When he came home he walked restless around the house. It had felt good talking to Jamie, they had never really talked before, but he had liked it. She listened to him and didn't just give him the answers he wanted, but she spoke her mind. He admired that in a person.

He heard a car pull up the driveway and went out on the porch to see who it was. It was Chris' Audi. He tried to restrain himself, took a deep breath and prepared himself to see her face.

She came walking up the path to the house, and stopped when she saw him standing there. A feeling of guilt filled her for a second, but she shook it off.

"Hi", she said in an insecure way. He didn't answer her. He knew that if he as much as opened his mouth now he would start yelling at her.

"It got lonely at the hotel, is there any chance the offer is still on? That I can stay here?"

The nerve she had asking him that after she had been snuggling with Eric down at the boardwalk. Even though every cell in his body screamed no, he all of the sudden got aware that he was nodding. She smiled and went back to her car to get her bags. He went inside again, banged his head in the wall and looked down at the floor. He wanted more than anything to have her there again, still at the same time he wanted to have nothing to do with her ever again.

"Thank you so much, we can make this arrangement work for a little while, right?", she said when she threw her bags on the floor.

"Okay if I use the shower?", she asked and was already heading for the bathroom.

"Why Chris?", he asked her, still looking at the floor.

"What? I wanna take a shower", she knew that that was not what he was aiming at.

"I just don't get it. You got so pissed when you found out about Cory and me, but all the time you and Eric were doing the same thing", his voice was calm. It felt like his body had surrendered, he felt weak, like his legs wouldn't carry him much longer.

Chris stood with her back turned to him.

"Eric and I have never done anything, TC", her voice was trembling, making it all sound like a lie. TC shook his head and looked at her.

"Don't lie Chris. I know you too well to see through that", he sat down on a chair, the air was sucked out of him. He just felt an overwhelming emptiness.

"TC, I….I've never…", this had taken a bad turn. This was not what she had planned. The plan was that he would get jealous and try to win her back. Not make him think that there had been something going on the entire time. She felt trapped, she had no idea how to get herself out of the mess she had created.

"I don't think this is such a good idea. I don't want you here, Chris. Can you please just leave?", he was still calm, but he sounded exhausted.

She looked at him in disbelief. All these time they had been apart he had tried to contact her, people she had been in contact with that knew him said he was crushed, that he would do anything to get her back. Now he wanted her out of the house.

"But I…I have nowhere to go, TC".

"That is not my problem. Go to Eric, go wherever you want to go. I don't know if I care right now. I just want you out", he rose from the chair.

"I just want you out!", he screamed. It was like his body had gotten new energy when he stood up. He looked at her with hate in his eyes and pointed at the door. Chris picked up her bags slowly while she looked at him.

"TC, please", she went over to him. He pushed her against the wall with his elbow. She knew how to get lose from that grip, she knew the moves to make, but her body wouldn't listen.

"Get the hell out of my house. Don't ever come running back crying for help, or accusing me of hurting you. You have no idea what you put me through. You're just a mean, selfish bitch. I should have listen to those people who told me to stay away from you, that you were no good. I wish I had never met you!". His eyes were like lightning, he pressed her harder against the wall, and made it difficult for her to breath. Just when she thought she was running out of air he let go of her. She held around her neck and coughed. Tears were streaming down, and her body was shaking. TC was breathing heavily, standing in an attack position.

She had woken up from the noise from next-door. Monica went over to her window and saw Chris walking down the street. Her car was still standing in TC's driveway. She got a look at her face and ran into her bedroom to get some clothes on. Then she snuck out and walked after her.

She walked slowly down the beach and looked out on the ocean. It was calm and the tiny waves made a beautiful pattern of white. The moon reflected on the surface and when she stepped out in the water it reached her legs like silverrings. She fought the wish of walking further out, let the nightcold water embrace her body and make the pain vanish. The thought scared her and made her take a few steps back onto the dry sand again. Behind her the boardwalk was laying still, no sign of people. Not like the days when the stores were open and you could hear people talking and laughing all over this place. It was like her. The boardwalk during the days was her old self. This, the night, was her now. Quite and lost, swept in darkness. She sat down on the beach and started crying heavily.

Monica could hear her, and walked down to her. Chris didn't hear her coming and jumped when she noticed someone standing next to her. Monica sat down beside her.

"What are you doing here? Enjoying this?", Chris whispered.

"Believe what you want. I just woke up from the noise and went after you. It didn't look like you were doing too well", she looked out over the ocean, than at Chris.

Chris didn't know what to think. She had sounded sincere, it was just hard to know what her intentions was. She had always been after TC, of course she enjoyed this.

"No matter what you think of me, I don't enjoy seeing people in pine", Monica said like she read her mind.

"Yeah well, I prefer to be left alone so…", Chris started walking back to TC's house. She reached her car without him coming out and drove away in a high speed.