SUMMARY: When Randy Orton is with Batista and Chris Jericho out at the gym to train they meet
a girl who is an old friend of Chris and is temporary blind.What will happen when Randy starts to like her? Is there a future for the two or not? And what will happen when the girl can see again and realises who her new friends are? And what if she hates wrestling?

MAIN WRESTLERS: Randy Orton, Dave Batista, Chris Jericho, John Cena, Triple H, Ric Flair etc...

PAIRING: Randy Orton/Alexandria (Alexi) Reed(OC)

Author's note/Disclaimer: This is my first wrestling story and I don't own anything besides Alexi... oh and by the way this is my first WWE story and english isn't my natural language, so please be kind

Behind Blue Eyes

Chapter 1: The meeting

Dave Batista and Randy Orton had just finished their workout and were walking towards the locker
rooms of the gym to meet up with Chris Jericho.Even though Randy and Batista were supposed to be bitter enemies on screen and in the ring, they were great friends behind the camera.

Dave suddenly elbowed Randy in the arm.

Randy turned his head and saw Chris Jericho training with a girl they had never seen before.

The girl was doing some light martial arts moves and when she was finished Jericho handed her a towel.

"You're looking good Alexi. So how are your eyes?" They heard Chris ask.

"Itchy..." was all the girl replied.

"Who is she?" He asked Dave.

"No idea... but I guess we can find out..."

Randy nodded and the two walked over to Chris and the girl.

Even though the girl was looking straight into their direction and had to see them approaching she didn't react.

"Hey there Chris, care to introduce us?" Batista asked when they had reached the two.

Jericho turned around and the girl was still looking in their direction but Randy realised that she wasn't really seeing them.

"Who is there Chris?" The girl wanted to know, brushing a strain of her black hair out of her face.

Chris smiled.

"That's just Randy and Dave, two of my friends."
Then Y2J turned to Randy and Dave.

"And that's Alexandria, a childhood friend of mine." He explained.

"Nice to meet ya..." Batista greeted and extended his hand.

Alexi didn't react and suddenly Batista realised what was wrong. The girl was blind.

The realisation hit him and he wondered how she was able to do martial arts when she couldn't see.

"Alexi and I just wanted to get something to eat. Wanna come?" Chris invited.

"Sure why not..." Randy said, still wondering about the girl's strange behaviour.

Dave just nodded.

"Give me ten minutes to get changed okay?"

"Sure thing Alexi... we need to get changed too and we'll wait outside afterwards."
"Okay..." With that Alexi walked into the direction of the girls locker room, carefully feeling with her hand so that she wouldn't run into something.

But besides that she seems to know exactly where she is going... Dave wondered.

He decided to ask Chris: "Chris, I'm sorry to ask but is Alexandria blind?"

Chris sighed once and nodded, running a hand through his curly hair.

"Yeah... she is..."
Randy's eyes widened a little when he heard this.

That explains her behaviour... He realised, wondering why he hadn't noticed earlier.

"But... how can she do martial arts when she can't see?" He wanted to know.
Jericho sighed again. "It's because she hasn't always been blind and hopefully won't be forever."

Dave was looking at Chris confused.

"Huh? What d'ya mean by that?"

Randy was curious too.
"Well. she had an accident a few months ago and her eyesight was damaged but the doctors are confident that she will regain full eyesight after the operation."
"Oh..." was all Batista said. He couldn't imagine how Alexi must've felt when she had found out that she perhaps couldn't see again.

The had by now finished dressing into normal clothes and had given an autograph here and there.

"Guys... do me a favour and don't ask about the accident. Alexi isn't very comfortable to talk about it." Chris Jericho suddenly said.

"And even more important, don't tell her you're wrestlers..." He added.

"Why?" Randy asked, picking up his clothes and putting them into his bag.

"She hates wrestling... took her long enough to get over the fact that I'm a professional wrestler... we weren't talking for two months after she found out..." Chris sighed.

Batista and Orton looked at each other. They were obviously confused but they nodded and decided to ask the questions later since Alexandria was walking towards them.

When she was in their reach, Chris called her and grabbed her hand so that she knew where they were.

"There's a nice little restaurant not too far from here." Alexi said.

"We can walk down there... a little fresh air is what I need right now..." Chris suggested.

Randy and Dave just nodded and followed.

When they had reached the restaurant a few minutes later, Jericho found a nice table in a quiet corner and they all sat down.

After ordering their food the four started talking, mostly Dave and Randy asking how long Alexi had known each other and how they had met.

They found out that they had grown up as next-door neighbours and had always a relationship ressembling the one of a brother and a sister.

Batista noticed that Chris seemed to be very protective of Alexandria.

Perhaps it's because of the accident... He mused in his thoughts.

Randy was watching Alexandria closely. He couldn't tell why but he felt drawn to her.

He was brought out of his thoughts when Chris suddenly announced: "Umm... sorry guys but I need to go somewhere..."

He grinned sheepishly and stood up and left the table.

After a little while Batista too left the table to get himself another beer, leaving Randy and Alexi alone at the table.

There was a moment of awkward silence before Alexi asked shyly: "Umm... Randy... I know it may sound stupid but may I perhaps feel your face with my hands?"

Randy looked at her with confusion in his eyes.

"Why?" He wanted to know, sounding very curious, but not like he found her request stupid.

Alexandria was thankful for that.

She blushed a little and said: "Umm... well I like your voice... and I'd like to see... feel... if the picture I have of you in my mind is right..."

Now Randy smiled softly, even though Alexi of course couldn't see that.

"Of course you can..." He said gently.

"Thanks..." Alexi smiled and Randy noticed that he really liked that smile. It accented her green eyes.

"You're beautiful when you smile..." He stated.

Alexi blushed a little and didn't answer. Instead she reached with her hands into the direction she suspected Randy's face but she was reaching in the wrong direction. Randy took her hands and guided them to his face.

"Thanks..." Alexi said again, smiling shyly. She started to softly trace the outlines of Randy's face.

The man didn't dare to move while Alexi did that.

Her finger felt soft on his cheeks.
"Do you have blue eyes?" Alexi asked suddenly.

Randy was surprised.
"Yeah... how do ya know?"

Alexi shrugged and smiled.

"I didn't know... You just sound like a blue eyed guy... yeah I know a stupid reason... Chris always tells me that you can't find out what eye colour someone has just because you hear his voice..."
Randy touched her shoulder. He was impressed at what Alexi had just said.

"I don't think it's stupid... I guess you just get more observant to voices when you can't see, right?"

Alexandria nodded.

"Yeah... it's the only way to make up for the lost sense... by the way I think that eye colour suits you... I guess you're a real womanizer." She said, with a light smile on her lips.

"How did ya get that idea?" Randy wanted to know, chuckling a little.

"It's just that... well the picture of you I've constructed is that of a very handsome man."

This time it was Randy's turn to blush and he was glad that Batista and Jericho weren't there because they wouldn't stop teasing him for a while if they had seen it.

The great Legend Killer blushing... He thought, shaking his head lightly.

He was about to change the subject when Chris and Batista returned to the table, both with a new beer in hand.

Chris left the toilet and looked over to the table where Alexandria was just touching Randy's face.

Jericho smiled to himself because his plan seemed to work.

He quickly walked over to the bar when he saw Batista there.

The Animal had just gotten his beer and was about to return to the table.

Chris quickly grabbed the bigger man's arm.

"Wait a second Batista... give them some more minutes alone."
Dave looked at Chris questioningly and then at the table where he saw what Alexi was doing.

"Why? And what's Alexandria doing?"

Chris smiled. "Trying to make a picture of Randy in her mind to get a hint on how he looks."

"And why?"

"Because, as I've hoped she seems to like him and it looks like he's interested in her too..."
Batista looked into the grinning face of Y2J.

"Wait a second... are you trying to set the two up?" He asked with realisation.

"Exactly. I was hoping they would like each other. They both could need the other.

"I mean Randy has been down ever since Stacy broke up with him. And Alexi... well let's just say she could need someone like Randy."

Batista shook his head, half in amusement and half in exasperation but he couldn't deny that it sounded like a good idea to get Randy out of his depression and to help him to get over Stacy.

If Chris' plan works... He thought to himself.

"Then let's get back to see if we can help a little..." He grinned but stopped when he remembered what Chris had told them about Alexi.

"Wait a second... didn't ya say that she hates wrestling?"
Chris was glad that Batista seemed to like his plan but then he sighed.

"Yeah... that's why I told you not to tell her you're wrestlers... she wouldn't even give Randy a chance if she knew and she would shy away from him... but when she has gotten to know him she hopefully won't mind that he's a wrestler."

Batista nodded. He could easily see Chris' logic.

"And you're sure she won't find out?" He questioned.

"Let's just hope she won't or that she's comfortable enough when she finds out so she won't freak. I mean she knows I'm a wrestler and she's okay with it now..."
Dave nodded again.

"Then let's go back or they'll get suspicious. And let's hope everything works out the way you planned it." He told Chris, wondering why Alexandria hated wrestlers that much.

The two made their way back to the table.

"Hey..." Chris called, trying not to startle Alexi.

"Hey you two... what took you so long?" She asked.

"Lots of people had the same idea as Dave and I..." Chris explained, taking his seat beside Alexi again.

The girl grinned and the four started to talk again for a while until Jericho announced that he had promised Alexandria's mother that she would be home in about half an hour.

Batista and Randy nodded. They needed to be back at the hotel too, so the four decided to go home.

Jericho once again took Alexi's hand and guided her back to the gym where they had left the cars.

"I'm gonna drive Alexi home..." Chris announced.

Randy nodded. He and Batista had come in Batista's silver car.

"Bye Randy, Bye Dave... hopefully we'll meet again." Alexi said and waved before she climbed into Jericho's car.

"Hope so too..." Randy whispered.

Batista looked at the Legend Killer and grinned.
"You like her, don't you?" He asked.

Randy nodded and grinned a bit sheepishly.

"I guess so... I mean I just know her for a couple of hours but I really like her... it has to be something about the way she handles being blind..." Orton tried to explain what he felt for Alexandria while he sat down in the passenger's seat of Batista's car.

Dave just nodded and started the car.

"Yeah... she seems really cool... I just wonder why she hates wrestling. Chris wouldn't tell me..."

"I don't know... I'm sure she has her reasons... I just hope I can see her again to get to know her better..." Randy replied.

Batista couldn't help but grin. Jericho's plan really seemed to work.

"Dave, why are you grinning like mad? Is there something you know and I don't?"

Batista quickly shook his head.
"How d'ya get that idea?" With that Batista pointedly concentrated on the road.

Randy sighed and wondered how he could manage to see Alexandria again.

to be continued... (if you want me too...)