Microfic by Sarehptar

"Brat, where are you?" Sasori was calling from across the field. Always so friendly, his partner. The pale blond "brat" didn't stir, even his soft cobalt eyes didn't waver in their watching. The sky is so blue today. A few shimmering clouds fluttered wistlessly in the corner of his vision and he smiled gently, thoughtlessly. Poor things, having to go wherever the wind drags them.

The sun had been high overhead for what seemed like hours now; the dirt beneath him was warm and welcoming, promising a soft bed for the moment and smudges on his black clothes later. A breeze darted up from the cliff edge behind them, sweeping the sun-drenched brown earth about in tiny eddies that danced with the edges of his open, wide-spread cloak. The grin on his face grew inexorably larger, he toyed with the ring on his index finger like a widow worrying her wedding band. The sky is so blue today. He turned slightly away from the calls of his somber partner. The forbidden scroll they'd been told to take pressed coldly into his hip, and mewling sleepily in displeasure, the pale-skinned ninja turned onto his other side.

The warmth and beat of the earth beneath him was being ruined by Sasori's insistent calling. He toyed with the ring--his headband seemed to collect the heat of the sun and made his forehead unbearably hot. Smile weakening a little, he sat up, allowing his coat to slip haphazardly off his shoulders. He didn't feel like going back to Rei-sama(1) and the dark cave. He didn't feel like having to explain why he'd been ignoring Sasori all day. He didn't feel like talking to anyone. The heat that had been pushing his endorphines moments ago now seemed sticky and unwelcome. Clambering to his feet, he tore his eyes off the blue expanse and glanced pointedly at his partner.

Sasori knew the look and growled in frustration. Unwilling to exert the energy to stop him, the Suna ninja watched his young blond companion spit out an tiny bird figurine. The warm blossom of Chakra made the sunrays seem dull for a moment, but then that feeling too subsided. The bird flapped its enormous earthy wings once and leapt into the sky.

The smile slid back onto Deidara's face as he undid the scarlet tie that kept his hair in a high ponytail. The earth wheeled far beneath him, and he grinned at Sasori's face, craned upward to glare at him. He trusted his partner would collect the things he'd left behind. The bird sped up, and a quiet laugh bubbled out of him at the pleasant feeling of wind playing in the straw strands at the nape of his neck. The cool breeze pulled his bangs wildly across his bare forehead and his dark blue undershirt flapped ridiculously, pulling air across his pale skin. Delicately, he wrapped his undecorated fingers around the bird's crest. On the ground below, Sasori's hand darted out from beneath his Akatsuki cloak to fold Deidara's own black and red fabric.

The clouds had faded away, torn apart by the high cold wind, and Deidara smiled sadly for the last remenants of their once stark forms. Poor things, having to go wherever the wind drags them. Sasori untied the knot his young partner had left in dark fabric of his hitai-ate, and let the scarred metal plate fall precariously on top of the messy cloak bundle. The Scorpion ninja reached down into the dirt and dusted off Deidara's crimson ring, scowling at how knicked the delicate silver was.

The bird dove suddenly, playing in its own right--enjoying its freedom to fly where it could. Deidara grinned happily as the creature's sharp turns tore the breath from his mouth. He liked the lightness of it all; the wind in places it rarely touched, the loss of the weight that normally pressed heavily on him. He didn't need those things here. Ninja... Akatsuki... Those were labels for people who touched the ground. The sun shone dully on the clay feathers of the bird, and Sasori looked so small below them. Flying! Deidara was flying; just Deidara: a nineteen year old boy with a bright smile, soft eyes and no one to call him back down.

The sky is so blue today.

Author's Notes: The first in a ongoing set of microfics. Deidara is my newest Naruto obsession, and there is NOT enough fanfiction about him. I hope you enjoyed--Reviews make me very happy!

(1) -- The leader of Akatsuki; I called him by the Kanji on his ring, Rei.