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The Lost Chapter- Showoff

Note: This takes place after Squall and Rinoa got back together after the fight, but before they went to Balamb to pick up the Headmaster's crullers.

Selphie frowned. "Well, I guess I should be happy for you... but who am I to go to the dance with now?"

Rinoa shrugged. "I don't know. I don't care. Come on Squall, let's go make out." They ran away giggling.

Selphie entered the cafeteria to an unusually large and excited crowd in the caferia. She immediately knew, it had to be Zell. Sure enough, as she pushed her way through, Zell and Nida sat at a table, chowing down hot dogs. A boy stood at the table, counting. "And Nida is up two hot dogs! Will the legendary champion Zell be finally beaten out?"

"I don't think so!" Zell doubled his speed time, chowing down two hotdogs at a time.

"Oh, but Zell is catching up! He is now on his fourteenth hot dog! Uh oh, is Nida out?" Nida clutched his stomach, then fell out of the chair. "AND ZELL DINCHT IS THE WINNER! I'M TELLING YOU PEOPLE, NO ONE CAN OUT EAT THIS GUY! HE'S GOT A STOMACH LIKE A WHALE!"

Quistis spoke up. "The Garden is moving."

"Yeah, and?"

"Who's piloting?"

Nida's face turned white for an instant. "Uh... don't worry, we're over the middle of the ocean, we can't hit anything except for that weird research lab thingy, and we're nowhere near-"

BOOM! The Garden shook violently. They looked out the window to see Ultima Weapon drowning. "That's weird... anyway..."

"And like I was saying! Zell is the winner! Now get the hell out of here!" the boy shouted. Zell took a bow as the crowd cheered and eventually dispersed. Zell emitted a massive belch as Rinoa approached him. "Hey, Rinoa. Wassup?"

"Zell, I'm a little short on money, and I was wondering if you could help me out."

"I don't have any money."

"I know, I'm not asking for a loan. Here's the thing: what if you and Irvine body did a body surfing race off the Garden? There would be bets and everyone would place their bets on you. Then if I place my bets on Irvine, and you fake a loss, then I can get all the money I need and then some! I'll give you some too."

"Why Irvine?"

"Cuz it'd be more interesting. It's like you're fighting over Selphie."

"How do you know about that?"

"Everyone does, you silly little boy. Please?"


"Yes!" She hugged him tightly. "I owe you one." Rinoa went over to go talk to Nida. And before Zell knew what had happened, there was a crowd on the 2F observation deck. The boy who judged the hotdog contest was taking bets. Rinoa ran over to him with a wad of cash. "All my money on Irvine! Boo Zell! You suck!" She began throwing tomatoes at Zell. "Rinoa, will you cut that out!"

"Oh, sorry." She smiled innocently. Just as she planned, everyone bet on Zell, rather than Irvine. Nida stepped up to the balcony. "Quiet everyone! Quiet! We have to get this overwith before Cid comes and find... Headmaster!"

"Oh just shut your mouth and get this party started!" Cid shouted, guzzling down a bottle of booze.

"Awright, the rules are simple. Zell and Irvine will both jump down the side of the Garden, sliding down to the bottom. The first one who hits the water wins. The harbor at the bottom of the Garden is open, you can get up through there. Now. On your marks! Get set!"

Tension was raised. People clenched their fists.

And kept them clenched.

For awhile.

"Ghost! Uh! Didn't say go. Gambler! Gunther! Glazed!"

"OH JUST SHUT UP ALREADY!" Cid through his empty booze bottle at Nida, hitting him square in the head and causing him to fall backwards. "Go!" he shouted as he fell backwards onto the wall. Zell and Irvine both leaped down, landing on their feet and sliding down the side.

"Whoa!" Zell lost his footing, and fell on his butt, continuing to slide downwards while spinning in slow circles. He caught up to the distressed Nida, sliding on his back. "Hey Nida."

"Sup Zell."

"What's going on?"

"Not much."

"Hey, you mind if I use you to propel myself?"

"Oh, no, go ahead."

"Thanks." Zell kicked Nida, propelling himself up ahead of Irvine. "Hey, cowboy," he mocked. "What's happening?"

"Zell, you're shoe's untied!"

"Eh?" Zell examined his shoe, losing his concentration and falling onto his stomach, rolling down with a nasty thud every time he hit the surface.

"I can't believe you fell for that trick, Scarface!"

"Not so fast!" Zell grabbed his ankle, pulling him backwards. "Hey!" Irvine lost his balance, falling back onto to Nida.

Rinoa held her breath as Zell almost reached the edge. Then he disappeared underneath it. She cursed under her breath. "And it looks like Zell is the winner!" Rinoa was crying as the boy pried the money from her hand, giving it to everyone else, because she was the only one who bet on Irvine.

Rinoa followed the crowd to the elevator, still crying. The elevator came up...

"Irvine? Where's Zell?"

Irvine wrung his ponytail out, dropping water onto the floor. "He... didn't exactly make it to the water.



"I can't feel my legs."

"Me neither."

"Then get off of me!"

Zell pushed Nida off of him and sat up. "Where are we?"

"Zell... we're on the ring!"


"Zell! Not that ring. The rotary ring."

Sure enough, Zell and Nida sat on the golden ring that rotated along the bottom of the Garden.

"Zell... I get motion sickness when I go in circles..." Nida's face turned blue.

"No... not on the shirt... no!"


"Oh, God, it's everywhere..."

Rinoa beamed as she swiped cash from each outstretched hand. "Thank you... thank you... thank you... thank you..." As the crowd dispersed, Rinoa walked with Xu and Nida. "I got all your money," Rinoa bragged. "I'm rich... I got all your money."

"Hey, who's that guy?" They noticed a strange-looking man walking in their direction. "I don't know... is he a student? I've never seen him around here before." As they passed, he threw out his foot, kicking Nida in the crotch.


"Oh my God what the hell do you think you're doing?"

"You mother-f... argh the pain!"

"Who the hell are you, dude? We'll kick your ass right now!"

The man smiled. "Hey, you won't believe this. You just got kicked in the crotch."

They were astounded. "Oh my God... no way!"

"Way! You've been on Spy TV!"

"Whoa dude are you serious?"

"Oh my God I love that show!"

Rinoa was pensive when she squirmed into the bed next to Squall that night. "Squall?"


"I'm glad we know who we love."


"I mean, not like Zell and Irvine and Selphie. I'm just glad we don't fight over something like that."

"That's only because the thought of Quistis and me in a relationship makes me puke."

"I know. It makes us all puke. Even her. Good night, Squall."

"Good night."

"They're never gonna find us."

"Will you stop crying?"

"Zell! All four of our legs are broken! What are the chances! I say, fate's conspiring against us!"

"Oh, come on, you thought your breakfast was conspiring against you."

"The letters spelled 'ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo'. Like a ghost! A ghost is trying to haunt me!"

"Didn't you have Cheerios for breakfast?"


Zell sighed. "So what else is conspiring against you?" he asked rhetorically.

"...there was a gremlin in my car."

"Oh for God's sake! Now I suppose an evil monkey lives in your closet!"

"Actually, that belongs to Seth MacFarlane and the people of family guy."

"Oh... where'd you hear that?"

"From his evil lawyer conspiring against me who lives in my closet."

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