Popstar had never looked so beautiful.

From so far away, clouds of dust and gasses around the planet gave it the glowing star-shaped appearance it was named for. It stood out against the darkness of space, a beacon.

The ship passed through the atmosphere, gliding high in the air past land and sea that none of them had been to before. Mountains, forests and endless ocean spread in all directions before they finally came to Dreamland's peninsula.

The ship slowed as it approached the castle, preparing to land on the roof of the main dome. Fumu looked out the main window and all ready saw several small figures gathering below.

They were home.

As soon as Fumu and Bun stepped off the ship, they ran for the familiar figures of their parents.

Joe hobbled down the steps with the aid of crutches, looking sullen with his leg in a bulky cast. He had decided to stay with them in Dreamland for a time- it was slightly better than living with his aunt.

He and Silica went up to Sir Arthur, who was flanked by the other three Star Warriors. Arthur was silent as he watched them approach, trepidation creeping into him as he saw their group was incomplete.

Silica stepped forward, face solemn. "Nightmare has been vanquished. But, Sir Meta Knight…" She swallowed hard, voice trembling slightly. "Sir Meta Knight was defeated in battle…"

Arthur nodded, eyes downcast. "This victory has come at a dire price…" he said quietly. "He was a dear friend…" He and the others were silent for a long moment.

"Nightmare's forces should be easy to dispose of now," Silica continued. "We'll need help."

"Queen Rona contacted us here. She has offered her country's military. And with her influence, surely she could persuade other leaders to aid us as well." It would be difficult, but now they would be able to undo some of the damage Nightmare had caused.

Sword and Blade stood back from the others, helmets held under their arms.

"…I keep feeling like I'm going to look over... and he'll be there," Blade said quietly.

"You too?" Sword said with a slight grin. "I suppose it'll feel like that for a while… "

"What do we do now?" Blade asked, serious. "We can't stay here…"

Sword didn't know either. They would have to make a decision eventually… For now, he felt lost.

Meanwhile, Kirby ran with Fumu and Bun as they hurried over to their parents, laughing. They were as close to family as he had, so he was just as happy to see them.

But, the three of them slowed as they got close. Memu was holding something in her arms, wrapped in a pink blanket.

Fumu gasped, her face lighting up. They rushed over and their mother smiled, leaning down so the three children could have a better look.

"Meet your new little brother."

He was sleeping soundly, his skin pale yellow and hair a contrasting violet. The three of them got in close to look, practically holding their breaths in fear of waking him up.

"Wow… Was I that little when I was a baby?" Bun asked quietly, fascinated. "Hey, what's his name?"

Parm looked a bit sheepish. "Well, we haven't actually thought of one… We were hoping you could help us out."

Memu looked past them, seeing Sword and Blade standing over by Arthur and the rest. Her brow furrowed slightly and she looked to her children, almost afraid to ask what came to her mind. "I don't see Meta Knight…" She saw their faces fall suddenly. She wasn't sure what she could say.

Kirby saw how sad everyone had suddenly become and shook his head. "Meda want us be happoyo..."

"Can I hold him?" Fumu asked. She took the bundle from her mother carefully, cradling him. "He's so cute… Look, Kirby."

"Baby…" Kirby peered at the infant, and reaching out and poked his cheek. The baby suddenly squirmed, whimpering. "Poyo!" Kirby pulled back quickly, worried he'd done something wrong.

But, he just wiggled a bit in the blankets… and then slowly woke up, blinking sleepily. His eyes were a beautiful shade of amber.

He looked around calmly, unable to really focus on faces yet. Everything was a mess of light and dark blurs. But, one seemed to get his attention. He turned slightly, eyes meeting Kirby's.

Kirby stared, unable to place the strange feeling he had.

Memu looked at him curiously. "Do you have a name for him, Kirby?"

He looked back, blinking. "Poyo?"

She smiled. "Maybe we could name him in Meta Knight's honor."

"Meta Knight's a weird name for a baby," Bun pointed out.

Fumu frowned. "I can't think of anything…"

Kirby looked at the infant for another long moment. He reached out, and the baby grabbed his hand in reflex. "…Meda Knight…" He thought hard. He'd never come up with a name before. And then it came to him. "Men… Menai."

"I like it," Fumu said.

"It's a perfect name," Memu agreed, Parm nodding with her. "Menai…"

Kirby twirled gleefully before looking back at him.

He was happy.

And he suddenly remembered something very important he needed to do.

"Where are you going?" Fumu called to him as he suddenly ran into the castle. She winced at a sudden shrill wail, looking down to see Menai had started crying. "Shhh, it's okay, don't cry…" She wasn't able to console him, and gratefully passed him to her mother before going to see where Kirby had gone.

The sun was setting as the friends parted ways. Some would leave to fight what remained of Nightmare's armies. Others would stay to fight their own battles.

Kirby ran through the castle hallways, a group of envelopes clutched in his hands.

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The End

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