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Shayera was fast asleep when a noise woke her up. She looked around her room, groggy, trying to see if anything was out of place. Nothing. So she laid her head back down and shut her tired eyes. The sound came again a second later and she realized it was a gurgling sound. And it was coming from the baby monitor at her bedside table.

She looked to her side, at the lump lying there. He had not stirred a single bit, so she guessed it was her turn at baby duty. Shayera pushed back the covers and got out of bed. Slowly, she made her way out of her bedroom and down the hall. Turning a corner, she came to a stop in front of another door.

Opening it, she came face to face with her bouncing baby boy, fully awake, and standing up in his crib, ready to greet her.

Shayera laughed at the happy smile on her son's face and made her way towards him.

"Hey sweetheart," she greeted. "How are you this morning?"

She reached for him and gave him a sniff. "Oh, I see, a little smelly are we?"

The baby boy wrapped himself around his mother, so happy to see her. She walked over to the change table and began to change his diaper.

"So, what are we going to do today?" she asked rhetorically, none-the-less he gurgled his answer. "Oh, is that right, well I guess we'll have to wake up your daddy for that."

Finishing up with his diaper, she picked him back up and carried him out the door, down the hallway, and back to her bedroom.

She tiptoed towards her bed and sat down with her baby in her lap.

"Why don't you wake him up," she suggested happily. She let her son crawl over her sleeping husband. She watched as her son pulled at his dad's hair.

"What the-" she heard being mumbled. "John! What are you doing here?"

Shayera laughed out loud at his reaction. And, at the sound of her laughter, he sat up.


"Good Morning," she greeted merrily.

"Morning," he replied, smiling. "Nice wake up call."

"I thought so," Shayera agreed. "Now, you're son has a special request."

"Does he?"

"Yes, John, why don't you tell him," Shayera stated demurely, a hint of a smile at the corner of her lips.

Her son gurgled a couple of times, emphasizing his 'words' with a few ear and hair pulls.

"I see," he answered. "Shayera, translation, please."

"Clearly, he said he wants you to take him to the park while his mommy relaxes a little more in bed," Shayera said, as if it were obvious.

"Oh clearly," he said, amused.

He picked up his son and began to walk out of the room. "Come on son, mommy is trying to get rid of us."

Shayera laughed. "Thank you Wally!"

Flash turned back around; leaning over her he gave her a kiss. "Anything for you, Shayera."

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