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Read at your own risk. Multiple pairings inside folks, with KanaxKei and KanaxNegi, just to name a few! You never know what you're going to get so read on (I might even do some alternative stuff, if you know what I mean).

Blue Blue Glass Moon, Under the Crimson Air

I Wanna Go To A Place...

Chapter 01:

Dream a Dream

A Love Magister Hina Negima! fanfic by James "Ray" Edwards

Cherry blossoms, sakura.

Somehow, she could always remember it like it was yesterday, the first day of spring. The forest of cherry trees were blooming early this year, singing together in perfect harmony of nature's song, guided by the spirits of wind and earth. A charm of wonder, a zest for life, and a particular humor of restlessness were up and about in the air, fresh and tantalizing to the young senses. The cherry trees, beautiful in their ample bounty, swayed and rustled in the playful breeze. They showered a display of blossoms, flush with joy, into the air that softened even the most hardened of hearts. To the youth of the day, nothing could've been more perfect than the marvelous, dreamy present.

"Hooo, it's really pretty, isn't it, Kana-chan?" a familiar voice asked her. He was younger then, the supple resolution of his older self yet to find its way into the warmth of his youthful tenor.

She giggled in reply, "Yes, Kei-niichan!"

There was no time like the present at Hinata Inn. Spring always did tend to bring out the best in folks and it was different for one Keitaro Urashima and his younger sister Kanako Urashima. This would be their third spring together, yet to the two siblings, it was as if they had always known each other. Though she was his adopted sister, he had naturally taken her in under his wing without hesitation, a characteristic that would define his big heart for years to come.

"Um, where are we, KeiĀ­-niichan?"

"Uhhhh, I dunno," Keitaro laughed helplessly, scratching the back of his head on reflex, as Kanako fixed him with "The Look." She was definitely starting to pick up a thing or two from mom.

Sure, they didn't know how they got there, but then again, there were many places across Hinata Inn's estate that a person didn't find; those places tended to find them instead. This grove was something special, a breath-taking expanse ringed by lovely sakura around a serene lake, clear like crystal glass that shimmered radiantly in the sunlight.

The little dark-haired girl gave a disapproving huff, planting her hands on her hips akimbo-style, which lent her a remarkable air of maturity that was rare for her age. "Keitaro-niisan, you should be more res-pon-si-ble! Okaa-san and otou-san, will be really mad at you, if they can't find us before dinner time."

"I'm sorry, Kana-chan..."


"Gah! I'm double sorry, Kanako-chan!" Keitaro quickly amended, waving his hands defensively. For a six-year-old girl, Kanako's temper was already legendary in the household. Very few things could stop her once she got really, really mad, and he'd been on the receiving ends of it more times than he could count. "Still, I don't think we really have to worry about that."

"Why, Nii-san?"

"Because Hinata Inn will tell us the way back when we want to go home."

She cocked her head to the side, wearing a blank faced expression on her face, and proceeded to tip-toe up to him, putting a hand on his forehead while doing the same to her own with her remaining hand. He was a lot taller than her, after all. "Nope, Keitaro-niisan's temperature is all right, so he's not de-li-rious."

"Wha?" the older Urashima squawked incredulously, as his younger sister patted him down, straightening his rumpled t-shirt out.

"Have you been watching too much anime again, Nii-san?"

"Hey! I really mean it. I think Hinata Inn really brought us here. So if it brought us here, it can show us the way back too."



Noting the passionate spark in his dark brown eyes, Kanako nodded her assent because when Keitaro got worked up about something, there wasn't much that could change his mind. "Okay, Nii-san, I believe you."

"Uwaa, Kana-chan, you know you shouldn't agree to something you don't really believe in, you know," Keitaro admonished her, shaking his head. It was always like this; he'd say something, and though his little sister didn't approve of it whole-heartedly, she'd agree to it anyway.

"But, Keitaro-niisan, would be sad."

"It's all right, Kana-chan! What's important that you're saying what you feel from the bottom of your heart!"


"Yeah! I know the truth can hurt, but it can also do wonderful things."

"Well, Kei-niichan, I... I want to believe, too, what you said about Hinata Inn, but --- you know magic isn't real, just like Santa Claus isn't real. We only found this pretty place because we got lost."

The elder Urashima laughed, a bright smile on his face. "Yeah, you're right, Kana-chan; you get an hundred for honesty!"


"But, you know, seeing what's real isn't everything, all the time. Sometimes, believing is what matters the most, never losing hope no matter how bad it gets. If you can't believe in something, then how are you even supposed to tell what's real and what's not real?"

Kanako shot a long, hard look. It was the clearest indicator he had ever known that she was thinking something over. Shoot, he wasn't even quite sure where all those words had come from, but they seemed like the right thing to say at the time. The fact that she didn't believe in magic or Santa Claus anymore was sad to him, especially at her age. He was ten-years-old already and knew that they weren't real either, but from his heart, he truly wanted to believe that it was still possible, that Santa Claus and magic could be real.

"Kanako, I --- I believe in you," Keitaro told her with a faint blush on his cheeks and a big grin on his face. It wasn't exactly the manliestthing to say on record to a little sister, but shoot --- it felt like the right thing to say then.


Oh boy, here comes the moment of truth. I hope she doesn't think I'm weird or something like that!



"Down, boy."

Keitaro neatly did a double-take, his ego crushed beyond recognition by the force of will that embodied in one Kanako Urashima, six-years-old and going. A sweatdrop plastered on the back of his head, he resignedly and bent down on one knee so that they were virtually at eye-level with one another.

"Keitaro," she spoke in frank voice, her cool hazel eyes never leaving him for a second, not that he could've broken away if he had tried in the first place. This was the first time she had ever called him by his name alone in serious conversation, and truthfully, it was making him a little bit nervous; okay, make that a whole lot nervous! "You're weird."

The deathblow was quick and shockingly sudden. Keitaro could literally feel his body paling into gray ashes, burned out, his very spirit beginning to leave his body, as the random tumbleweed blew by in the nonchalant breeze. Oh, the cold burn of rejection to the bone against his ego!


What? What was she giggling for with that really cute smile on her face?

"I think I understand now, Kei-niichan," Kanako explained before she embraced him in a sudden bear hug that almost knocked him flat on his rear by shear surprise. "I don't know if I can really ever believe in magic or stuff, but I --- I believe in you too. When I'm with, Onii-san, I really think that anything could happen, and maybe --- maybe some day, I could believe in those things too."

The bespectacled boy smiled warmly, the joy of pride filling his heart to the brim. He would've shed tears right then and there at such a poignant moment, but then there was the whole age-old rule that boys weren't supposed to cry, especially not in front of your own sister. So instead, he opted for the next best thing and returned Kanako's embrace, ruffling her dark raven hair affectionately, as she snuggled up closer to him. "That's my imouto!"

It was also then that he was struck by sudden inspiration to commemorate this precious moment they shared only between themselves.

"Hey, Kana-chan, I got a great idea: Why don't we name this place?"

"Why, Nii-san?"

"So we can remember this place and what happened today, silly!"


"Yeah, so --- uhhh --- got any bright ideas for a name?"

"Hmmmm, let me think... How about 'The Majestic Grove'?"

"The Majestic Grove, huh?"

"It sounds close enough to a place in an anime or a Final Fantasy R-P-G, so I don't think Keitaro-niisan would forget about it. Kaa-san is always complaining that you can't remember things."

Keitaro deflated audibly with a sigh, a monstrous sweatdrop plastered on the back of his head. His mother was a "slave driver" with no compare, always the busy body pushing things forward, but without her, he had to admit his ultra laidback father would be absolutely hopeless. Hironobu Urashima was not well-known for his enthusiasm in the least, the picture of doom and gloom more often than not. However, Reiko Urashima refused to be put down for the count and was brimming with a kind of infectious energy that either drove people nuts or lifted their spirits up; persistent diligence and optimism was her specialty.

He grinned with renewed vigor, his hands clasping upon her shoulders, as he broke their embrace gently. There was a twinkling spark in his eyes that Kanako saw on occasion, and it always left her breathless because she knew he was about to say something important. "All right, how about this then, Kanako-chan?"


"Let's make a promise between you and me, just the two of us in the whole wide world!"

"A promise?"

"Yeah, if we ever get separated or lost, we promise to meet here together at The Majestic Grove. If I come, I'll wait for you. If you come, you'll wait for me, won't you?"

"But, Keitaro-niisan, we don't know how we got here or how to get home, and what if we have to wait forever and ever? It makes no sense!"

"It doesn't have to, remember? Just believe, Kanako, like I believe in you. This place, I don't think time matters here at all. Somehow, some way we'll find each other again; I know it!"

"Keitaro..." Kanako murmured sullenly, lowering her head so that her bangs would hide the turmoil in her young eyes.

She was only six-years-old, but already she exhibited signs of rapid mental maturation. The younger Urashima wasn't like other children her age, and often found it difficult to associate with them and make friends. Already she had been certified by the Ministry of Education as a bona fide child prodigy, a genius who would most certainly some day grow up to become someone of great importance and prestige. It was a lot to stomach for a six-year-old, a child of great expectations, and she had adapted swiftly to adult ways of thinking, particularly a grasp for absolutes and incorrigible constants.

Asking Kanako Urashima to take the proverbial leap of faith was the equivalent of asking pigs to fly, dogs to be bathroom trained, gravity to work in reverse, and why the number "42" is the answer to the most important question in the universe. Of course, nobody even knows for certain what the most important question in the universe is, but they did know the answer.

Keitaro sighed, shaking his head wistfully. Maybe he was making things worse, after all, as he didn't even fully comprehend the extent of what his younger sister was being put through. Truth was that he had only learned about her expectations some months ago. "Kanako, it's okay if you don't want to; I...I'm such a klutz, you know! If I was really smart like you, maybe --- maybe then I'd understand-"

"Kanako likes Keitaro because Keitaro is Keitaro. Keitaro is weird. Keitaro does stupid things. Keitaro is a klutz, always getting in trouble," Kanako announced, cutting her brother off soundly. "But! Kanako still likes Keitaro because Keitaro is Keitaro. Do you understand me now, Keitaro?"

She lifted up her face to meet his gaze once more, and lo his breath was stolen from him. Somehow, this girl of six odd years of life had killed every expressive emotive sentiment, from the whimpering shudders to the subtle break in her voice, an awesome display of self-control that was both sad and impressive. She was crying, hot tears flowing like rivers from her hazel eyes, and Keitaro had not known in the slightest bit. He wanted to berate himself for making her cry, but then he saw that warm smile and that soft touch in her eyes. In spite of everything, she was happy.

"Yeah, I know, Kanako."

"You have to pinky promise, okay?"

"All right."

It was a wonderful new beginning to spring.



"Hey, Kana-chan!"

"Urashima Control to Astronaut Kuro, can you hear me?"

"Come on, now."


"Rise and shine, sleepyhead, rise and shine."

"You don't want to be late for your first day of class at Mahora Academy, do you?"

"Kanako? I'm coming in, okay?"


To Be Continued...