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Summary: well, school is out (finally) and so I've decided to write a story (as you can probably see). Anywhoo… since I haven't found a finished NCIS/ CSI crossover, I've decided to make one. And now…. Without much further ado…. I give you….. The……. Story (DUR) by the way… (Sorry)… pretend that Twilight never happened (NCIS)

Pairings: Tate (CSI), Snickers (NCIS) (give me suggestions for others if you want)

One Night of Temptations (sounds like a horror movie huh?)

Chapter one: the mix up (Las Vegas, Nevada)

Susanna Parker sighed, realizing that this was going to be another long and boring day. Her job as a secretary was never really eventful and today, she didn't even have anything to type. Susanna's boss may or may not have realized this but he was too 'important' to bother with someone like her. According to him, she was just another young, stupid, secretary who just worked for the hell of it which really pissed her off.

That stupid asshole probably doesn't even know my name or care who I am. Finally, after a long and uneventful day, her boss didn't even glance at her when he told her to go home.

When she got back home, she saw that her brother's car was missing which was odd because John had wounded his leg in Iraq and he couldn't drive. This made Susanna on alert and she got out her keys, soon finding out that she didn't need them because the door was already open.

"John?" she called as she made his way to his bedroom. She heard a strange dripping sound and as she opened his door, she found that the whole room was red. This was the last thing she saw before something was clamped over her mouth and everything went black.

NCIS headquarters (Washington, DC)

"So Kate, you never told me what you did this weekend that made you so tired."

Special agent Caitlin Todd opened her eyes to glare and her partner before answering,

"No Tony I didn't tell you what I did this weekend and I don't think I ever am either." Kate thought that this would hopefully make Tony shut up but of course, it didn't.

"Oh I see did you have to sleep with a gun under your pillow last night?" he smiled remembering what she had said a couple of months ago. Kate groaned thinking that he could be so annoying at times. Wait a minute, scratch that, he was annoying ALL of the time.

"DiNozzo, I am going to kill you." She replied right before Gibbs, their boss walked in and said, "Sorry Kate that's going to have to wait for another day. We've got a dead marine in Las Vegas and we have to fly out tonight."

Kate rolled her eyes thinking, how does he do that? Are there secret cameras everywhere in this office that we don't know about? That's just scary. Later, the whole NCIS team (not including Abby) boarded the plane that would take them to the unfortunate marine in sin city.