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Artemis was listening as Root decided his fate. Was he to be mind wiped and lose his memories forever, or could he at least have one last adventure with his only friends? Holly was trying to persuade Root to let her try and retrieve the code instead of an entire Retrieval team, but the Commander had not yet decided. Root had been offered two options, both of which had also been offered to Artemis. A mind wipe now, or a mind wipe after they got the cube back from Spiro. Artemis did not like either option, and was hoping for a further alternative. After one adventure that had bonded him with the fairy people forever, he could not lose the four fairies he had acquiantanced himself with over the last two and a half years, especially when he had his first friends, Holly and Mulch, among the bunch.

Foaly interrupted, "Wait, Commander, I have an idea. What if instead of the mind wipe, Fowl has to test one of my notorious inventions."

Commander Root recalled some of Foaly's inventions that he could not test on elves without their permission under Haven's law. And since most testers were prisoners of Howler's Peak, they said no anyway. Foaly could not use force to persuade, to his disappointment. It had a possibility, and it would help Haven…

"All right then, Foaly. So, what do you choose, Fowl: A mind wipe or being a tester?"

"Anything to keep my memories, Commander. Being a tester it is."

The incident in Chicago was successful, as all readers of the series know. The C Cube was stolen back in a technological warfare between Dr. Pearson and Foaly, and Jon Spiro was outwitted by Artemis through his hatred towards Phonetix. Holly and Artemis bonded even more, Juliet realized she wasn't bodyguard material and went to try out for wrestling, and Butler became more of Artemis's advisor than his bodyguard. Gaining Kevlar in your chest did that to a guy, even if he was one of the best bodyguards in the world.

At the end of the incident, Root and Artemis had a spur over what the agreement meant. Root thought that because only Artemis was involved, Juliet and Butler would lose their memories, and Artemis believed when they made the agreement, all could keep their recollections of the fairy people.

"I meant you could keep your memories, Fowl, not the rest of the Mud Men involved in this occurrence."

"It's useless, since I would remind them everything anyway."

"Who said you would survive being a tester? Foaly hasn't decided which of his contraptions to use, and he has a lot."

Artemis's face drained of color. "You never said this would be deadly."

"I never did? Sorry. One little detail can't hurt you."

"No, it would kill me."

"You know what? You agreed to this, and I'm going to make sure you fulfill the terms of your agreement."

The short little elf could pack a punch, especially when his face was turning its famous beet red and hands curling into fists. Artemis stuttered back, "But- -" and soon Commander Julius Root had Artemis harnessing himself in a Moon Belt and wrapping himself in cam foil. Mesmer and death threats could do that to a guy.

Root flew Artemis, both shielded to the naked eye, to Tara. Chute E7 was waiting to take them back to Haven on a first class shuttle, furnished with cushioned seats and four star foods. A Commander wouldn't expect less, especially since this wasn't one of the Recon trips in a pod. Artemis sat on the floor as Root sat in the pilot seat. Artemis had originally planned on sitting in the most luxurious seat, but the Commander thought otherwise. Pity.

Soon the two arrived in LEP headquarters. Holly escorted them to the Operation Booth, where an excited Foaly sat in anticipation of delivering Artemis's fate. Normally he couldn't control what happened to people and fairies, that being Root's job, so Foaly took pleasure in his glory. Such a chance would never come again; a problem with being a "civilian" and not a member of the LEP. When the three arrived, he began with a long winded speech.

"You know I got to choose which of my inventions that you would test, Mud Boy, and I made the decision of choosing something that no one else in their right minds would test, because it was so risky. But since you are being forced, I chose my most favorite mechanism that was yet to be tested. Now, since this machine requires two people to operate it, someone will choose who will accompany Artemis. This chosen fairy will be chosen before the invention is revealed, and you can't back out if you agree. This chosen will be compensated for their help of course, and they must make sure that the invention is not tampered with by our little genius over here," the centaur proclaimed, pointing to Artemis.

"So who is Artemis's accompanist?" Root inquired.

"You choose, Commander," Foaly answered.

"All right then. I choose..."

A long pause proceeded Root's decision. Beyond the weight of making this decision was the fact that Foaly had called him Commander. A good thing, but suspicious. He knew Foaly wouldn't make Artemis and an officer be put in a possibly fatal situation, so it wouldn't hurt to choose a good officer, one who could control Artemis.

"Yes?" Foaly asked.


"What?" Holly asked.

"Yes, I choose you to supervise Artemis. You're the only one who can control him. Are you going to do it?"

"I guess…" Holly replied reluctantly.

Foaly took Holly into a room in the Operations Booth where he kept all of his supplies. He gave Holly a hazel iris cam, and a pill.

"What is this for, Foaly?"

"You'll see. Don't worry, it won't hurt you."

"It better not," she said, eyeing the centaur.

Holly swallowed the pill and followed Foaly back into the Operations Booth.

"So what is this invention of yours, Foaly?" Artemis interrogated.

"Yeah, I'm sure we'd all like to know," Holly said.


Another long pause occurred, to raise the suspense level. It annoyed everyone, and after over a minute it was fairly infuriating. Normally the centaur couldn't be silent for more than ten seconds.

"Yes, pony boy?" Root retorted.

"Well, Holly, Artemis, Julius, it's a… time machine."

"What?" responded everyone simultaneously.

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