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Ch. 1 - First Kiss

Johnny's POV

"Git! Git!" yelled my mom as she came at me with a broom and Two-Bit tried to fend her off by yelling obscenities at her and cussing her out under his breath. I had no problem leaving at the moment because I had just had the wind knocked out of me by my old man because I walked across his field of vision while he sat there watching some Mickey Mouse show. My lip was now bleeding and I was jumping out of the way of the broom my mom was trying to jab me with.

Hey! Mrs. Cade, calm down! He's gone! He's gone!" yelled Two-Bit as I fell onto my butt and moved as fast as I could toward the street.

"And don't you come back! Ya hear? Git!"

Two-Bit and raced down the street and down to the old vacant lot, which is where Two-Bit's sister, Faith, was hanging out with some greaser girls. We ran to them and she immediately asked, "What did you do, Two-Bit?"

Two-Bit looked taken aback by her question and asked, "Why do you immediately assume that we did something?"

"Because I know you, Two-Bit. I know you always run when you do something."

Two-Bit nodded sheepishly and said, "Okay, but why did you ask what I did and not what Johnny did?"

She merely smiled at both him and I as I caught my breath and she said, "Because Johnny's not stupid enough to do the shit you do, Two-Bit, and even if he was I'd still know that you dragged him into it."

Two- Bit laughed and said, "Yeah, true," while he pulled his sister into a hug and kissed the top of her head. He loved her so much because she was the only person in his life who never betrayed, judged or hurt him. She loved him back because he was the only person (directly related to her or not) who'd always been there for her when she needed him.

"You want ice cream?" two-Bit asked her, but all the other greaser girls (so different from Faith) had yelled in approval.

Faith nodded as she let go of her brother and said, "Sue…. Oh my God! Johnny, what happened to your lip?" She faced me and pulled her pure white bandana off of her head, wadded it up and pressed it gently against my lip as she wiped away the blood that had dripped down my chin. Barely above a whisper so that only I could here it she asked, "Your old man get to you again?"

We started walking across the lot as I said, "Yeah. He got me real good with that wedding ring of his." I grabbed the bandana, now stained with deep red blood, and let her put her hand down and walk straight across the lot. We fell a little behind as Julia and Diane both hooked their arms in each of Two-Bit arms, and laughed as they did so.

Faith sighed and I looked at her. She had eyes of the loveliest shade of green, hair so long that it fell past her backside in ringlets of a mix of brown, red, orange and dirty blonde, and the face of an angel. I've known Faith since before I could remember and I've always seen her this way: as the only greaser girl younger than me, who wasn't in to cussing, smoking or drinking, (though she did it once in a while just to prove that she's Two-Bit's sister) and who was actually a very decent girl who wore decent clothes like the Socy girls. But you could tell she was a greaser when you got her ticked off. Man, when she was ticked off the greaser in her came out causing her to use every single curse word she knew and even go as far as snatching Two-Bit's blade and using it to scare the ghosts out of a couple of Socs who'd tried to rape Julia one time. She was only twelve at the time but she ended up scaring those Socs so bad with the blade and loud mouth that they ran away, apologizing to Julia as they did so. We've seen them around every once in a while, but if Faith was there with us they'd just nod at her and drive on by.


"Hmm? Yeah?"

"You okay? And I mean you not your lip. Are you okay?"

I looked her in the eyes, trying to see if she was scared or worried even though I already knew that she was. She was always scared and worried for the gang, but mostly for me. Maybe it was the fact that I was beaten or maybe it was that one time that I broke down after being jumped by those Socs…maybe it was both, but the fact remained that she always seemed to look after me the most, which seemed kind of funny because she was thirteen and I was sixteen.

We'd stopped walking now and were now staring into each other's eyes as the wind howled and blew her hair into her eyes. She didn't blink, but just stared at me as she waited patiently for an answer.

That was one of the things I liked most about her. She was very patient and sweet and loving and just basically the girl I wanted to be with. It's strange for a greaser to feel this way about a girl, but Faith wasn't just some girl; she was the who I'd give her first kiss and the girl who'd grown up with the gang and knowing that we all loved her, but also knew that I had loved her in a different way from the others. She knew it and she was cool about it. She didn't go and tell Two-Bit or go and show off to her friends; she just showed me it was okay to love her in that way by always loving me back the same way. She told me that she felt that way on the day of her thirteenth birthday and ever since then I've been waiting for the right time to kiss her.

I guess that now is as good a time as ever, I thought as she just stood there, looking at me, love showing in her eyes and beautiful features. I leaned forward and pushed back her hair so that I could kiss her. I kissed her, and every single one of my nerve endings tingled with excitement and passion.

She brought her hands to my shoulders and then snaked her arms around my neck as mine wrapped themselves around her waist. She kissed back harder and so did I and we stayed like that until we both needed air and had to let go.

"Yeah, I'm okay," I said and smiled.

She smiled back and kissed me before grabbing my hand and pulling me all the way to where Two-Bit, Julia and Diane were, which was up the block.

When we reached them Two-Bit asked, "Where'd the two of ya go?"

"Umm," was Faith's semi-nervous answer as she grinned mischievously.

Julia and Diane giggled and pointed at out interlocked hands while they whispered amongst themselves. Diane stopped he giggles long enough to say, "If you were to ask me, I could tell you where they were. Look at their h-"

We pulled our hands apart quickly and Faith used hers to cover Diane's mouth before she finished her thought, which came out muffled.

Two-Bit stared at his sister perplexedly for a minute, but then he whipped his head around toward some yells we heard coming from across the street.

I followed suit and saw some Socs being chased by Soda and Darry, and I could hear Steve and Dally running toward them too.

Two-Bit turned to Faith and the other two and said, "Go home…. I don't want you involved in this. C'mon, Johnny."

Faith nodded and said, "Okay. See ya…. 'Bye, Johnny."

I was nervous at the sight of the Socs (I always was), but I got over it. Ponyboy must've been in trouble because Darry looked ticked off as he walked back toward a still lump on the ground. As I began to run toward them with Two-Bit, I waved a goodbye to Faith as she and the girls ran to the house just up the block.

Ponyboy was okay at and all but he looked a little shaken up, which was understandable because I knew what it was like to be jumped. I still think Darry came down a little too hard on him. I mean if I was Darry I'd go easy on Ponyboy…he just got jumped. Be easy.

"Darry, lay off," Soda said and he did.

Dally eventually asked us if we wanted to go to the Nightly Double tomorrow night and everybody except for Ponyboy and I had something to do (Two-Bit said he might be getting crocked but if he wasn't he'd show) so it was just Dally, Ponyboy and myself going to the Nightly Double tomorrow. I personally couldn't wait because tomorrow was Friday and on Fridays my old man figures 'What the heck? Live a little' and raids the liquor cabinet. I didn't want to be around when that happened.

So when everybody left, I just went with Two-Bit to his place and stayed the night. Mrs. Matthews didn't mind…she never did because she knew what kind of home I came from and she was the one who insisted that I stay so that I'd be safe. I felt like I was her son instead of my mother's and she'd always tell me that she saw me as her own son. I liked that and so did Faith because if it were anyone else she'd flip out ion her mom and because she was positive that her mom liked me and would have no problem with how she felt about me and how I felt about her. I knew what she meant by it, but I thought differently about it: I thought her mom would flip out on me when she found out about me even kissing her only little girl. It's all kind of funny if you think about it…like one of those old time Mary-Sue movies – boy and girl love each other, but mom/dad is against it and boy and girl go and do something crazy to prove their love, parents freak out but then end up understanding how they feel and let them be together and then everything is okay…. See? Funny.

Sometime in the middle of the night I was lying awake on the Matthews' couch, re-thinking the Mary-Sue theory (maybe it wasn't like that…. Mrs. Matthews always said that she wanted a guy like me for Faith…but then again mothers always say one thing and mean something else) when they kitchen light switched on and I heard the faucet being turned on; then the water was being caught in a glass.

Faith, I thought to myself as the water poured. Still waking up in the middle of the night…. Poor kid.

I got up and went to the kitchen to make sure that she wasn't crying like she used to whenever she'd wake up in the middle of the night from a headache induced dream she had. She was gulping down a tall glass of water when I said, "Hi."