Chapter 4: It's time!

At nine months…

On the morning of March 16th, Kim was excited, the new nursery was finished and she got to see it for the first time. Ron came into the room and helped his wife out of the bed. He led her down the hall to a closed door.

"Are you ready?" he asked. "Yes." Kim answered. Ron opened the door and Kim stepped inside. She gasped, "It's beautiful." The walls were a soft cream color, a new brown crib sat in the room, with a brown rocking chair and a dresser. There was a star boarder on the wall, and teddy bears sitting on dresser and chair.

"Do you like it Kim?" Ron asked. Kim smiled and said, "I love it!" She embraced her husband in a hug. Ron said, "All right Kim, ready for lunch?" Kim laughed, "You bet, I'm starving."

They headed downstairs to the kitchen and Kim sat down. Ron got the beard, and all the sand which stuff, and put it on the table. Kim and Ron made their food, and started to eat. Kim stood up and grabbed her stomach. She shook it off and started to walk to the sink, but dropped her plate as pain hit her again.

"Ron…I think its time." "Oh Ok umm…Sit down, I'll call my parents." Kim said, "Call the hospital to." Ron, who was panicking, raced to the phone. "Mom, Kim's going into labor, I need you to watch Adrian and Emma." He hung up the phone, and then dialed the hospital. "Yes, Kim Stoppable is coming in. Yes…Thank-you. Ok Kim my mom is on the way. What else?" Kim breathed through her pain, "My bag." Ron said, "Yes, your bag…ok." He raced to the stairs and started running up them. Kim heard a thud and then and "OW!" which turned out to be Ron tripping. He came back down with her bag, as the doorbell rang. It was Mrs. Stoppable. She ran over to Kim, "How are you feeling sweetheart?" "I'm in so much pain." Ron then came into the kitchen, "Ok, ready to go." He helped his wife to the car, and away they went to the hospital.

10 minutes later…

Ron rushing into the hospital with his wife, and said to the secretary, "My wife is in labor." The secretary called a nurse who brought a wheelchair to Kim, and wheel her away. Ron had to fill out forms and sign papers. When he was finished he sat down in the lobby and waited…and waited…and waited some more.

3 and a half hours later and nurse came out and said to Ron, "Congratulations. It's a little girl." Ron was overcome with joy. "Can I see my wife?" The nurse smiled, "Of course." She led him to Kim's room. He walked in to see her holding their new baby girl. He walked over and kissed his wife, and said hello to their new baby. "Ron, we never did decide on a name." Ron thought for a moment, and then he looked at the baby. "Lily" he said. Kim replied, "Oh Ron that's beautiful." Ron smiled, "Lily Anne Stoppable?" "It's like music." Said Kim.

Two days later Kim and Ron brought their new baby girl home. Surrounded by family and friends, they introduced Lily Anne Stoppable. Mr. Possible said, "I need a family shot. And so the Stoppable family of Kim, Ron, Adrian Christopher, Emma Rose, and Lily Anne Stoppable, sat on the couch for a picture. And anyone could see, Kim and Ron were the happiest parents in the world.