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Minerva McGonagall glared at her reflection in her bedroom's full-length mirror. Today was an important day, a vital turning point in her life, and she didn't want to lookthe same way she always did. Minerva had been struggling with herself for the past thirty years, should she tell Albus Dumbledore, her former teacher, best friend, and employer, that she was in love with him? The answer was finally, yes. At last the time had come to tell him and it was taking all of Minerva's courage and resolve to follow through with her decision.

Now, as she stood before her mirror, that resolve was beginning to ebb away. She knew she couldn't change the style of her robes; it was the end of May and she had a Quidditch match to attend, so she settled for a change in hairstyle. She couldn't leave it down, that would be far too drastic; instead she tied it in a loose knot at her neck. This subtle break from the norm softened her features causing her to look a few years younger.

Minerva left her glasses on the dresser; she only used them for reading and unless a mortified Albus asked her to sign a letter of resignation, she didn't think the morning's schedule would require the use of her spectacles.

Without allowing herself any more time to back out, Minerva left her chambers and walked swiftly to the Headmaster's office. It was early, six in the morning to be exact, but Albus was notorious for being an early riser and Minerva wanted to make her confession as soon as possible before she lost her nerve.

Her throat constricted as she approached the stone gargoyles and she had to clear her throat twice before she could manage to say "sugared plums."

She rode up the revolving staircase and entered the office in silence; the portraits of the former Headmasters and Headmistresses were still sleeping. Minerva passed through the office and into Albus' private chambers. Immediately she was assaulted by the smell of goats. That was when she remembered, Albus had gone to visit his brother Aberforth the night before. Judging by the stench and the sight of two cloaks laying across the back of an armchair, Albus had brought his brother back with him. He did this on occasion when he felt that Aberforth was too drunk to be left on his own. A loud snore drew Minerva's attention to the couch and she saw a blue blanket draped over the sleeping figure, large amounts of white hair poking out over the top.

Just great, she thought. I'll be professing my love to Albus with the sound of his brother's snores to serenade us. Really romantic.

But she pressed on, pausing only briefly as she pushed open the bedroom door. She was incredibly nervous, but when she saw Albus snuggled up in his covers, face buried into his pillow, beard and hair everywhere, her heart melted and she found the courage to sit down on the edge of his bed. Gently, she took one of his hands in her own.

"Albus?" she said softly. "Albus wake up, I need to speak with you."

"Mmffftt," came the mumbled reply.

"Albus," she said quietly but with a commanding tone.

"Minerva, is that you?" Albus' voice was muffled by the pillow.

He didn't seem completely awake, but that was just as well; if Minerva had to face those piercing blue eyes while she revealed her feelings, she wasn't sure she would be able to speak.

"Albus, there's something I've been wanting to tell you for a very long time; I love you. I came to understand my feelings for you shortly after I started teaching here, but I was afraid to say anything that might damage our friendship.' There was no response, but the hand held by Minerva tensed. 'I'll understand if you don't return my feelings, but I thought that it was time I told you how I felt."

With that she bent down and tried to press her lips to his cheek, but as she bent down he turned his head and her lips met his instead. This startled her and she started to pull away, but two arms snaked around her waist and pulled her onto the bed beside him. The kiss deepened and Minerva found herself slightly disappointed; the kiss wasn't quite as wonderful as she had expected her first kiss with Albus would be. He seemed rather aggressive as he explored her mouth and Minerva was fairly certain she could taste firewhiskey on his tongue, but then he had been visiting his brother who was a bartender.

Still, she was kissing Albus Dumbledore. Minerva decided he would need a few lessons in kissing, but not today; the mixture of alcohol and morning breath was starting to make her feel nauseous.

Just then she heard a constricted voice from the direction of the doorway. "Aberforth? Minerva?"

Minerva broke out of the embrace and whirled around. Standing in the doorway in a set of blue pajamas decorated with shooting stars and wearing orange and green striped toe socks stood Albus Dumbledore, whose face was blank with surprise.

"Albus," stated Minerva dumbly. Her mind then flew back into motion. If Albus was standing before her, then the man she had been kissing was…

"Aberforth, how could you! In my own bed…" Albus trailed off. Minerva could see the pain in his eyes as he looked at her.

"Well Albus, she just kind of…"

"Albus, I assure you this is not what it appears to be," aid Minerva earnestly, her shock wearing off only to be replaced by embarrassment; she could feel the heat rising in her face.

"Please excuse me," said Albus in a strangled voice before turning and leaving the room.

Minerva closed her eyes and tried to tell herself that it was all a dream, that she would wake up and find her relationship with Albus in one piece, platonic perhaps, but intact.

But when she opened her eyes she was still sitting on Albus' bed and the man in it was still not Albus.

"It was awful sweet of you to wake me up like that," said Aberforth jokingly as he climbed out of the bed. "Here I was thinking I'd wake up with only hangover to keep me company."

"Oh shut up, Aberforth," said Minerva wearily.

He shrugged and walked out, leaving Minerva alone with her mortification.

She tried to come up with a plan of action, but only two came to mind. The first involved leaping off the Astronomy Tower, but suicide was a sin without the chance for repentance and was therefore unforgivable. The other plan was to kill Aberforth, but Divine Forgiveness was only granted to those who were repentant for their actions and in her current state of mind, Minerva was quite certain that murdering Aberforth would be something she was unlikely to be sorry for, ever.

So the only options available to her (that didn't endanger her mortal soul) were to pretend nothing had ever happened or to find Albus and try to explain. As it would be quite difficult to avoid the subject, especially since she saw Albus every day, her only true option was to confront Albus and to explain what he thought he had seen.

"I wait thirty years to tell that man the truth and I end up kissing a man who lives with goats," said Minerva aloud, her misery surpassed only by her embarrassment.