Summary: Ron's newest addiction…lollipops…rating for safety...

Disclaimer: Nope…I own notta one…


Ron owned a stash, I swear. His trunk must be full of them because he constantly has one in his mouth.

His newest addiction.

I watched him over my library book.

I hated him. I absolutely hated him for looking so absolutely gorgeous. All the girls in our year certainly noticed, and he certainly noticed them noticing.

You're thinking jealously, Hermione Jane Granger.

His hair first off. Long, flipping out in some areas, so cute. A few locks fell in front of his eyes, bugging me. But the way he brushed them back was enticing to watch.

He had a gorgeous neck. So perfectly smooth…I imagined myself sucking on that supple skin…

I felt like slapping myself. But I couldn't help wondering what the rest of his body looked like.

Ron removed his cloak and let it drop to the floor, still pretending to read and sucking on that red lollipop. He pulled it out of his mouth slowly and licked his lips, he turned the page.

I licked my own lips.

Ron pushed his sleeves up, revealing his muscular arms, splattered with freckles. I swallowed. Ron returned the lollipop to his mouth.

"Ron," Harry suddenly said, interrupting my thoughts, "Where do you get all the lollipops?"

Ron just waggled his eyebrows and turned back to his book.

I shook my head, pretending to be annoyed.

I studied Ron's face. He had certainly grown into all his limbs and nose, making him so gorgeous it should be illegal.

And his eyes…oh dear god.

His hands were beautiful. Sturdy. One of them moved up to his hair and pushed it back. He sat up and sighed.

I looked up. Harry stood with the three books he had been suing and went to put them back.

"I'm bored," Ron announced, holding the lollipop in one hand, "I just finished the last of my homework."

"You just finished all of it?" I asked.

"Yeah…for Charms. You look kind of…flushed."

He was right. The minute I had began staring at his gorgeous neck I felt a heat rise in me. My breathing had increased, along with my heart rate.

Ron returned the lollipop to his lips, I watched it retreat into his mouth. He mouth I longed to be kissing.

Hermione Jane Granger!

I swallowed and said,

"Well…it's a bit hot in here."

"Yup. But…you don't only look flushed…" he tilted his chair back and smiled, taking the lollipop out of his mouth again, "You look turned on. Are you turned on?"

I looked at him in surprise. He was saying it so casually. Yet he smirked at me and the lollipop returned to his mouth. He sucked on it, watching me. His eyes obstructed by a few fiery red locks of hair.

"Admit it," he said quietly, taking the lollipop out of his mouth, "I turn you on."

I swallowed hard. He stood, stretched, and grabbed his cloak. He dug in a pocket for a moment, then held something in his hand. He set it down on my book and looked at me. He held the lollipop he had been working on in his hand. Then he bent down and kissed me.

His lips were soft and perfect. As the kiss.

But then he pulled away and put the lollipop back in his mouth and walked away.

I looked down at my book.

Placed on it was…

A green lollipop.