Slightly Shonen Ai. If you get hurt while reading this fic, it's not my fault. I don't own Slayers either.

In the mysterious realm of the Men's Bath at a hot springs resort somewhere in Seyruun, our story opens with Zelgadis, Gourry, and Xelloss. The evening had been fine and no one had gotten stabbed, bashed, or Dragon Slaved all day, leaving Zelgadis quite receptive to the idea of relaxing as he lounged in the hot water, sipping a glass of wine from a bottle he'd brought to share with the blonde swordsman. However, there was one thing preventing him from getting happily sloshed and drowning himself in the tub.

Xelloss smiled cheerfully at him from where he sat beside the Chimera. ...Very Close beside the Chimera.

Gourry, hair soapy, was innocently sitting on the other side of the bath, lathering his pecks in a very innocently seductive manor. And Xelloss was in the water fully clothed. Zelgadis glared at Xelloss over a glass of wine he'd brought into the bath with him.

Knowing he was going to regret it, but unable to put aside his curiosity, Zel sighed and scowled as he asked, "Why are you wearing your clothes in the bath?"

Xelloss smirked even more and lifted a finger as if to say 'Sore wa..' yet instead, after a long pause, "Because- IT'S A SECRET!"

Zelgadis twitched, sloshing wine into the water.

"I COULD take them off if you really want..." Xelloss suggested, leering at the Chimera, opening his eyes in a gaze that swept over Zel. Gourry was completely oblivious, he currently had his face in the water, blowing bubbles, his hair floating in soapy blonde snakes across the surface of the water.

"No," Zelgadis stated and closed his eyes, knowing full well that Xelloss was going to take them off now. He almost wasn't quick enough. The Mazoku leapt out of the pool and set a surge of water across the patio beside it, and Zel's blush deepened as he heard the splatting of wet clothes hitting the ground. Firmly, Zel kept his hand over his eyes, stomach turned rather sour, and he reached blindly to set the glass of wine on the edge of the pool

Gourry had lifted his face from the water by now and rubbed his eyes clear, "Woah! Zel! Look at that!" he stated loudly. Unfortunately, Zelgadis's curiosity got the better of him, though he knew he was going to regret it. He peeked past his fingers.

Xelloss stood on the side of the pool clad in nothing but a pair of pink panties, decorated with a large daisy right on the front. He struck a girlish pose and giggled.