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Title: I Dare You

Summary: Kagome and a bunch of her friends (including her worst enemy Inuyasha) were all playing I Dare You. If Kagome declines Inuyasha's dare, she has to sleep with him. But when Inuyasha dares Kagome to marry him... hell erupts. InuKag

Dedication: Kiari-chan! W00tz! LOVE YOU!

Aging: Kagome: 24 – Inuyasha: 26 – Muteki: 3

Genre: Romance/Humour

Chapter 30: One Last Round of I Dare You

Everything was finally back to order.


In the car ride to the hospital, an intense conversation sprouted between Inuyasha and Kikyo, to clear up some things that were lost in the haze in the previous four years. It started off simple, with a simple question.

"What happened between you and Ryuukotsusei?" Inuyasha had asked as he drove slowly to the hospital. He was worried about Kagome, but she was at the hospital and Muteki was sleeping soundly in the backseat and he didn't want to wake up his one and only terrified son.

"He kept me in a cage, I knocked the living shit out of him, freed myself and locked him up." Kikyo replied with a shrug.

"Much more must've happened," Inuyasha murmured as Kikyo glanced back at Muteki.

"Well yeah," Kikyo rolled her eyes, "I had a son with that good for nothing ass wipe."

Inuyasha raised a brow. "Son? Kikyo, you're barren!"

"Yeah, so?" Kikyo grinned at him. Inuyasha raised a brow. "Then how the hell did you guys have a son?"

Kikyo rolled her eyes. "Listen, you guy's saw documents about me being barren, right?" Kikyo asked.

Inuyasha nodded.

"Where did you find those papers?" Kikyo smirked.

Inuyasha blinked a few times. "I found them in your locker four years back."

Kikyo nodded. "You didn't know direct history."

"History? More history? What the hell is up with you and history? You and Kagome both, history this, history that!" Kikyo rolled her eyes at Inuyasha's statement.

"I was getting an arrange marriage…-" Inuyasha cut off Kikyo. "What the hell is up with you Higurashi's? Arrange marriages back forth and center!"

"We run that way, yeah so I was getting an arrange marriage and my mother wanted it. My father didn't like him but my mom was kinda very controlling. So my father took me out for the day one day and got fake documents stating that I'm barren. He showed it to my mom and she was all," Kikyo made a gasp-ish face and Inuyasha snorted, "and my dad said until I find the man I love, I should tell everyone I'm barren so word doesn't spread."

Inuyasha rolled his eyes. "Can you get any gay-er?"

"Ask my dad…" Kikyo sighed. "He was so intent on getting me to marry out of love I lost my boundaries and… messed up?"

"So you had sex with Ryuukotsusei?"

"No, I was drunk and he took advantage of me, that gay mother fucker."

"And you left Ken with him…"

"I didn't think I was ready for motherhood. I sent support every month but that pussy used it for beer money."

Inuyasha winced. "That sucks balls." Kikyo looked back at Muteki but he wasn't paying attention, and Kikyo was glad. She didn't want the kid to be listening to his second cousin and father swear, that it'd make a sailor blush.

"We have to get Muteki checked at the hospital too," Kikyo whispered softly.

"Hmmm," Inuyasha nodded as he continued to drive.

"Ora, Kagome!" A young Inuyasha called at a girl swinging at the park. They were young, early into their teen years and Inuyasha and Kagome had gone out together just for the heck of it while Sango and Miroku babysat Kohaku.

"Yeah?" She squealed as she swung higher. Inuyasha sat down on the swing beside hers.

"Having fun?"

"Loads," Kagome smiled as she went higher.

"You can't go over the bar," Inuyasha smirked.

"Bet you I can!" Kagome grinned.

"Uh huh, you probably can't even go no hand!"

"WATCH!" Kagome roared as she let go of the metal chains. Her eyes widened as the swing went out of control.

"INUYASHA!" She shrieked as she fell off. Inuyasha lunged at her and caught her before she fell onto the gravel on the ground.

Kagome was panting heavily as Inuyasha moved some of her stray bangs off of her face.

"Ari—arigato…" Kagome whispered as Inuyasha hugged her tightly, both of them still on the ground.

"I'll always be here Kago-chan," He whispered, "to catch you when you fall."

Kagome closed her eyes.

"I know you will," She murmured as she hugged him tighter.


Inuyasha blinked several times to find that he was at the hospital. How his subconscious drove him there was beyond him. Kikyo got out of the car and unbuckled Muteki from the seat.

"Let's go, kiddo."

"Where?" Muteki asked innocently.

"To see your mommy."


Kagome was still in the operation theater while Muteki, Kikyo and Inuyasha were getting a checkup. Muteki came out first with an orange lollipop in his mouth, his father coming out a few minutes later. Kikyo was still getting blood tests and x-rays done.

"Is my wife okay?" Inuyasha asked the nurse over the counter.


"Takahashi, Kagome." Inuyasha said as he picked up his son and hold him tightly.

"She's still in the operation room sir," The nurse said, apologetically, "I'll let you know when the doctors are done."

Inuyasha nodded in thanks and returned to the waiting room to find the entire crew sitting there, occupying every singe chair.

Souta, Shippo, Jii-chan and Korari sat on one corner of the room. Parallel to them was Sango, Rin, Riku and Sesshomaru. Miroku was in the hospital too, resting from being shot. Opposite the section they sat in were the other Higurashi's, Aki Higurashi, the eldest Higurashi brother and Kikyo's parents, Nikki and Hiro Higurashi, Hiro being the youngest Higurashi brother.

Hayabusa, Hojo, Kouga, Ginta, Hakkaku, Hojo, Ayame, Ayumi, Eri, and Yuka were all scattered throughout the waiting room.

"Muteki!" Ayame cried as she ran to Inuyasha. Korari and Sango shot out of their seats to get to the little child. Sango held onto her godson for as long as time allowed her to before Korari took her grandson into her arms.

"Are you alright, baby?" Ayame whispered as she stroked Muteki's head as he rested in his grandmothers arms.

"I'm okay… is mommy okay?" Muteki asked. "And Uncle Miroku?"

"They're fine," Korari wept as she hugged her grandson. As if on cue, the doctor walked outside with a clipboard in his hand and headed straight to Inuyasha.

"Are you the husband?" He asked.

"Yes," he said as he took Muteki back into his arms.

"Your wife is fine sir. She's in a state of unconsciousness but she'll wake up again within 24 hours. I suggest you all head back home, freshen up and get some rest before you return tomorrow. If you want, two of you can remain to be here when Takahashi-san wakes up."

"Me and Inuyasha'll stay," Hayabusa spoke up. "Sango, take Muteki back to either his moms place or dads place. Me and Inuyasha will stay and you guys come back in the morning."

"What about Miroku?" Sango asked.

"We'll be here for him too," Inuyasha nodded. Everybody agreed and one by one they started leaving. Hiro and Nikki came to greet Inuyasha and Kikyo. Kikyo stood beside Inuyasha, staring at her parents.

"Kikyo," Nikki choked as Kikyo hugged her tightly.

"Mama," Kikyo cried into her mother's shoulder. Hiro patted Kikyo's back as she hugged him tightly.

"Papa," She murmured.

"Where's Ken?" Inuyasha asked suddenly. Hiro glanced at his daughter, him knowing about the fact she had a son. Nikki on the other hand didn't know.

"Ken's at his grandmother's place," Kikyo murmured, "I'm gonna get a lawyer to gain custody. Ryuukotsusei can't take care of ours on from jail."

"What?" Nikki gasped as she held her daughter's shoulders. "What did you say?"

Kikyo gulped as Hiro wrapped his arm around his wife's shoulder. "I'll explain later. Where's Naraku?" Hiro asked.

"In hell," Kikyo spat and Hiro raised a brow. He saw the look of 'I'll explain later' on his daughter's face and he nodded.

"Kikyo, where are you gonna go?" Inuyasha asked.

"I'm staying…" Kikyo said definitely.

"But, Falcon and me are staying," Inuyasha raised a brow at Hayabusa who shrugged.

"I don't care. I'm staying. Somehow I'm staying." Kikyo whispered. Hayabusa and Inuyasha exchanged worried glances.

"Go back to the Shrine." Inuyasha whispered as he put an arm on Kikyo's shoulder. "Make sure Muteki is there. Bring Sango and Ayame there too. Make sure Kouga is there. All of you stay in the Shrine until me and Kagome get back, okay?"

Kikyo sniffled loudly as she nodded. "Okay," she closed her eyes, tears threatening to spill.

She turned her head over her shoulder and smiled a sad smile.

"I'm sorry, Inuyasha. Tell Kagome that too." She whispered and she left. Hayabusa looked at Inuyasha. "Sorry? For?"

Inuyasha smiled as he stared after Kikyo. "I guess an old feud has stopped," he murmured, leaving Hayabusa a bit more confused.

"Let's wait for news of Kagome and Miroku." Inuyasha invited.

It was a quarter past midnight when a doctor shook Inuyasha awake.

"Hmm… what?" Inuyasha said, sitting up straight. Hayabusa groggily woke up and blinked a few times, looking at the doctor.

"Your wife is awake. I was told you're also here for Miroku Lin right? He's still in a state of sleep but he's fine. He'll wake up in an hour or so."

"Can we see her?" Hayabusa asked.

"Yeah," the doctor smiled, "the two of you can go in." and the doctor turned and left.

"You go in first," Hayabusa told Inuyasha. He smiled thankfully at him and walked into Kagome's room.


Inuyasha, silently, walked into Kagome's room. Kagome was sitting up on the bed, staring out the window. She failed to realize he was in the room and he'd have it no other way; he crept quietly to her bed and brought his face close to her ear.

"I love you," he murmured. Kagome jumped and turned around, her eyes wide.

"Inuyasha," She breathed as she brought her arms up around his torso. He tightly hugged Kagome back, afraid that if he led go, she'd disappear forever.

"Thank god you're okay," He whispered, "everybody was so worried… nobody as much as Muteki."

"How is he?" Kagome murmured.

"He's fine. He went to the Shrine with Korari, Sango, Ayame, Kouga and Kikyo."

"How did you find me...?" Kagome asked, quite curious. Inuyasha smiled. "When I hugged you at Waterfall Cavern that day, I put a tracker on the back of your neck, a heat radar and with the computer back at the company, Sesshomaru was able to find you."

Kagome nodded as she leaned into Inuyasha's body. "When I got shot," she murmured, "all I thought about was you- you and Muteki… how I wanted us to be a family but it couldn't happen. I thought I was going to die and I was so scared… that'd I'd never hold Muteki again… never hold you again." Tears started to stream down her face at this point but she didn't care.

"I'm so sorry for not believing you so many years ago," she choked, "I'm sorry for depriving you from your son." She hugged him tighter. "I'm so sorry."

"Shhh," Inuyasha soothed as he sat down beside her, kissing her head, "don't be sorry. I made the mistake." He murmured.

"I love you," She whispered, "don't ever leave me."

Inuyasha smiled as he held her tightly.

"I'll always be here Kago-chan," He whispered, "to catch you when you fall."

Kagome smiled, remembering that old memory.

"I know you will," She murmured as she hugged him tighter.



Inuyasha sweat dropped. "Rin, I'm not nervous- just…"

"He's getting that shock of, oh my bloody shit, I'm getting married and I just realized it." Sesshomaru came to his brother's rescue.

"Yeah! What he said." Inuyasha said pointing at his brother.

Miroku, who recovered greatly from the bullet he had taken, stood up and walked to Inuyasha, grinning like a madman. "But you shouldn't get the, oh my blood shit I'm getting married and I just realized it thoughts now my dear friend. After joining Miss Kagome in holy matrimony, you're entitled to grope her female attributes anytime wish, whether it be in public or…" Miroku wiggled his eyebrows, "not in public."


"Sounds appealing though," Inuyasha teased his sister-in-law.

"INUYASHA!" Rin sobbed as she broke down and fell to her knees. Sesshomaru shoved his brother and rushed to his wife's side.

"Shh, Rin you have to look presentable and appealing for Inuyasha and Kagome's wedding." Sesshomaru soothed. Rin nodded. "You're right," and with a sudden mood swing she stood up like a super hero in her heroic pose, "I SHALL LOOK BEAUTIFUL ON THIS LONG WAITED DAY! WAI!"

'Mood swings,' Sesshomaru shook his head. Inuyasha glanced at his wrist watch and grinned at the two guys and Rin, "Two and a half hours left…"


"Oh my god… I'm getting married to him." Kagome whispered as she sat down on the chair in the room designated for her. It was January 20th, finally their wedding day. After the day in the hospital, Inuyasha moved them all to his house and upgraded his security device.

"You figure?" Sango smiled as she adjusted Kagome's veil. "Finally, Takahashi Kagome."

"Shh," Kagome murmured, the excitement getting the best of her. Muteki was with Kohaku since Souta was part of the ceremony. Kagome glanced at the clock on the wall as her Uncle Aki walked in.

"Ready, sweetheart?" He smiled warmly. Kagome giggled as she held her uncle's arm. "Ready, dad," She smiled at her Uncle who winked at her. Since Akira's death, Aki took the role of the father in Kagome's family. Not that Korari minded, Aki took care of Kagome and Souta whenever they needed anything fatherly.

The bridal music began to play and everybody was getting prepared for the wedding of the century.


Inuyasha was up at the front, staring at his bride and Aki walk down the red carpet. He smiled over at Miroku, his groomsman, and Sesshomaru, his best man. Kohaku sat with Muteki as they watched the ceremony.

"PRETTY MOMMY!" Muteki grinned. Everybody laughed around him and Kagome tilted her head in the direction of where her son was at.

Finally, Kagome arrived where Inuyasha was. She kissed her uncle's cheek and he went to sit beside his wife who was beside Muteki.

Inuyasha and Kagome stared into each others eyes, zoning everybody out. Inuyasha felt a slight nudge and he shook. "Huh?"

"Your vows," The priest smiled as Inuyasha grinned.

"Higurashi Kagome," Inuyasha smiled, "you know how much I love you so I'll make my vows quick, simple and short- but meaningful nonetheless." Everybody smiled. "I promise to keep you safe, from evil stalkers, keep you healthy from bullet shots, keep you happy from rainy days and keep you-… warm on cold nights."

The priest's eyes widened as he heard the last statement and the playful tone behind it. "But over all," Inuyasha was serious again, "I'll love you for as long as," Inuyasha glanced at his son, "Muteki is our son."

"FOREVER!" Muteki squealed and Kagome winked at her son.

The Priest ushered Kagome to begin.

"I can't protect you from bullet shots," Kagome smiled, "because that's your job. But I do promise that whenever you get shot by protecting me, I'll always be there to help you with the pain. I'll always love you, from the bottom of my heart for as long as Miroku remains lecherous."

Miroku grinned.

"I'll always be there," Inuyasha murmured, "to catch you when you fall."

"I know you will." Kagome whispered and everybody was moved to tears.

"Rings," the priest commanded. Sesshomaru took the rings from Souta and gave it to the Priest.

Everybody held their breath as the rings were slipped on.

"I now pronounce you Husband and Wife." Before the Priest even got to the traditional you may kiss the bride bit, Inuyasha was already kissing Kagome.

"A week," Miroku laughed as they all sat around the dining room table a week after the wedding.

"You've been married for a week man, how does it feel?" Hayabusa smirked.

"Oh god! Kagome was better as a girlfriend," Inuyasha winked at his wife as she slapped his arm.

"Shut up, Takahashi." Kagome growled playfully.

"I have an idea," Sango smirked as she held up her purse, "why don't we play the game that started all this?"

Everybody looked at her. "Wha?" Eri asked.

Sango took out blue cards, pink cards and a half full water bottle.

Everybody grinned. "I dare you!" They all roared in laughter.

"Rules still apply, no daring to bear children and no daring to get married to each other. Denial of an appropriate dare results in one night of sex." Sango smirked. "Kagome first."

Kagome spun the bottle and it landed on Miroku. Kagome laughed as Miroku flipped a card.

"Sango," He winked at her, "Sango," he shook his head, "I wanna know, out of all the guys you've been… exposed to, who appealed to you most."

"It's called I Dare You," Sango winked at Kagome and Hojo, "not I Truth You."

"I dare you to tell me the truth." Miroku laughed.

"Ugh fine, you did." Sango smirked as Miroku laughed. "What a waste of a dare." Eri rolled her eyes. Sango spun the bottle and it landed on Kagome. Kagome grinned evilly as her hand hovered over a card. She turned it over and saw it was Inuyasha.

"Okay, dear," She laughed, "I dare you to kiss Miroku's cheek everytime we say…" She winked at the girls. "CHEESE!"

"DOUBLE U TEE EFF?" Inuyasha choked.

"What the hell… double u tee eff?" Kagome raised a brow.

"International abbreviation for what the fuck." Inuyasha cleared up before glaring at Kagome. "You did this to me before woman!"

"Well yeah, but at that time I really disliked cheese but now I love cheese and all of it's cheesy goodness."

"I'm not kissing him," Inuyasha pouted and everybody laughed.

"You have to… if you reject," Kagome's eyes widened and everybody burst into laughter. "I get to sleep with you?" Inuyasha grinned.

"Therefore I reject."

Kagome rolled her eyes. "Sex obsessed pig."

Sango rolled her eyes. "Yo man," She nudged Ayame. "This is I Dare You all over again."

"Nah," Ayame smirked as she saw chibi Inuyasha and Kagome yelling at each other, "this is even better."

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