Author's Notes: Well, here is a poem that just came to me one night and I just had to get up and write it. I hope you guys enjoy this, please R&R!

Title: Wind Song

Catagory: Sailormoon

Genre: Romantic


Pairings: Haruka and Michiru

Warnings: Shoujo Ai/Yuri

Summary: On the outside Haruka maybe tough, but what really goes on in that head of hers?

Disclaimer: I don't own Sailor Moon, I just own this poem.

Wind Song

By: Sailoruranus07

The wind blows,
And what do I hear?
The wind whispering my thoughts to me
Oh, how I long to touch her face
And let our hearts beat together in unison
The girl with the long aqua hair
She calls to me
But do I listen?
The wind has a chilling feel to it now
But do I even dare to shiver?
For I might lose all my thoughts of her
All I feel is her love
All I hear is the wind singing, and telling me my
Letting them echo through my head
I love her,
Without her could I have become what I am today?
Of course I couldn't
I owe her my life,
But even my life seems worthless when it comes
down to me and her
The way she smiles
The way she laughs
Just give me the chance to make her laugh for all
Just one day to let her remember me, even when I
am miles away
I know I can do it
I have to do it!
This is my vow that I pledge to her
Michiru, I will make you happy!
One day,
One way,
The right way,

Author's Notes: Well, I know it wasn't that long. But that's just some stuff that I think Haruka feels truly about Michiru, please R&R and tell me what you think!

Aishiteru means "I Love You" in a relationship way.