Wow, can you believe I actually wrote an alternate ending? Me neither! But I felt like writing something really cute all of a sudden and I was too lazy to start a whole new fic. Besides, I did say I was going to do an alternate ending, so I figured this was a good opportunity. Are you happy now?

Shuichi woke up to the sound of giggling. It took some time to pull himself out of his wet dreams, but when he finally managed to open his eyes, he was met with a hysterically laughing Ryuichi bent over him.

Why was the singer laughing so hard…? It took Shuichi some time to process the question. Eventually, he came to the conclusion that it must be because he was lying across the bed, legs spread, head dangling over the edge. It was probably a funny sight.

Waidaminute, was Ryuichi sitting on his chest!

"Ack, Ryu-kun!"

"Ru-chan an kuma were riding Shu-chan no da!"

I am not thinking those thoughts about Ryuichi, I am not thinking about a plush 'riding' me, I am not-



Ryuichi hopped off his chest. It was only then that Shuichi both their cute pajamas were pretty much gone. He blushed instantly.

"Let's go have fun na no da!"

"F-fun…?" Shuichi was beginning to wonder if Ryuichi meant a certain other kind of fun than his childish behavior implied…

Ryuichi grinned at him. "Uh-huh! Ryu-chan had loads of fun last night na no da!"

Shuichi smiled. "Yeah, me too!"

"Great!" Ryuichi flopped down on the bed again, and put his head on Shuichi's chest. He gnawed on Kuma's ear in thought, and Shuichi drooled at his cuteness. "What could we do today no da?"

"I dunno…You usually come up with the great ideas."

Ryuichi giggled. "Naw, it's usually Kumagorou!" He made his plush talk. "But I'm to shy to tell, so Ryu-chan does it for me!"

Ryuichi nodded in agreement. "Yup! Kumagorou is actually a very shy person."

"I see."

"But even he doesn't know what to do now…"

Shuichi's stomach then (noisily) showed them what they should do. Ryuichi laughed. "Shu-chan's hungry!"

Shuichi blushed. "Uh, yeah…"

"Being hungry is nothing to blush about na no da! Everyone gets hungry!"

"I guess, but there aren't much people who make sounds like that, they only do that on tv…"

"Nu-uh, Kumagorou makes sounds like that too."

Shuichi's stomach pressed its point. Ryuichi giggled and dragged Shuichi out of bed, into the kitchen.

"Does Shu-chan want pancakes again or something else da?"

"I dunno, what else have you got?"

"Ryu-chan has lotsa stuff for breakfastna no da!" He pulled open a closet. Inside was the biggest collection of cereal Shuichi had ever seen. Most of it seemed to have about ninety percent sugar in it.

"Whoah, that's a lot of cereal!"

"Yup! Ryu-chan collects cereal, to see which one has the most sugar in it no da!"

"Really? So what's the record?"

"Ninety-five percent! Ryu-chan hasn't tried it yet, though no da."

"Why not?"

"Because Nori-chan says I shouldn't eat too much sweet stuff 'cause I'll get fat na no da! And Ryu-chan wants to keep it for a special time."

"Oh, right." Stupid question; if you wanted a body like Sakuma Ryuichi's, you really had to watch what you ate.

"Ne, Shu-chan, how come you can always eat so much pocky an' not get fat da? Ryu-chan wants to eat lotsa sweets without getting fat too no da!"

"I dunno, I just don't. I used to put on weight before, but not anymore. Maybe I'm still growing. I am only eighteen after all…"

The statement hit Ryuichi harder than he'd expected. Shuichi was only eighteen. There was a great big age difference between them… Heck is was as big as the generation gap!

"Ryu-kun? What's with the sad look?" Shuichi seemed confused and hurt.

"Ryu-chan was just thinking Shu-chan needs lots of energy, because growing is really hard work na no da!"

With that, Ryuichi grabbed the ninety-five percent cereal and dumped Shuichi and himself a bowlful.

"I-I thought you wanted to keep that for a special occasion…?" Shuichi seemed shocked beyond words.

Ryuichi beamed at him and nodded. "Shu-chan is special na no da!"

Shuichi's face remained shocked for a few moments, until tears slowly filled his eyes and he cried out, hugging a surprised and rather confused Ryuichi. Was it something he said?

"Shu-chan! What's wrong…?"

Shuichi continued crying for some time, pulling himself close to Ryuichi and sobbing into his chest (the cute pyjamas don't cover it, you know)When he had finally calmed down a bit he tried to pull back, but Ryuichi held him close.

"Tell me what's wrong first."

Shuichi relaxed against his chest. "I…It's just, I've never been special to anyone…anyone but my family and Hiro, but our families are so close, we raised almost like brothers… I've never been special to anyone for who I am, instead of just because I'm family…"


"Sorry for breaking down like that…"

Ryuichi nuzzled his hair. "Shush, it's okay…Shu-chan. You are special to me…"

Shuichi started crying again. Ryuichi sweat dropped. This was going to take some time…

I like this chapter a lot. Ryuichi's such a sweety!