Kim and Ron- Pregnant Again.

Kim is pregnant again at 3 months. While working from her home office, she is raising 1 year old Emma Rose and Adrian Christopher, and running a household with Ron. Ron is put in charge of household work when Kim is on bed rest.


Chapter 1: Doctor Appointments

Kim Stoppable's alarm clock went off at 8:00, on the sunny morning of October 5th. She turned the clock off and went to her closet. She picked out a pair of jeans, and a purple top. She got changed, went to the bathroom, and headed downstairs. Her husband, Ron, was in the kitchen cooking breakfast, and their twins Emma and Adrian were in their highchairs.

"Good morning" Ron said to Kim as he kissed her. "Emma and Adrian ate, and I'm making us waffles and eggs." Kim smiled, "Sounds wonderful." She took out two plates and silverware and set them on the table for her and Ron. She kissed her twins; she poured herself some orange juice and sat down to skim through the paper. Ron grabbed her plate and loaded it with waffles and eggs."

"Thanks honey" she said as she started cutting up her food. "So I have my checkup at Dr. Howard's office at 10:00, and Emma and Adrian have to go to their doctor's appointment at 10:30. Ron smiled and said to his wife, "Don't worry sweets, I'm taking the twins to their appointment. I know the time and everything." He smiled again and laughed. Kim said and smiled, "Okay, I'm just reminding you."

After they were done with breakfast, Kim and Ron took the twins upstairs to get them dressed. Kim put a little pink sundress on Emma, and Ron put a blue outfit on Adrian. Kim packed their diaper bag with extra diapers, food, towels, and their sweaters. She kissed them and Ron good-bye as she headed outside to her car. She got into her car, and drove away to Dr. Howard's.

Ron, folded up the twin's stroller, packed it and the diaper bag in his car, and then put Emma and Adrian in their seats. He pulled out of the driveway and headed down to the twin's appointment with Dr. Horn.

Kim arrived at the doctor's office at 9:50. She registered and sat down and waited to be called in. She picked up a magazine and started reading this article on how stressing when pregnant can put you on bed rest. Finally the nurse called her name, and led her back to the exam room. Within 5 minutes Dr. Howard came to her room.

"Hello Kim, how are you today?" Kim replied, "I'm doing great, no nausea today." Dr. Howard said, "Lets look at the baby's heartbeat. You haven't been stressing too much have you?" Kim answered as she climbed on to the exam table, "Well, with work, the twins, a household, refurnishing a room, and a new baby on the way…who wouldn't be stressing?" Dr. Howard told Kim as she preformed the sonogram, "Too much stress will put you on bed rest…which I'm going to have to insist you do for the rest of the pregnancy." What?" Kim exclaimed, "I can't, what about the twins? The house?" Dr. Howard said, "I know it will be rough Kim, but the baby's heartbeat is a little higher then I like. He or she will be fine as long as you rest. You can still take care of the twins, but not too much walking, no cleaning, or activies that can get you stressed." Kim was depressed now, "I can't just let Ron do everything." "I'll print you a list of things you can and cannot do. I'll be right back," Dr. Howard said.

Meanwhile at Dr. Horn's office, Emma and Adrian were in perfect health, but needed their booster shots. Adrian didn't cry, but Emma threw a fit. It took Ron 15 minutes to settle her down, plus some baby crackers. When they were done, Ron took them out to the car and they headed home. They arrived home at 11:45 and found Kim on the couch reading a list. Ron put the twins on the floor and put in their favorite movie, Peter Pan, and sat down next to his wife.

"Hello sweetheart." He kissed her and asked, "How did the checkup go, and how is our baby?" Kim sniffled and said, "Well Dr. Howard has ordered me to go on bed rest. This is a list of things I can and can't do." Ron took the list and read. Under the can't do section he read, no cleaning, no stressful physical activity, and so on. Kim said, "The doctor said, that I can still take care of Emma and Adrian but I can't keep walking around. I must take it easy." Ron saw a tear fall from Kim's eyes and asked her what was wrong. "I feel so guilty about not being able to help as much. I can't let you do everything!" Ron kissed his wife and said, "For your and the baby's health you have to. Don't you dare feel guilty anymore."