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Coming To The Hinata-Sou

"Spoken words"


X reading a sign or looking at one

"Hi! I am Urashima, Keitaro, age 20. I am currently on my way to my grandmother's inn to speak with her."

Keitaro was finally at his grandma's place he walked in and looked around a bit. The place looked deserted. "HEY! ANYONE HOME! GRANDMA? YOUR GRANDSON KEITARO IS HERE TO SPEAK WITH YOU" Keitaro yelled.

Keitaro walked to the mangers room and looked in side then. Stop for a moment to think 'I guess she is not home oh well I guess I can wait for her' He left the room and continued his walk around the building and then he came across a door that says 'hot springs'

Keitaro smiled and said "I forgot about the hot springs I take a little dip grandma won't mind at all." He opened the door and walked in got undressed and walked out into the hot springs and slowly moved in the water.

Then started to swim around on his back while spitting water into the air then he went the edge and sat down and just relaxed and relished the soothing treatment the water gave to him. "Ah, I have forgotten how good the hot springs fel-" he was cut off a door opening keitaro couldn't make out who it was because he didn't have his glasses on until a foot entered the water. It was a woman after she completely in the water she turned to Keitaro and said.


"I hope I did the right thing and left the inn before keitaro got there" grandma hina said entering the airport.

"No you did the right thing grandma hina plus if anything does go wrong I will be there to help keitaro" Haruka said while smiling at her grandma.

"Plus my big brother can take of himself his can live through anything" someone said behind Haruka's and grandma hina's back. They turned around to see Kanako.

"Hello my little Kan-kan" said grandma hina as she gave the blacked haired girl a kiss on the forehead.

"GRANDMA STOP THAT!" Kanako yelled. Haruka and grandma hina started laughing but quickly died down when they herd.


"Well that is our plane Kan-kan let's get going" the three of them said there good-byes and then went there separate ways. Haruka was wondering if keitaro was already at the house and hopped that none of the residents find him until she got there. But she doesn't that something is already happening to keitaro.

"Hi" said a woman. Keitaro couldn't move at all and he didn't realize but he was staring at her breasts. And the woman noticed it and putting her breasts between her arms and said "My breasts are getting bigger aren't they kitsune?"

"Ano" was all keitaro could get out of his mouth. Then this woman start getting closer and closer to keitaro and all of a sudden she put on keitaro lap and then the woman noticed something out of place.

"what is poking my hand kitsune did you bring your-" she stopped and squinted her eyes trying to focus them and she realized that it wasn't Kitsune but a man 'WHAT THE HELL IS A GUY IN THIS DORM' she thought for a moment and then a answer came to her and he was a pervert so she decided to scream to let everyone else know of him

"WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING YOU PERVERT GET BACK HERE" yelled Naru because Keitaro ran out of the hot springs and didn't even think of getting dressed. He just ran for his life hoping that they would not chase him but he was wrong as he herd. "WHEN I FIND YOU PERVERT YOU ARE GOING TO DIE."

Keitaro was now freaked out and ran twice as hard and went straight to the second floor with Naru hot on his trail. And after a few more minutes Naru had caught up with him and punched him sending him straight into the air and then he landed right by front door when Keitaro opened his eyes he saw his aunt staring down at him curiously.

"Keitaro why are you on the ground and why are you naked" she asked him. Keitaro was so happy to see his aunt she could protect him from that demon woman.

"AUNT HARUKA PLEASE HELP ME THERE IS A DEMON WOMAN CHASING ME TRYING TO KILL ME!" Keitaro cried to his aunt. But she whacked him in the head.

"It is haruka-san" she said scolding him

"Yes, yes, yes right haruka-san" he quickly said.

"Now then you must have met naru" she said to him.


"Yea long brown hair and has one hell of a punch" she said annoyed

"YEA THAT'S HER PLEASE SAVE ME" he said wrapping his arms around her waist. Then hearing an opening of a door keitaro looked behind his shoulder and saw the 'demon girl'.

"LOOK KITSUNE HE IS NOW TRYING TO SEDUCE HARUKA" said a woman wearing a yellow long sleeve shirt and a brown short skirt. Haruka walked up to Naru before she could get any closer to Keitaro.

"Wait naru let the boy get dressed and I will tell you everything you need to know about him"

"NO he was in hot springs trying to seduce me I am going to kill him" she quickly responded.

"NO! You will wait and I will tell you got it naru" haruka said again

"But?" Naru said again but all haruka did was raise her eyebrow to the girl. Naru closed her eyes and sighed in defeat "Fine"

"HE'S WHAT" yelled Naru in disbelief to what haruka had just said.

"It's true look for yourself." As Keitaro reached into his back pocket and pulled out his wallet and show naru and the others. His Tokyo U ID Naru kept looking back and forth at his ID and at Keitaro face.

"Someone like you can't be in Tokyo U they don't let perverts in there and I don't think hina would let a someone like you in here to run this place!" Naru said the other woman sitting by Naru was smiling like a cunning fox.

' maybe I should try to get on his good side or even better marry him because if he majors in law or medical field he will make lot's of money and I will get a cut of the share too.' She said smiling more evil then before. But she lost her train of thought when she herd him yell at Naru.

"WHAT THE HELL IS THAT SUPPOSE TO YOU MEAN AND HINA IS MY GRANDMA!" Keitaro said raising his voice to her.

"YOU KNOW DAMN WELL WHAT IT MEANS" Naru yelled right back she got up and sent a punch at him but right before it hit his face it stop dead about one inch from his face. Then Keitaro twisted her arm just hard enough to for it to hurt her and said.

"I may have let you hit me in the a little while ago because I dissevered it but I won't let you hit me when you feel like it 'GOT IT'!" Keitaro said with a cold steel voice that shocked everyone one in the room that Keitaro would talk to a woman like that. Then he let go of her wrist and she rubbed it to trying to sooth the pain.

"I got it; I got it you don't have to be so damn rough about it" Said Naru

"Good now that we have that clear. I would like to meet the rest of the residents" Keitaro said as he got up and walked over to greet the other member of this dorm. "And whom might you be" he said smiling at her while waiting for her reply.

"Konno, Mitsune, but call me kitsune pleasure to meet you"

"And I am Urashima, Keitaro and like wise" he said and bowed to her then look at his watch and realized that it was close to dinner he thought that they were probably getting hungry "Is there anyone else that lives here or do you two pay a fortune to live here?" Keitaro asked.

"No there are three other people that live here but they are gone." Haruka said to him. Keitaro looked at his watch and realized that it was close to dinner and said.

"It's getting late and close to dinner how about I make dinner." Keitaro said happily because if there was one thing he could do was cook.

"Alright you cook tonight" Kitsune said quickly 'let's hope that he can cook as good as he looks' then she took a peak at Naru to see her expression and it look kind of annoyed.

"Fine whatever, just don't try to poison us 'got it'" Naru said with a more pissed off look now.

"Don't worry I won't poison you" he said with a sly look on his face

"Well I am finished and thank you keitaro for the meal" said Naru as she stood and picked up her plate and walked into the kitchen and cleaned her dish and walked off to her room.

"Ah, keitaro that was a wonderful meal" said Kitsune as she set her chop sticks on the table. And pour a cup of sake and slowly sipped it.

"Glad you liked it kitsune." Keitaro said as he picked up his plate then walked over to Kitsune and picked up plate but he was stopped by Kitsune's hand while her other one took the plat from him. "You don't need to do that for me keitaro" she said smiling then stood. And walked off into the kitchen and cleaned her plate. Then she came back into the dinning room and said "join me for a drink "Kitusne said shake her bottle of sake.

"Sure I loved to" Keitaro said happily that he was getting along with some of the residents.

Kitsune and Keitaro were in the living room having a drink with a little conversation and laughing a little to. Keitaro looked at his watch and saw that they had been chatting for a couple of hours.

"It's getting late kitsune I think I will call it a night" Keitaro said standing up then stretching his body out. "I really enjoyed talking to you Kitsune"

"Same here. Good night keitaro" Kitsune said the two finished there good nights and left for there rooms.

Keitaro was now in the manger room checking it out and looked at top to bottom then he noticed a poster and a corner was moving and reveled a hole in the wall. 'I wonder where that leads to.' Keitaro looked around the room for something to get up to the hole in the wall. He saw that the night stand by the bed would have to do.

He placed it right by the hole and climbed up on it and grabbed the one side of the hole and lifted himself up

"That stupid hentai is the new manger of this place" said naru as she undressed. Now just in under garments. Then she herd a rattle she looked around and then she saw the floor board start to move. 'what the hell who is coming through the floor only grandma hina and I knew about that' then she walked over to it a little closer then the board was pushed a crossed and she saw a head but didn't know who because the person was facing a different direction. But she did know the voice

"so this is were that hole leads to I thought it would lead to a hidden room or something like that. But whose room is th-" Said Keitaro as he pulled himself all the way out of the hole then turned around and saw whose room it was none other than Naru Narusegawa's but what surprised him the most is that she was half dressed. Then he realized that if he kept looking she could blame him for peeking on him so he quickly turned back round and started whistling.

Naru was confused by the way he was acting then she realized why she was half dressed. She quickly opened her closet door. And stuck her head out passed the door and said " you pervert trying to peek on me who in the hell told you about that hole in the ceiling! Probably one of your perverted friend that came over here a long time ago told you about that hole" she yelled at him.

"oh right I saw you a while ago and had someone sneak in this house trying to get the best view of you at anytime in your dreams! I wouldn't never want to look at someone as ugly and bitchy like you" Said Keitaro


"HA! Like there is anything even worth mocking about you! You should be grateful that I did even said that to you plus I am tired I am going to bed and tomorrow I will fix the hole in the wall so that I don't have to worry about peeking on me" Said Keitaro as he climbed back down the hole and Naru chased him but it was too late he was already down the hole and out of site so Naru put the board back on the hole and got dressed for bed.


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