The Bird and His Cage

What if the Titan's rescue of Robin at the end of Apprentice pt.2 had failed? Chronicals Apprentice episodes and beyond from different POVs. slight SxR slash, you've been warned. Flaming will be giggled at. Constructive critisism is appreciated.

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Robin's POV

Darkness. Swirling around me. I can't breathe in here. Suffocation. Yet it is such a big place. A lonely place. So large and lonely that it's driving me mad. I can't venture far without his assistance or I'll get lost. I've only been here for a week and I can literally feel my sanity being stolen away by that mad man.

Gears and pendulums making sounds all day and all night, keeping me awake. Like the gears turning in my disturbing captor's mind. Scraping, turning, clinking metallic solunds. So that I feel like he is with me even when he is not. He knows this and probably gets a kick out of it. I'm not amused.

I get a simple cot to sleep on in a large room that I have not yet dared to explore. There are showers and rations; like a military facility gone horribly wrong. The only lights available are huge spotlights that come on unexpectedly, obviously controlled by the master mind himself.

It all started when Slade tricked us with a false Cronaton Detonator; a device that can stop time. The team didn't want me to go; they knew that I had issues with Slade. I went anyway, but on the way I got attacked by Slade's henchman, Cinderblock. I defeated him easily and went on to fight Slade. My team members still don't know that the Detonator was a fake and that Slade had infact injected Microbes into each their blood streams that can be acivated by the push of a psychopath's button.

In short, I have to do whatever Slade tells me to. Or at least, that was his plan all along. I still don't understand why he chose me, though. I may be the most skillful hand to hand fighter of the team and the most agile, but wouldn't Slade rather have the help of someone who has super powers?

I will discover the plans that he is concocting. I won't let him take away my humanity; and I will see my friends soon. I miss them already. I'll be strong for them; strong for Bruce.

Suddenly I hear a door creak. I spring up from the cot, at the same time drawing my escrima staff, ready to face my nemisis, but instead I see an old gentleman staring at me with an emotionless face. He's dressed in a black suit that shines in the darkness and has white hair and a curled mustache.

"Who are you?" I am relieved that it isn't Slade, but still wary.

"My name is William Wintergreen, and I am Master Wilson's personal aid." He says through a thick British accent.

"Oh... Sorry for pointing this at you.." I dissipate my staff and put it back into my utility belt.

He seems to disreguard my apology right away. "Master Wilson requests your attendence in the main controle room this evening. He requests that you take a shower, and then change into this," And with that he hands me a package, tightly wrapped in deep orange colored material, "The showers are down the hall and on the right."

Come to think of it, I haven't seen Slade face to face in a long time. Inside this place night and day is a mystery to me, so I can't tell how long it's been.

"I am now your aid, so do not hesitate to request something of me."

"Umm.. How do I do that in such a huge place like this?"

" There is a small button on the right bracer of your new uniform. It rings me and tells me of your location." He replies, cut and dry.

Still confused... "Oh... okay..." Wait. Did he just say new uniform?

I look down at the package, and I'm filled with dread. I already know what it is.

"I shall make some tea for the two of you, then." And with that, he was gone, the door was shut, and the darkness consumes me once again.


I arrive at the shower room. There are no tiles like a normal bathroom, but instead a weird rocky material on all of the floors, walls, and ceilings. It has a dark blackness to it. It is a sort of hall with showers on either sides.

I can feel him watching me. Whether he's watching me through hidden cameras or whatever, no matter where I go, even the bathroom, I feel like I'm being watched. It makes me nervous to take my clothes off, but I do anyway.

My head darting around, trying to spy anything, I regretfully snap off my utility belt and drop it on the floor, along with my pants and the rest of my clothes. The mask stays. Feeling strange being naked in a foriegn place, I wrap a towel around my waist and then I walk into the closest shower and I find that there is a huge, floor to ceiling mirror.

That's... odd...

Never the less I turn on the water and suddenly it is stinging hot. How can Slade handle this temperature? Despite sinfully hot water my body gets somewhat used to the temperature and I close my eyes and get lost in my thoughts.

I miss the Titans. I wonder if they miss me. Are they trying to find me? At what point will they give up the search? I wonder if they've already given up trying. I can't depend on them to rescue me though. I can't depend on anyone anymore, only myself. I have to think that I have no one; so that I can fool myself into thinking that I have nothing to lose.

I just have to get that controle. I have to think of a way to get at it, or it could cost me my life.

"That's the spirit, Robin..."

As if by remote, the shower water turns off and all that is left is a massive cloud of steam.

I stiffen up with fear, my throat clenching, my mind filled with terror. I feel his arms wrap around me; I shudder as he presses himself up against me. I'm defenseless; No smoke bombs, no weapons. My agility is worthless in such a confined space. I curse myself for locking the door behind me. Then how did he get in?

The mirror reflects us; He's playing a sick game, making me watch my own vulnerability. I struggle to free myself, but he just holds me tighter, and I feel his hands begin to wander, one reaching to my face and the other in the opposite direction...

" Oh, my little bird... There's no escape from here as long as I have you within my grasp..."

"What are you going to do to me?" My voice sounds like I'm emotionless but inside fear is welling up in my throat. I hear his deep, soft, sinister laughter in my ear and I know he feels me shivering.

"Whatever I want to, pretty bird. I could kill you right now if I wanted to..." His hand in an instant is around my neck, clenching tightly, killing my wind pipes. Pain courses through me all the way down to my stomach.

But suddenly the pain is gone and the hand that was once had a vice grip on my neck was gently stroking my face-- as gentle as metal gloves can be. The coldness of them only makes me shiver more.

"Or I could rip off this towel and..."

His other hand slides down my waist and grips the towel. The worst wave of terror yet binds me up as he pushes me up against the mirror and covers me with his body and mass.

"Well, you're a mature boy... From the look on your face, you know what I could do to you..."

I can't breathe, the pressue he's putting on me, My head's spinning and I'm trying to block out the thing nudging my backside.

"I'm not like you..." I gasp out.

"That's why I like you so... We obviously think alike. Vulgarly."

I'm dumbfounded and disgusted at the same time. Not only at him, but at myself. What he's turning me into, what he's making me think about. His head leans down further to whisper in my ear.

"But I won't do that yet... Not here, not now... That is a moment I would very much like to savor, and only when you're willing...for then you will have severed the last string tying you to the life you once had, and you will finally, truly become my apprentice."

Suddenly his weight is lifted and backs away. Clutching at my towel I tie it tighter around my waist in a form of defiance. He chuckles.

"Your opposition is admirable but foolish, for soon you'll see the world through my eyes..." He turns to open the stall door and leave; I try to lunge after him, but my knees buckle and all I can do is fall to the hard ground, my eyes slowly closing. As my consciousness fades away I see him loom over me.

"Ah, yes, I almost forgot. During our little father son talk, my mask was Immiting a sleeping gas into the air... To make sure you didn't try to oppose me while we shared this special moment together... but Robin... I'm looking forward to seeing you this evening. We have much more to discuss... and don't forget to wear your new uniform... I made it especially for you..."

In the clouds of steam he disapears and I fall into a restless sleep... in which my only dreams are of a beautiful young girl with flowing red hair and beautiful green eyes... who magically takes all of my pains and sorrows away...


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