Mimi exclaimed.

"Uh, okay… what is it?"

"I want you to spy on Yamato Ishida for me!"

"W-what?" Sora asked.

"I said, I want you to spy on the leader of the Teenage Wolves! YAMATO ISHIDA!" Mimi said excitedly.

"No… way… not again." Sora said remembering the other days she had to spy for Mimi. The British Transfer student named Harry Letterman. He had black hair and green eyes. He was extremely smart but also very kind. He had a charming look to himself which made Mimi fall in love with him along with most of the girl's population. But then he had to move back to Britain. Mimi got over him quickly.

And then there was Joshua. He also had black hair and brown eyes. When he first saw Mimi he went straight forward and asked her out immediately. She didn't refuse of course and sooner or later she fell for him. In the end, she broke up with him.

Sora sighed. There was like a whole list more. David, Jason, etc. All she was thinking about was not another one. All of these guys Mimi dated always involved her. Why? Because Sora was the one who encouraged Mimi to ask the guys she liked, she was the one who always helped her, and she was the one to spy on them. Spy on them? Yes, spy on them. She spies on them to get information about them. Their favorites. Food, color, flavor, etc.

Sora couldn't bear to spy again. "Mimi – "

"Please Sora!" Mimi said pleadingly.

Sora sighed once again. She couldn't say no to her best friend but she couldn't spy on the most wanted guy in the whole school. "Fine, I'll do it." She said finally.

Mimi cried happily while jumping to Sora to give her a hug. "Sora! You're the best!"

Sora smiled. "Anytime Mimi. Anytime."

This is a start of a new obstacle… for Sora that is…

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