Title: The Dog Who Cried Wolf
Characters: Shigure, Hatori/Ayame
Author's Note: This is set 10+ years before Tohru enters the Sohmas' lives
Rating: T
Warnings: Mild shounen-ai





The Dog Who Cried Wolf

Summer was for fun. For no school. For swimming. For drowning?

"Hontou ni, Haa-kun!"

"…He does look paler than usual."

Hatori knelt down, following the steps carefully. Enough water came out of Ayame to corroborate Shigure's claim. Finally, he hesitated a moment before sealing his mouth over silky lips.

Wet arms wrapped around his neck, and Hatori shoved Ayame away to glower at Shigure.

"Victory!" He capered with mischievous glee.

"I'm not speaking to EITHER of you." Hatori stalked off, but Ayame didn't move.

"What's wrong, Aaya? You're not laughing."

"What?" Golden, starry eyes blinked, still lost in a dream.