When Kikyo Attacks pt8

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The soul collector was hiding in a bush, hiding from the enemy…Kikyou. It was ten minutes after it got out of that well, and boy oh boy did that soul collector run for it's dear life!

It took a small sigh of relief. It heard rustling in the back.

"GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" it yelled, racing out of the bushes and into the light.

The soul collector saw Kikyou, in a tree, shaking the leaves, still trying to find her soul collector. Kikyou, who was too caught up in trying to find her soul collector, didn't notice the little demon pawn scream with fear.

The soul collector yet again sighed in relief. It flew the opposite direction.

"Hey you! Get back here!" it heard her, as it sped faster. Kikyou jumped off the tree and started to run after it.

"Why, oh why couldn't my mother mate with a soul collector that had lightning speed!" the soul collector cursed to itself.

Suddenly a plan struck it. Literally. The soul collector halted to a stop, making Kikyou bash into it and land in a puddle of water.

"Petuey! Petuey!" she spat, trying to get the dirt water taste out of her mouth.

The soul collector mentally patted itself on the back and sped off.

Kikyou finally looked up to see no soul collector in sight.

She cursed to herself, getting up and wiping herself off. That's when she noticed it.

"Oh. God," she whispered to herself, bringing her one finger up.

The nail on the finger…cracked.

"Oh my freakin goodness!" she screeched, "I can really break my clay body! Nooooooooooooooooo!" she ran across the fields and trees, holding her hand as she was having a freak attack. Her clay body was cracking!

Unlike the old Kikyou, who wouldn't of cared, much less, overreacted; this one took everything to a new level. The new Kikyou had a job to do. To kill the world.


And how could she do that when her nail was threatening her body?

"I refuse to let this body crack! NEVER!" she found a lake in which she scooped up mud in one hand and placed it on her one hand with the nail that was cracked.

I mean, come on, isn't that how original clay was made?

"Dry my pretty. Dry this crack that's going to end my plans for world destruction!" she whispered. The mud fell from her hand and onto the ground. She sighed. It was hopeless. She was going to crack into pieces. She lied down on the ground.

She mentally made a note that when she went to hell, she would personally kill againUrasue for making her into clay. Why couldn't the old hag make her into something hard? Like iron? Or metal? Or something other than clay?

She suddenly heard someone yell. She jumped. It was coming from the forest next to the lake she was at.

"Kagome! Inuyasha! Miroku! Sango!" yelled a cute, kid-like, voice. Something came out of forest, to reveal a little foxish demon.

"Curses…I was just trying to find Ralph the worm and when I come back…they vanish! Into nothing!" mumbled the chibi fox.

He saw Kikyou, who was lying near the lake. He reluctantly walked near her. Kagome warned him about her.

'Don't go near that Kikyou! She's pure evil and trying to steal Inuy—I mean the jewel shard from me,' Kagome used to remind him from time to time.

He held the jewel shard protectively in his pocket.

"H-Hey! Are you K-K-Kikyou?" he stuttered.

Kikyou smiled, rising from her position. "Finally! Someone knows who I am! HehehehehohohohohahahahaMWHAHAHA!" she cackled strangely.

Shippo let go of the jewel shard, less scared now. This is the Kikyou that Kagome warned him about? This was the threat? I mean did you hear that cackle! The girl's on something!

"Riiiiiiiiight. Well then could you help me and Ralph find Kagome, Miroku, Sango, and I guess Inuyasha?" Shippo asked.

"Whose George?" questioned Kikyou. There was no one anywhere.

'Well…he is pretty little. I mean I remember when I was his age, I imagined I had a purple dinosaur as my pretend playmate. Oh Bob, how I miss you dearly. You were cute, maniac, and fuzzy! Everything a girl wanted,' she thought to herself, getting lost in thought yet again.

Shippo coughed to get her attention, as he picked up a worm from his shoulder. Kikyou looked up.

"This is Ralph, who has had some rough times lately. He is my bestest friend. My first friend that survived being thrown off a cliff. I was also thinking about making him a little pin that said 'Thrown off cliff survivor' Then I got to thinking how little I'd have to make it," Shippo rambled on, talking about his friend.

O.o was Kikyou's reply, to baffled to say anything. A worm? No, seriously, a worm? Worms don't really even have a brain! Worms are made out of poop no less! Did this kid have knowledge that he was actually holding a piece of poop?

But instead, Kikyou muttered, "And I thought I had issues."

Shippo silently thought to himself. Maybe since she was obviously…not right in the head, maybe Ralph can give her therpay! So, thinking of this brilliant plan, he plopped Ralph onto Kikyou's shoulder.

Kikyou went into shock. "Get the poop off me! Get the poop, poop, POOP OFF OF MEH!"

"I'll have you know Ralph is not poop! He's a worm!" Shippo retorted. Kikyou hacked Ralph off of her and threw it over a cliff twenty yards away. For a person who was made out of clay, she could throw pretty damn far.

Shippo placed his hands on his head, reliving when Kagome threw his friend off the cliff.

"You know, you reincarnations are all the same!" he yelled, running off for Ralph in hopes that he didn't fall off the cliff yet again. Then he'd have to make TWO pins buttons for Ralph.

Kikyou watched with delight as Shippo neared the cliff closer and closer.

"Off the cliff, off the cliff," hoped Kikyou. Shippo was right off the edge, when he stopped and turned around and sat down.

"What?" she shrieked, pounding the ground below her feet.

"I'm going to make him fall off the cliff. And I'm going to do it now! MWHAHAHA!" Kikyo cackled, running towards Shippo. As she got closer, it seemed that Shippo was talking to his shoulder.

Kikyou sighed. This guy really did have issues. Talking to his shoulder. A body part.

'Freak,' she thought, forgetting that twenty minutes ago she was talking to mud.

Shippo turned around noticing and huffed.

"You…you killed them all! Kagome, Inuyasha, Miroku, AND Sango!"

She proudly nodded.

"Good little boy. You figured out all on your own!" she clapped sarcastically.

"I didn't. You see, Myoga here…"

"Is this another piece of poop—I mean 'worm'?" Kikyou sighed.

Shippo got angry, and pointed to his shoulder. "This is Myoga! Not poop. Not Ralph. MYOGA!" he shouted.

"Poor soul. You seriously think your shoulder is living? Your shoulder is made up of skin tissues. Just like mine is made up of…clay…pieces."

Something flew from Shippo's shoulder, and landed straight on her.

"What in seven blazes hell?" Kikyou yelped, as a little bug came up to her and pinched her nose.

"How dare you kill my master, Inuyasha!" the little bug squealed. Kikyou sighed, unfortunately remembering Myoga.

The bug who ran, lied, and ran some more. Yeah…him

She chuckled.

"What is so funny?" Myoga screeched, making Kikyou laugh more.

"You obviously? Who else is there to laugh at? Besides Mr. Befriend Poop over there," Kikyou laughed, pointing to Shippo.

"I dare ya' to say that again! I befriend WORMS! Not POOP!"

Kikyou turned her attention away from Shippo.

"And what exactly are you going to do about it?" Kikyou scoffed to Myoga, testing him.

" I'll teach you!" Myoga started to poke her. Constantly. On the nose.

But what if he cracked her nose like her nail cracked? She would be more doomed than ever!

"Okay, that's it!" Kikyou flicked Myoga off her shoulder, which made him fly off the cliff, just like Ralph.

Shippo freaked out. "Myoga!" Shippo started to run, in slow motion like in those movies.

"Yes…I'll kill two people in one move! I'll go down in history!" Kikyou whispered to herself, daydreaming the ceremony and the plague that would be dedicated to her.

He stopped when he got to the cliff.

"What now? Are the gods testing me!" Kikyou yelled towards the sky.

"I can't fly," Shippo stated. Kikyou overheard, and smiled. She had a plan.

She came towards Shippo. Shippo gulped. Would she flick him off just as she did with Myoga and Ralph? For a person with clay body, she sure was strong!

"But of course you can fly!" the dead priestess exclaimed, which made Shippo perk up.


"Why of course. Didn't you know all foxes can fly? All you need to do is flap your arms and yell like a chicken and you'll fly!"

"I don't know…" Shippo thought out loud. Kikyou was pretty smart. Inuyasha told Kagome all the time how Kikyou could outwit anybody. That was the time where Kagome would sit him and get a hissy fit, but Shippo knew how smart Kikyou was. I mean she did want to send Inuyasha to hell. Of course she's smart!

Kikyou grew impatient. She hated persuading others for so long

"Look…my soul collectors do that all the time, and look. They fly perfectly."

"I still don't know…" He rubbed his chin, thinking.

Kikyou huffed. She had to use another strategy. What did kids like nowadays?

"Look. See down there?" Kikyou pointed down the cliff, where there was a river streaming by.

"Yeah…so?" questioned Shippo.

" So what! SO WHAT! That is no ordinary river, child. That is a river is made out of sugar water. You heard meh, SUGAR WATER! You can 'oOo' and 'aw' now," Kikyou stated. How could he resist the sugary taste of sugar water?

Shippo started to get really excited. Sugar, the sweetener of all! It has super magical powers. Kagome told him so.

"Sugar…SuGaR…SUGAR WATER!" Shippo excitedly said, while jumping up and down.

"Ok!" Shippo squealed, "I shall go for the sugar water!"

Shippo jumped off the cliff, flapping arms and squawking like a chicken.

But, unfortunately, Shippo was not on the gravity's good side, because he fell straight down.

"Sugar Waterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr," he yelled.

"Mwhahahahahahaha!" Kikyo cackled, maniacally. She rolled on the ground, fists pounding on the dirt.

"Such a full proof plan! I should do that everytime!" she noted to herself.

She got up, looking at her nail that was still cracked. She actually managed to still kill…and not crack into billions of pieces. She raised her hand high.

"I AM INVINCIBLE!" She screamed.