A cross over of FF7's Sephiroth and Sailor Moon's Sailor Pluto, as Setsuna. Some things might not make sense, but were changed in order to bring in future stories between the characters.


As the story goes: Setsuna Meioh was known as Sailor Pluto, the Sailor Scout of the underworld planet, Pluto. She has always been a lonely soul all her life, wanting to make friends but her scout alter ego had to guard the Door of Time and Space for eons. Even in her Earthly form, she was lonely. However, her love and selflessness for others has made her feel wanted, eve if not always personally and inside her heart and soul.

Sephiroth was a General for an army base called SOLDIER from another universe. He worked for Shinra Inc., a mega corporation that clearly runs the world and he admired for his bravery in war and making his ranks in SOLDIER, leading Shinra to victory in every corner of the planet.

Pluto and the other scouts were battling Sailor Chaos for the final time and Sailor Pluto used her new time power, Time Shape, to mold the time frame to calm Sailor Chaos so that Eternal Sailor Moon can stop and calm the evil scout and amend her ways.

Sephiroth, in his world, was about to be sent on a mission to the town of Nibelheim to investigate a reactor plant that produced Mako energy, the energy that supported his world. All of a sudden, a purple energy field entrapped him. He was no longer in an army truck carrying him and his crew, but in space. He flew past clusters of stars and galaxies; he protected himself from the lack of oxygen in space by using Barrier, a power that emitted from Materia, a combined form of Mako energy that gave magic powers to those in its grasps. He was curious as to why he soared through many universes. Was it some divine intervention? Was it aware that he was going on a mission he had no particular care for or that, as a man respected by other soldiers, he was also feared because he appeared cold hearted and he did not wish to be among such people who do not "see" him beneath? His travels had left time for him to ponder his most personal thoughts, as it might be possible that he could burn up like a raging comet before he could land on solid ground. Before he could imagine the worst, his last view came upon a blue planet, surround by green lands and clouds with a small moon orbiting the slightly large planet. He was blinded by a huge dome of light, emitting beams in every direction, all covered in purple. Everything seemed to stop.

Pluto did everything in her power to mold time. She never revealed this power, just as Time Stop was a forbidden attack that would lead to her death if ever used. However, she had to use enough energy to stop time to a sliver and not to a complete stop. Eternal Sailor Moon had to use all of her power to stop Sailor Chaos, to bring out the side of the scout before Chaos tainted her, to keep the universe from destruction. Her power had to keep everything in place and protect every surrounding in every inch of the planet and the universe. This power could too end her life if she held on too long or made a fatal mistake. She wanted to have more "room", some sort of force to support the energy that her planet power would allow. If only she could expand, just this once and for this purpose.

Pluto finally found Sailor Chaos in her human form, embraced by the powerful love of Eternal Sailor Moon. Soon, everyone returned to life, the scouts revived and greeted Sailor Moon with cheer and congratulations as she saved the universe again. As she made her admirations for the leader scout heard, Pluto noticed a presence she never felt before. A human presence that was falling from the sky then disappeared. She knew it was a mysterious force coming from something she felt was human, but was promising and harmless. It was hard to tell what it could have been as is disappeared to quick for her to notice further. Maybe she would find out again.

Nine Months Later

The universe was at peace for the final time. The Earth safe again, the Inner Scouts are now young women and leading normal lives again. Her Outer Scouts, Haruka and Michiru, are still together and Hotaru has now grown into a young woman, full of peace at last. Setsuna has been on her own for nine months after the Sailor Chaos battle. She fulfilled her dreams as a fashion designer achieved success with her line of women's clothing, Purple's Passion. Her life too was also normal, yet she remembered the human presence that day. What could have become of something that possibly might have been a person, traveling like a comet to the Earth's surface? One day, she would discover someone truly different.

She was volunteering at the children's wing in Tokyo Medical Center when she heard that of a man found in a forest outside of Tokyo, slightly burned and carrying a long sword that was longer than a katana and too powerfully heavy to pick up. It was brought into custody, carried by four people. His condition was critical then upgraded to stable, baffling the medical team when his wounds healed in a matter of hours. The man had no name, no residence, no next of kin; he was a John Doe, but when the man came to, all he could remember was his name: Sephiroth and he came from Midgar. No one believed where he came from, that he was suffering delusions from the accident.

She stopped by the room the man was staying in. The feeling she felt before was growing again. The human energy that descended from the sky, it was a strong feeling, as she got closer. By his hospital bed, Setsuna was moved to touch the man's idle hand. The essence grew into realization: this was the person she sensed months ago. He was warm and strong; his skin complimented her touch as if it was a second skin. She could feel the life in his eyes, even though he looked to be asleep. His physical description stated that he was 6'1" tall; taller than she was, with long, long silver hair and bright blue green eyes that had a life of its own. Something about him was mysterious and foreign, but he somehow seemed non-threatening. Just like her feelings lead her to feel.

The young man awoke to find a beautiful young woman standing over him. Her look grew shocked by his awakening. She kept staring at his eyes, as if she was looking through a mirror she never saw before. She realized what she was doing and tried to shake off her expression.

"I apologize," Setsuna quickly said. "I didn't know you were conscious." That was a stupid thing to say she thought to herself, embarrassed by her foolish gawking at someone she never even met.

"There's no need to," the man told her. He moved himself up on his bed to come almost face to face with her. "I wasn't aware that I had a different nurse by my side."

Oh, God she exclaimed in her mind. She thought he was flirting with her.

"I'm not really a nurse. I'm volunteering at the children's wing and I noticed you in here. It seemed so sad to see someone like . . . Well," she weakly smiled. "I was surprised since you look so young." How was she going to let this down her mind raged again.

"There's really no reason to be embarrassed. Frankly, I didn't think anyone would take the time to talk to me. I guess people sense that I'm not the friendly type."

Setsuna was in a whirlwind of thoughts. Did he sense her embarrassment? How could he?

"You don't seem too hostile to me. I guess you could say I can sense others feelings too."

"Really," he took interest. "What's your name, by the way?"

"I'm Setsuna. Setsuna Meioh."

"My name's Sephiroth . . . If you could believe that. No one else here does."

Sephiroth and Setsuna talked for over half an hour. She was soon getting the impression that her senses were right. Sephiroth was not threatening in fact he seemed genuine. He wanted to know everything, as if he was visiting this world for the first time, which turned out to be true.

"So you ended up here," Setsuna, queried.

"Yes. If what you told me about yourself is true, then you understand the existence of other places. But I didn't think I would open up this much without you thinking I was some space case."

"I really don't find it that far fetched. I didn't think my power was that strong enough to pull someone else from another world. Do you think you'll ever go back to your world?"

Sephiroth started to sigh, almost in relief.

"I don't know. But I'm not in a hurry. Besides, deep down I wasn't happy where I was. I did not have an easy life back home. Come to think of it, I never really had a sense of home."

"Then maybe . . . You can give this world a chance. What else do you have to lose?"

He turned his gaze back to her, locked in her understanding presence and wanting to believe in something again. He truly wasn't happy with not just his missions as General, but his miserable daily existence with Shinra and insignificant people he had to put up with all his life. He knew he would not be happy there no matter what happened, nothing.

"You're right, Setsuna."

They both wanted to continue their conversation, but Setsuna realized that her service was up and started to get up and leave.

"Are you coming back to volunteer tomorrow," Sephiroth asked her.

"I'm sorry, but I only volunteer here every week. It's the least I could do for the children since I don't any of my own."

"You must really love children then?"

"I do. But I can come back to visit you."

"Actually, I might be able to leave tomorrow."

"Wow, already? I heard that you came here three or four days ago."

"Well, I'm a fast healer."

"That's good," she smiled, almost turning past the doorway. "But where will you go from here?"

"If SOLDIER has taught me anything, is that you make do with your surroundings. I'll be fine."

"Well, hopefully, you'll let me know."

"I will."

"See you."

"Bye." His words left as Setsuna left the doorway.

The next day as Sephiroth promised, he was released from Tokyo Medical Center. And true to what he learned in SOLDIER, he had to find a way to survive out there in the new world. The currency of his world, Gil, was transferred into yen and added up to thousands of dollars, enough to find a Tokyo apartment in a more prestigious part of the city. The amount of money stunned the realtor who sold the house to the silver haired young man; he was almost tempted to persuade Sephiroth to buy a mansion in another town. Yet Sephiroth wanted to be close to Setsuna, hoping he would see her again.

His attire of a long black trench coat and silver should pads would veer away other people on Tokyo, so he purchased more modern fashions to suit a new way of life as he would no longer be commanding rookie soldiers. His taste in clothing was close in style as before: dark jeans and a dark blue long sleeved shirt. He kept his black gloves and heavy steel-toed boots, preserving his sense of leadership with the power of his boots and nothing else to remind him of the past.

Setsuna was consulting artists at the business office of Chick Chic Fashion on a Friday afternoon. She was getting ready for a new line of spring wear, ordering fabrics and scheduling runway shows for Milan, France and the United States in the upcoming months. Achieving her dreams was hard work, but she knew the popularity for her vision and respect rewarded her for her dedicated work and unique designing.

Then who but a visitor made a surprising visit that day. Setsuna made a quick turn and caught Sephiroth leaning against the wall, looking the other way and waiting for someone.

"Don't look now, Meioh," a snooty co-worker quipped, "But it looks like Adonis just walked in."

Setsuna didn't hear her flirting gesture as she called out to him. The snooty woman coolly muttered that "Adonis" had a name.

"Seph. I'm glad you're feeling better," she told him, smiling and hopefully holding back red cheek blushes.

"I am, yes. I asked the receptionist where you worked before I left. And guess what?"

"What's that?"

"I found a place to stay at. It looked like a nice neighborhood."

Setsuna smiled again and adding, "That's great! You must be lucky to find an apartment so soon."

Sephiroth was cut short from saying anything else when he realized he had a fan club surrounding him. All of Setsuna's co-workers fawned and flirted with the "Adonis" stranger, eyes fixated and all. This surprised Sephiroth as much as did Setsuna.

"Uh, ladies," Sephiroth pressed the women. "I'm flattered and all, but . . ."

"Hey come on, you guys," Setsuna politely halted with a silly smile. "What would the kawaii delivery guy think of this?"

The women soon dispersed, almost shaken with embarrassment and rueful looks. Sephiroth was again surprised by Setsuna's control of the situation.

"I can't believe that."

"I know. Some women just fall in love with whatever they see."

"It seems so."

So as not to get his hopes down, Setsuna chimed in, "But I was joking about the delivery guy thing. It's not like I have a thing for . . ."

"No, no I understand. No sense in taking up your time too long. So, I'll se you around."

Just before he could go, Setsuna took his arm in an innocent girl gesture that never wanted to let go of a grown up's arm. They weren't sure what they were thinking then. Setsuna's warm eyes stared at him and Sephiroth couldn't help but feel that he was wanted. He rarely if ever felt that another person would want to be near him. Setsuna seemed so loving and expressive as she discovered the strange gem among her world was not any other. She didn't want to let it go. Then she remembered that her hands were clinging tightly to Sephiroth's now paler arm.

"Anyway, it's great your better now. Maybe after work, I can . . . stop by your new place."

Taking her hands in his, he gestured her sincerity with his own warm smile.

"Sure, Setsuna."

"Sounds good then. But, you can call me Sessy if you want. A lot of my friends do."

"I'll make all the arrangements, then. It's my way of saying thanks. I'll see you then, Sessy."

After giving Setsuna his address, Sephiroth left with a cheerful goodbye. The rest of the day dragged on longer as she thought of what she and Sephiroth would do together tonight on their first night alone.

When she first arrived at Seph's apartment, it was dazzling. Everything was brand new, all the furniture was black leather, his walls adorned priceless oil paintings, and she looked over to the next room upstairs via an open banister. It appeared to be some sort of bedroom kept private by Japanese lettering floor screens. Everything had that immaculate surrounding; even the air filled it. His apartment had turned into him: a swiped clean slate.

"I can tell you already like it by the way your looking upstairs," Seph commented from her side.

"I do, yes. It's wonderful. It's really a lot bigger than mine and so close to yours." She smiled toward him.

They started the night with dinner at a chic restaurant, dining in a private booth for the two to be alone. Afterwards, they strolled by a bridge stream which flowed half a mile away from a Shinto temple and softly lighted by streetlamps. Arriving back, Setsuna felt like she was on air. She spent a good part of the time looking at his haunting turquoise eyes, playing in a shy manner no one really sees. She couldn't take her eyes off him, but felt a little guilty when he looked back at her in a loving way. Setsuna was never used to having someone like her so much, especially with a stranger. It was that time that she wanted to hold on to; she would raise her Time Staff to make that happen.

When Seph offered his hand, she accepted and was held in his embrace. He felt as soft as his arm she held onto. But was she holding on too fast? Sephiroth might be that someone she had been looking for, but something was still amiss. He came from distant universes away, from a universe she might never have heard of and took it as a threat to her world. When the thought pressed, she remembered his vibe, his trust. He was a hard stone commander on his world and it was uncertain of where the rest of his life would go, what destiny that almost enfolded him now intertwines with hers. It may be a long time before something unusual happens. Then again, things have never always been the same for Setsuna Meioh or for Sephiroth. Two worlds evolving into one new adventure.


kawaii - cute in Japanese