Two worlds evolve into one adventure.

Setsuna Meioh was not like any other woman. She is a retired Scout of the Underworld Planet, Sailor Pluto who now works her life long dream as a fashion designer, hoping to lead a more normal life.

Sephiroth was a General of SOLDIER, a army based in the corporation Shinra Inc. Assigned during a routine mission, an energy force plucked him from his home planet onto Earth. To him, everything was out of the ordinary and this situation was no different. One day, he meets our green haired heroine and her to him.

Soon, what begins as an unusual meeting of chance blossoms into romance and everything crazy in between.

For the couple, it became tit for tat. During the night, Sephiroth, now roughly five inches tall, slept along the far right of Setsuna's bed as she laid sound asleep for the first time in days. Sephiroth was never used to sleeping during dangerous or tense situations. In a way it was foolish for him to sleep near the end of a large bed and possibly fall off onto something harder. It was even more dangerous if Setsuna ever rolled in her sleep.

By early morning, the traffic outside the open window became busy, cars driving by and people walking on the streets to work. The wind rustles a few pink petals on the Cherry blossom trees and calls out to holler smoothly. Then a sparrow perches on a thin twig, flapping its wings comfortably and nestling itself. It spotted Setsuna's open window and something moving under the sheet. It jumps off its perch and flies through the window.

At the same time, Sephiroth moved a large piece of the blanket and rubbed his eyes in the morning light. Before his eyes could focus, something grabbed his coat neck and picked him up. He cried out and felt a gust of wind blowing on his head. The sparrow was struggling to pick him up, flapping its wings frantically and trudging upward in the air. Sephiroth struggled as well to let the bird go of him. He tried hitting it, but could not reach it. For the tiny bird's body, it showed amazing strength to carry Sephiroth further up on the window sill. Just as it made another tug to pick him up again, Sephiroth shoved its beak back, rustling the feathers around its head. The sparrow swatted its wings at Sephiroth, both engaged in battle while pushing each other back. Just as Sephiroth grabbed his masamune, he forgot he had it, realizing he left his sword on the bed, lying next to him at arms length. A wing gave him a hard swat and Sephiroth turned on his heels, landing on his outer thigh hard. Pushing his weight by his arm, he moved his knee up and tried to keep balance. The sparrow shrilled and scratched his face with its claws. A second later, he stumbled over his feet and fell off the window sill.

The fall became slow and steep for his tiny body. The ground below held no soft fall when he landed. He closed his eyes and waited for a crushing blow to end his life. Faith stepped in as his fall softened, but it gave off a funky smell. When Seph opened his eyes, he found himself in a trash can, surrounded by foul debris of rotten food and leftover cardboard shards. He climbed over to the rim and tried to climb down, just as a garbage man lifted the can at the rails, bring it over to an awaiting dump truck. Not wanting to be discarded, Sephiroth made it to the edge and looked down. It was another long jump, but one he could manage at a few feet. One foot on the edge, he leapt over and sailed in the air. Gracefully yet with a thud at his heels, he landed safely.

Among the alleyway, buildings stood hundreds of feet up, garbage cans positioned like ominous towers. He looked over his shoulder and turned to the window to Setsuna's apartment. It was already a couple of yards away and even more yards to get back up there. Unsure of what to do next, he contemplated making a trek over to the front of the apartment, hoping that she'll realize he was gone and go look for him. Yet it may take some time for her to open the front door and start there or if she does open the door at all.

A turn for the worst appeared with the return of the vigilant sparrow. It wasn't alone this time as a flock of more sparrows appeared. Their fluttering wings encased Sephiroth as a couple of claws dug into his coat flaps, lifting him off the ground faster than when the sparrow tried alone. Swirls of gray and brown rose in the air that sailed through the buildings, carrying away their annoying adversary from home.

The alarm rang. Setsuna rustled in her sleep, her slender arm reaching for the alarm, blaring big, red numbers and turning off the electronic buzzing. She gently slid her hand through the empty side of her bed, checking if her miniature lover was okay sleeping through the night. When she realized there was no tiny body there, she started to panic. She flipped through her sheets, her covers, and the floor under her bed and beside, but Sephiroth was nowhere to be found, only a very small sword that could be mistaken for a figurine's prop. She habitually bit her finger, squeezing out a moan, a gasp of frustration, sadness and anger.

The mini clouds of feathers descended over the orange red bridge that lead into another section of Tokyo. The squawking too much to bear as Sephiroth tried to punch and kick his way to freedom. The flock's reaction was ravenous twittering, flapping their wings as he struggled only to let one bird's claw release its grip on his shoulder, dangling him half way. His arm swung to reach for another leg to grab onto again, knowing that down below his view, they were among the waving seawater. The leader swooped in and fluttered at the other bird, causing it to let its claw go that sent Sephiroth plunging down, his silver hair wafting. It was then that the flock, watching their adversary plunge into his drenched death, flew off, chirping merrily as if nothing out of the ordinary happened.

A sudden draft gusted over Sephiroth, maneuvering his direction toward the bridge, landing on his belly with a thud as his fingers quickly clasped onto the rim. With his eyes closed, he lifted himself up in a slow push up movement, fingers gripped tight.

Setsuna frantically searched through his Materia collection while her Garnet Rod tried to locate him. She knew there had to be an orb that would cure his status as Sephiroth mentioned a useful one that cures a person when they're turned into a frog or shrunk. The idea seemed so silly to Setsuna at the time, but she knew weirder things have happened in this solar system. The Garnet Rod glowed and hummed, signaling her that a location was made.

If at any moment the winds became stronger, it would be the end for Sephiroth. Being shrunken down past his prime would not be the most heroic way to go.

Setsuna was lucky to rely on a friend from work for a ride down to the bridge. She told her that she was meeting someone there to walk over to the country side with the cherry blossoms farm. A slight traffic of cars were passing by, so crossing along the bridge didn't prove too risky next to the sudden wind gust that she remembered had a way of sneaking up on pedestrians; one fatal blow could knock and toss someone over the edge.

Sephiroth could feel the last of his grip and his strength seep away from; his fingers at his left hand were already freed. By the glimpse of his shifted eyes, he saw a car pull up and stop, and then a woman stepped out of the vehicle, shut the passenger door and turned to the driver to say something before the car drove away. With a few wisps of green hair streaming in the wind, he could recognize her anywhere as Setsuna. It was a stroke of luck how she found him, but perhaps her garnet orb key holds many powers even he's not aware of. He tried to concentrate now on getting her attention, for his now large and awesome green goddess was the only hope for the past war hero. He mustered all he could to let out a shrill whistle; while knowing he could hear it himself, but very high-pitched to the normal sized-ear. Setsuna perked her head when she heard a small piercing noise and turned to look over the bridge railing. She saw something very silvery white and fuzzy, blowing violently against the wind.

"Sephy," she quickly gasped and quickly to came to his side. She brought her hands cupped together, and lowering the palms down to scoop Sephiroth up neatly before any more of his fingers let go.

"Sessy-chan," he meekly said, now free to pick his head up and raise his body up from his knees, standing on her palms. "Thank you."

Setsuna smiled warmly at him, grateful he was alright and now safe.

Their reunion was short-lived, when the passing of a speeding car blew in a combined stronger breeze that passed at the same time, knocking into Setsuna with a fierce punch, almost ungodly in strength but not enough to worry on the matter. She bumped her lower back along the rail and began to slowly tip backwards, making a desperate half roll onto her stomach to try and lean in for security. Now holding onto the railing, Setsuna grasped the tiny man in one free hand as cars on the road zoomed by. She gritted her teeth as her stomach pinched the rail, waiting until she was balanced and ready to move back and away. But as she lift her shoulders back, her leg slipped and she careened with the rail on her stomach, causing her to lunge forward some more and fall completely over the edge. Her hand still grasped Sephiroth as she drifted downward, crashing into the water, her body causing small ripples around the image her body sunk in below.

From the ocean's top layer, a glow of red and purple flashes emerged, interchanging before the blue sea returned to its original color; now silently splashing again. Bubbles then began to brew, forming into a mini huddle and erupting out of the water like a professional mermaid was Setsuna; her hair dripping and lips smacked with water and almost kissing at the sky before she opened her mouth to let out a long gasp and gulp of air. Her upper shoulders bobbed along the water when she realized there wasn't anything in her hand. She panicked; splashing along the water and calling for him, fearing he was trapped or swept farther away, gone for good. It was until another boiling of bubbles came along that Sephiroth appeared out of the depths, his long hair also flattened with excess water, then swam over to where Setsuna looked around frantically. She jumped when touched on the shoulder, but only to return a big smile of relief when she found her lover eye to eye.

He was back to normal size somehow; Sephiroth's quick thinking helped him to latch on to the Materia that floated out of Setsuna's shirt pocket, causing a chain of glows from the Materia (Status orb) and on himself that its power along again brought him back to his full height. Not only was he grateful to have someone, not just a woman like Setsuna, but anyone to care about him enough to literally hang on for dear life, he was more grateful it was her that held a power of their own much like he had with his Materias, but more of a mental courage that Sephiroth never before felt and was getting used to learning.. With her arm slung over his neck, he made the effort to carry them both to shore ten minutes later.

Setsuna didn't go to work that day; after the two climbed out of the ocean, Sephiroth carried her back to her house a couple of blocks away in his arm as the excitement drifted her off to sleep; did everything for her from removing her wet clothing into comfortable ones (he could stand the wet and the cold that came with it) to brewing tea and a snack. When she woke up, by then it was early evening and the sun not quite gone, she was back in her unmade bed and returned to the gown from last night. Over by the wall cress on the floor when she awoke laid the Masamune back to 6 feet long, silently thanking that she moved it off the bed that morning. Placed along the night stand was a steaming cup of green tea and triangle cut bread between a blue fruit spread. Right now, she wanted to see Sephiroth; if he was doing all this and from getting out of the ocean and back home, he should still be exhausted.

Again, he wasn't so much; as she walked to the living room and found him re-sorting the Materia collection and closing the storage box lid. A word wasn't said, but Sephiroth looked up and smiled; Setsuna stood there and composed herself like a smitten and shy schoolgirl. He joined her by the hallway frame and embraced her; a silent gratitude said that she was well rested and able to completely hold her again. When the late sundown drew to a close, the city was dark again for the evening. Sephiroth and Setsuna didn't do anything else from those early hours and throughout the night but hold each other, breathing onto each other, rarely saying anything; both glad that while they were both very small at different times, when they remember standing along because they had to, it was a nice moment to know that they could be little and find their way back.

The End