Avatar the last Airbender

Book six: earthquake

Appa flew smoothely through the air with the avatar and his friends on board, they were traveling from the north pole, Aang was very proud of himself to have mastered water so quickly, he was now hoping for an old friend of his to teach him what he knew of earth bending.

They had been traveling for three days now hoping that damned prince Zuko was far behind. Katara sat calmly watching the water, while Sokka cleaned his preciouse boomarang.

"I'm hungry" Sokka said suddenly (…yay…alliteration…)

"Wanna pull over and make lunch?" Aang said from Appa's neck.

"yes. What food do we have left Katara?" he asked, sort of drooling from hunger.

Katara opened the food bag "Not much I'm afraid, we'll have to go to the market soon." She pulled out a few fruits and vegetables and a fish. "This is all we have."

Sokka groaned as Aang guided Appa down to the ground where they could eat lunch. Katara cooked while Aang practiced his water bending. Sokka however felt the wind change he decided to go look around. He was some how drawn to the ocean. He looked out and saw a strange formation of rocks several feet below the surface of the water. He decided to swim out and take a closer look.

When he reached the rock formation, he started to swim downward to see all of it. The formation was HUDGE! Nearly a mile off of the bottom of the ocean, that is if the ocean really was a mile deep, and around 90 meters wide. As he reached the bottom, he saw a small opening in the rocks where he could swim through and look around inside, the only problem was, he needed air.

Sokka kicked off the side of the rocks and swam up to the surface to catch his breath. He was about to dive again when he heard his name being called.

"Sokka! The food's ready! Where are you!" it was Aang.

"Out here Aang!" He waved to his friend and swam back to shore as fast as he could. He was very anctiouse to tell his friends of his discovery.

As they ate, Sokka told Katara and Aang of his interesting descovery.

"It was too far under water for me to get into the cave and look around, but I really want to have a look inside that rock formation!" said Sokka, he didn't know why he was so excited to go look at those rocks. That was more of Aang's thing.

"you're crazy Sokka, we have to go to Omashu so Aang can learn earthbending, this is no time for you to go explore some rocks in the ocean." Katara said, she seemed a bit impatient today.

"Aw, C'mon! it looked really cool! You'd think so too if you saw it Katara." Sokka pleaded with his sister.

"but you said the cave was too deep for you to reach, so how are you going to go look inside?" katara had him there. He couldn't reach that cave, so what was the point in trying to convince her to letting him look inside if he couldn't even get there?

"I could get us in" said aang.


"really? How Aang?" Sokka was excited again, he now had a way to look inside those rocks.

"simple, I use Air and water bending." Said Aang, taking another bite of food. "I push as much water back as I can while bringing air down with us to breathe, but we'd have to move quick, even for me it's hard to bend air under water.

"Great! So we can go look around after we eat!" sokka shouted.

"no, we head twards Omashu when we're done eating." Katara said sternly.

"C'mon Katara, I think it would be fun, and we should give Appa a break anyways, he's been getting tired." Aang smiled.

Katara sighed. "oh alright, I guess there's no stopping you."

Sokka grinned really wide and finished in a hurry, he didn't want to wait to descover what that cave had in store for him.