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It had been less than a week since Minerva and Albus had finally shared their first kiss and Minerva was beginning to feel like a naughty schoolgirl again, stealing kisses between classes and sneaking out after dark to meet Albus when the students were asleep.

They were walking the grounds one evening when Minerva noticed a new pen outside Rubeus Hagrid's hut.

"When did Hagrid get a goat?" asked Minerva staring down at the animal that gazed back at her sullenly from the pen.

"Oh, last Saturday I believe," said Albus vaguely.

"Albus!" said Minerva sharply, spinning around to face him as she realized what Albus was saying.

The goat butted his head against the fence angrily as Albus peered over the edge of the pen.

"I thought he might enjoy a little time in this form," said Albus as Minerva continued to glare at him. "Well, it made me feel better at least."

Minerva's mouth twitched. "You will need to turn him back you know," she said, but not too sternly.

"Oh, I will," said Albus, his eyes twinkling again. He slid his arms around her waist and pulled her close. "But not just yet."

Minerva barely had time to whisper, "no, not just yet," before he captured her lips in a kiss.

For a long while, neither was aware of the angry head butting from the furious Aberforth.

Eventually the two brothers forgot their quarrel and often laughed about the incident. Albus even permitted Aberforth to stay overnight to sleep off his frequent hangovers. But on those occasions, Aberforth slept on the couch; Albus's bed being quite full.

The End