Ok my friends. Here's how the story goes. (Well actually this isn't the story. This Is the Introduction to the story.) I wrote this at lunch cause like I was bored and needed something to do, and I had a poem from Poetry Book with me. The Poems were called Red and Black. Red Is the first poem in the story, black is the second. I got an 'Super' written beside Red, and an 'Excellent' written beside Black. So my teacher thinks there good so like don't dis 'em.

Any ways. I do NOT own Inuyasha. BUT I do own the poem because me and my friend Destiny wrote in class.






It was the only colour Inuyasha could see. He had transformed fighting Kikyo. (that bitch made him transform! O well. He's cuter then with his Blood Red Eyes, I like the colour red.) Kikyo's Soul Collectors had taken away Tetsusiaga, and attacked.

At first Inuyasha had been reluctant to fight, but all hesitation was lost when he saw Kagome's body.

Correction. Kagome's DEAD body.

Kikyo had killed his "mate" as his demon side put it. Killing his mate was unforgivable. That bitch would die by his hands. And his hands alone!

He attacked with rage and fury. How dare she hurt what was his and his alone.

Kikyo howled in pain as he raked his claws down her clay body. Not deep enough to kill her, but deep enough to cause her a tremendous amount of pain.

But to Inuyasha gone youkai she wasn't suffering enough. He wanted her to beg for mercy. Then he would kill her. Unfortunately he was not awarded with that begging. No instead he got a ear splitting scream.

Kikyo finally cried out in defeat. What a wonderful sound it was to Inuyasha.

Red looks like fire, burning with desire

Red smells like freshly spilled blood

Red tasted like victory after battle

Red feels like life slipping out of your grasp

Red sounds like a rippling scream haunting the night

Demon Inuyasha walked over to Kagome's lifeless body. He knew what he would do. He would kill himself. Mates were always together. Even in death.

With one hand Inuyasha held Kagome's body to his chest. He used his other hand to kill himself. He plunged his clawed hand into his chest and ripped out his heart.

Needless to say, Inuyasha was no longer one of the living.

Black looks like the night of the new moon

Black smells like death burning below

Black tastes like decaying flesh

Black feels like embracing the afterworld

Black sounds like a void in the space-time-continuum


Ok all done this story. Yeah I know it's like my 3rd suicidal story, but I like it when a main character dies. When I was a little kid I loved it when something bad happened to the hero or one of the important good guys. O well. Guess that I'm just weird that way.

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