And… I'm back! And it's still the same day! Yes, that's right, it took me less then a day to write three fics (I also wrote It's all in your taste and play today) This has got to be some kind of record!

At first, this was going to be the next chapter to play, but it was written in a different style and I sort of almost forgot to mention the entire play in this chapter (and the next), so it became a fic of its own.

Now, on what we've all been waiting for, the real story!

Shindo Shuichi really envied Sakuma Ryuichi. He'd heard that it took him just a few minutes to write lyrics for a song, and that he could do loads of lycircs a day. But he was a god. Shuichi wasn't. Thus it took Shuichi days to write lyrics. He had to sit inside all day long, not doing much in general, while he could be outside, doing fun stuff, like making snowman or going ice skating with Sakuma-san or throwing slushballs at K with Hiro. Though, Hiro hadn't had much time for him recently, he was always doing stuff with Ayaka-chan. 'those two must really be going somewhere… But I can't do any of those because I have to write lyrics!' Yes, Shuichi really envied Sakuma Ryuchi indeed…

Eiri Yuki really envied Sakuma Ryuichi. It was obvious (to him, at least) that even though the guy must have some big traumatic past (He wouldn't act like a 3-year old if he didn't, only Shuichi did it without reason) he was still able to be happy, and act it as well. He threw parties, did stuff with Shuichi like eating ice cream or going skating. He didn't feel the need to protect himself from others, once he knew they wouldn't hurt him. He'd show other sides of himself to Shuichi every now and then, when he thought Yuki wasn't looking.

Yuki was unable, and would be for a long time, to show affection or lower his defences, even though it was obvious Shuichi would never hurt him.

Ryuichi really envied Yuki Eiri. He got to do all these fun, sweet things with Shu-chan. Shu-chan that he wanted so badly. Yes, he really envied Yuki Eiri…

At that very moment, the phone rang. Wondering who'd call him (not that many people knew his number, out of fear of paparazzi) he picked it up. "hello na no da?"

"Hey, Sakuma-san, I was, um, wondering if you an' Kuma want to go ice skating with me? I've been inside all day, writing lyrics, and I'm kinda hyper now, and I really want to go outside, so…"

"Yeah! Ryu-chan wants to go skating no da! He and Kumaguro have been inside all day as well! You wanna meet in the park?"

"Yeah! Let's meet there in 15 minutes!"

"Okay! Don't forget to put on a helmet or you'll fall and your brains will come out no da!"

"Okay! Bye!"

"Bye bye na no da!"

Sakuma Ryuichi suddenly felt a whole lot better and as he went to get his and Kumas skates, he started humming a happy tune to himself.

"Sakuma-san! Over here!"

Shuichi was waving excitedly at him, and he skated towards him, tried to glomp him, knocking both of them down instead. They landed in a position that Ryuichi hadn't dared hope for. It was a very nice position indeed, and the blush on Shuichis cheeks was also very cute.

"Good thing we had helmets, ne, shu-chan?" Ignoring the nice position did not only fit well with usual behaviour, it also meant they could lie like this a little longer. Grin.

"Uh, yeah…Could you get of me please, Sakuma-san? It's kind of… uncomfortable…"

Uncomfortable? Ryuichi found it very comfortable…

"Oh, Ryu-chan was very comfortable so he didn't think Shu-chan would be uncomfortable, na no da."

"Yeah, I see…" Ryu-chan really liked the blush very much! And Kuma too!

"Ryu-chan thinks Shu-chan look even cuter then normal when he's blushing, no da!"

Shuichi stammered something incomprehensible and his blush deepened.

'I am not thinking those thoughts about Sakuma-san! He wouldn't want me anyway, and he acts so innocent I'd feel like a pedophiel…

…And there's Yuki too! I can't believe I forgot about Yuki! It's so b- huh?'

"Shu-chan's a tiger! Garr!"

"Sa…Sakumka-san! You used a permanent marker to do those stripes! How am I going to get them off again?"

"Why does Shu-chan want them of? They look cute no da."

"Yuki's going to laugh at me, and I hate it when he laughs at me, especially because he rarely laughs at all…"

'Always Yuki Eiri… Can't he forget the guy for a second? He deserves better, he really does…'

"don't worry! If Shu-chan wants them of really badly, he can come to my place and Kumaguro-san and Ryu-chan will help him na no da!"

"Gee, thanks, Sakuma-san…"

"Shu-chan doesn't need to call Ryu-chan Sakuma-san, but he keeps forgetting no da! Shu-chans brain must be a little weird!"

"Ah, well, I feel kind of funny calling you Ryu-chan, but I'll try to remember this time…"

"That's the attitude, Shu-chan! Let's skate to my house, na no da!"

"I'm right behind you, Ryu-chan!"

There! Cute, huh? Okay, short, but at least the next chapter is allready up as well.

Oh, and in case anyone wants to know; here's how the fic originally started:

Shuichi had totally had it. He'd been practising with Yuki the entire afternoon, and the longer they practiced, the more Yuki had altered his lines. After a while, they didn't even resemble the original lines! He'd gotten all excited about the play, too…

Not that he didn't understand why Yuki didn't want to do it, heck, he found it embarrassing himself. But it was a nice play, in itself, and he'd get to do all sorts of romantic things with Yuki !(though he wasn't sure whether they'd go very well with the very cool, yet a little weird scenery. Especially with Sakuma-sans drawings on them. The artists had been trying all day to cover them up, but they hadn't made much progress, and were considering to just "integrating" them.)

He kind of envied Ryuichi, who'd gotten the part of his father, and Noriko-chan was his mother. She was a good actress, and the two of them had already gotten most of their scenes down.

He and Yuki had barely gotten the first scene done…

Yes, he really envied Ryuichi…

Damn brat, dragging him into this play, not realizing it was just a decoy by Mika and Tohma to get to be around him a lot. The kid was so naïve, it was pathetic. He didn't feel sorry in the least for ruining his fun. He was not doing this play, maybe if he acted even worse then he did today, he'd get the hint, and get Nakano to be Juliet, heck, that long haired American could be his Juliet for all that he cared.

Well maybe not the American, he didn't trust that guy.

As Yuki continued to think up strategies to get out from under the play and denying his love for Shuichi, we're going to look at someone a little more interesting. Namely the overly sexy bishonen Sakuma Ryuichi, who was, at that moment, sitting in his apartment, thinking about a certain boy that looks nearly as sexy, humming a sad tune, and chewing on Kumaguros ear.