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Waiting for You

She looked at her watch, trying not to fidget. He was late. She had been waiting at the park for almost 20 minutes. And she had been right on time. What could be taking so long? She readjusted herself on the bench, glancing passed the pools of light created by the lamps on the sides of the pathway.

Five minutes later—she knew. She checked her watch every thirty seconds or so—she heard his footsteps coming down the pathway.

"What took you so long?" she asked, rising to her feet.

He smiled sheepishly. "Sorry. Robin was in one of his interrogating moods. Took me a while to get away."

She smiled. She knew his moods well, and how hard it was to get away from the Boy Wonder when he started grilling a person.

"You know… he still hasn't noticed," he commented.

"That we are dating?"

He nodded.

"Well… he is still so focused on finding Slade and with the other villains in town… He does not usually have time to notice tings like that."

He heard the thinly veiled melancholy in her voice and pulled her into a hug. She held him close. "I am sorry. It's not that I care for him like I used to. But sometimes…"

"It's okay," he said, stroking her hair. "I never expected you to forget about him right away. Especially not when we all live together."

They stood there in the light holding each other for another minute, then she pulled away with a smile. "Shall we go? I do not want to miss the beginning of the movie."

He smiled back with a nod and took her hand.

"I love you, Starfire. You know that, right?"

Star squeezed his hand. "Yes, Cyborg. And I love you, too."

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