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Two Things For One Fight

By Keitaro+Motoko 4ever of the dark icon writers

Chapter 3: Do you like me?

A/n: hence from the fight I will not be following either the anime or manga. This will be written on my story line.

We find Keitaro in his room sleeping soundly. But he was holding onto something it wasn't something he usually held on to. It was in the Shape of a human. It seemed to be a female human; she looked like she was holding on to him. She started tighten her grip on him this started to arouse Keitaro from slumber.

'I wonder who is in my bed, and why are they holding me' he opened the covers and stared inside to see who was holding him "oh, it is only motoko" as he drop the blanket and closed his eyes and went back to sleep. Then something clicked inside of his head 'Motoko is in my bed…………. Motoko Is In My Bed!' He screamed in his head as he threw off his blanket and jumped out of his bed.

Thus waking Motoko up in the process she rubbed her eyes and stretched and yawed. Then she looked at Keitaro who was in a corner scared half to death. "What is wrong Keitaro-sama?" Keitaro could barley move his body he slowly moved his arm up and choked out the words stuck in his throat. "Wa….. Wa…. Wa…what are you doing in my room. You should be in your room resting."

She just smiled and said. "Well I thought I could sleep in here, since, I am now your beloved woman"

Keitaro went pale and then passed out from what she said. Motoko just smiled as she went over to Keitaro and laid him on her lap and waited for him to wake up again.

"Mmm…"Keitaro moaned as he slowly woke from his sleep. He opened his eyes and he saw a figure over his head but couldn't make out the figure he squinted his eyes and they slowly focused and it was none other then Motoko Aoyama the one that originally made him pass out in the first place he jumped up and hit the wall..

"M…M…M…Mo…Mo…Motoko you are not feeling well right now. And if the others see us like this, they will get the wrong idea and right now I am no mood for what might happen to me. Now please put some clothes on 'please'." Keitaro said as he saw she was only in her chest bindings and panties. He was hoping that she will listen to what he asked.

"If that is what you desire of me, then I will do it. But I do not know why you are so worried. For we are the only one is here anyway." Said Motoko as she went into Keitaro closet and pulled out a long button up shirt. And put it on then walked over to Keitaro and pulled him away from the wall and had him sit on the bed and she took a spot right next to him.

"Kei-Kun what is wrong? I thought that you liked me? I don't know for sure but I have read that when a man kisses a woman. That means he likes her. So I figured that you liked me and that we….we….we….we could start a…a…a… relationship with each other." Said Motoko as she looked down at her lap, with a bright crimson blush on her cheeks.

Keitaro face went into a blank expression as he thought about what she said. 'Does she really want to start a relationship with me? That would be so great we could even…… whoa, whoa, whoa, clam down keitaro. We haven't ever had been on a date before, so don't get all these ideas in your head. Save it for later.' Keitaro stopped to think for a moment trying to think of how to tell her what he was thinking when he just figured that it would be better to just say what he feels.

He sighed and then said "Motoko." Motoko lifted her head up and looked at him. "Look I am not going to lie to you, you also deserve the truth. I do like you, b…" Before he could say anything else he had something wrapped around him. Squeezing him tightly then he realized that Motoko was hugging him. So he returned the hug. Then after what seemed to be like thirty-minutes. Motoko let go and removed her straightened herself up and said. "And I meant what I said about me being yours now too. Since we straightened that out do you want to go take a dip in the hot spring with me. If you do, I will wash your back for you and you can do the same for Me." she said with an innocent smile on her face. And Keitaro had blood discharge from his nose before Motoko dragged him towards the hot spring.

Motoko and Keitaro were now in the dress room. Motoko was undressing but the only thing Keitaro could do was stare at her 'I can't move, I can't look away' He said to himself. Every single bit of clothing Motoko teased him and tortured him. Motoko had taken off all of her clothes and then turned around and headed right to him but went by him and grabbed a towel this made Keitaro's nose turn from running water faucet to fire hose.

Motoko just gave a light chuckle and then turned to him and said "why aren't you getting undressed we are suppose to go take a bath together." Said Motoko as she folded her arms underneath her chest which made them look very close to popping out of her towel and this shot more blood out of his nose.

Motoko like teasing keitaro and for what she has been doing it has been working so far. "Well when are you going to undress?" she said as she tapped her foot waiting for a response. Keitaro just looked side to side and he saw that he couldn't get away and he knew that she would go after him so there was no use at all he sighed and said.

"Alright, alright I will go with you but you go first so I can undress. I promise that I won't take long at all." She put on a smiled face and said.

"Okay you got five minutes to get out there or I am coming to get you and you don't want that" he shook his head in agreement and she left the changing room and went into the hot spring.

Keitaro let out a breath he did not know he was holding. He sat there and thought and wondered how he would get out of this because it was not that he didn't like her or didn't want to get in the hot spring with her either it is just what he might do in the hot spring. Keitaro was never good at controlling his urges.

He looked at his hands and just looked at them for almost a minute when he herd "you better hurry up Keitaro because time is almost up." Said a voice through the door he wined to him self and started removing his clothes and headed for the hot springs.

"Come on motoko do I really have to do this" Keitaro wined. Motoko only smiled and said gave him a resurging look saying 'YES'. So the defeated Keitaro dragged his feet to the hot spring and slowing sunk in to the relaxing heated water. Once Keitaro entire body was submerged in the hot spring water all of his worry just washed away from his body and mind.

He put his hand behind his head and relaxed into a comfortable position and laid there but also realized that he was not alone in there so his head scanned the spring for Motoko but she could not be found. 'This is bad' his mind scrambled to find Motoko he was tired of her pranks on him. If she did anymore he must just need a blood transfusion.

Keitaro scanned the area for her but could not see her so he got up and then looked again. He couldn't see her. So he sat down and a close to him. Then started to think were she was. 'Well, it seems like she is not in the water hiding so she has to be in the changing room. Or could she be….." he was cut off when he felt something on his back. Keitaro Jumped up while in the air did a 180 degree spin. He saw motoko there and a sponge in her hand.

"What are you doing? Remember I am going to wash your back." Motoko said a bit annoyed.

"Oh, yeah, sorry about that." He quickly said apologizing.

"Are you going to sit down or what?"

"Oh, yeah" Keitaro said as he quickly sat down.

Motoko resumed her promise. Slowly she washed Keitaro back using her fingers as well to work with soap and for her to explore a little of his body. Keitaro on the receiving end was rather enjoying this. Because one a woman besides his mother and sister had ever washed his back, 'How sad, I have never really been with a woman before.' Keitaro was depressed by this thought.

'But, she did say that she wanted to be with me. I guess I could put up with the teasing she brings me if it will make her happy. Plus we might actually get into a real relationship. But I hope I can really live through these shenanigans she pulls….'

Keitaro thoughts were cut off when all of a sudden he was hit with a bucket of cold water. "What the hell was that?" Keitaro said coldly.

"Well Kei-kun, you were lost in thought and not speaking, also I need to rinse your back so I thought nothing better then a cold bucket of water." Motoko said with a innocent look.

"Well I am sorry motoko-chan. I did not mean to ignore you." With that response Keitaro received a hug.

"Thank you"

"What was that for motoko-chan?"

"You not calling me just motoko anymore you consider me more. But we still need to work on it a little bit kei-kun" She plainly stated.

"Ah, well I guess your welcome motoko-chan." Keitaro replied. Motoko stood there motionless for a moment. She was thinking then something caught her mind. She had a sly smile on her face. Keitaro caught this and started to worry, he knew something was wrong.

"Kei….ta….ro! I think you deserve a prize for moving up."

"uh, thanks a lot motoko-chan but, but, I don't think I need a reward for that." Keitaro said moving back slowly.

"Oh, yes you do, you deserve two big rewards." She said getting ever closer to him. Then when she was close enough she let her towel unfold. Keitaro quickly covered his eyes and closed them tightly shut.

"Keitaro why are you covering your eyes. I am just fixing my towel, so you can wash my back."

"Oh, thank the lords above." Keitaro said as he opened his eyes. True to her word she only adjusted her towel so he could fully wash her back. So Keitaro started to complete the end of his bargain. Keitaro also returned exactly what she did to him. When he finished he rinsed her back with warm water. So that it would not surprise her in anyway.

"Why, so gentle Keitaro?"

"Who in the hell was that?" Keitaro said as he looked around and then saw Naru looking at him. 'ah, Damn it, why, why, does she have to be here man she causes me so many problems.' Keitaro had just finished his thought when Naru came charging after him. Keitaro quickly readied himself for the attack on him. Naru landed the punch on to his arms. Keitaro staggered back a little bit.

"Naru, stop this at once I will not tolerate you trying to control everything I do and then retaliate against me this was not my fault. I did not do this."

"That's not was it looks like to me! You, here, with motoko trying to take advantage of her!" Naru angrily cried.

"Naru he is correct, this was not his doing I am the one who brought him in here and conned him into washing my back."

"What the hell! Why, would you do something that he is a pathetic excuse for a male. Nothing about him is worth anything!"

"No, no, no, no, no, no, no, you just didn't say that naru. Man, you just can't stop and think for a moment can you. Let me explain something to you naru, I freaking own this place! I have total control of your residence here if I wanted to right now this instant I could throw your ass out on the road. With out a second thought, would you like that naru?" Keitaro stated very coldly.

"How! Dare you, using your manager power over me. Like…."

"Well it is possible Naru. I can do it."

"Yes, I know that but,…"

"But nothing you better start cleaning up your act or so help me I will toss your ass to the curb. I will not have this behavior here I want people to be happy here not miserable! Every resident here deserve that right. When you act like that it breaks that. I for one will not idly stand by and let you do it. So do I make myself clear?"

"Yes." Naru said quietly

"Good now, I am sorry for speaking like that towards you, but you must understand that I mean business. Also I promise not to talk to you like that again. So please let move on and forgive each other."

"….." Naru didn't say anything she only left hot spring area and went into the changing room.

"Damn him, always treating me like that I am a girl doesn't he know how to respect me." Naru said as she punched the wall putting several hole in wall then left the room and walked up to her room and locked the door.

"Keitaro, you did not need to use such words with her." Motoko said disappointed

"Motoko I really don't like talking to anyone like that but, I had to it was the only way for me to get through to her I want to be her friend but she is to hostile towards me and really anyone else and I do not approve of that." Keitaro state calmly, as he walked up to Motoko and looked her in the eyes.

"True, but you have to realize that she is hostile because of her insecurities." Motoko state in a matter of fact tone.

"I know, I know, but there has to be someway to help with that."

"I don't think we can keitaro. She must face the demon she has made by herself."

"Hey let's get in the changing room and get dressed so we can discuss this more in my room."

"Well, we can go to my room kei-kun it will be more fun." Motoko said as she traced Keitaro's jaw line. This caused a trickle of blood to escape from his nose.

"No, no, no I Kind of thinking the rooftop?"

"Okay, but I really wanted my room." Pouted Motoko

"Yeah, I know and I don't want anymore blood loss"

"I though you liked it" Motoko Said smiling.

"Yeah Right Hurry go get changed so I can head out."

"Hai!" she said as she kissed his cheek and ran off to the changing room.

"Yeah I will probably need to go see the doctor for a blood transfusion"

Well, there is chapter 3. If you think this is kind of out of whack. Well you are correct I made it look that way. If it does not then I have failed.

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(もとこ あおいえま)