Trigger looked at the setting sun without flinching. "We're leaving shortly. Is there anywhere you would like to go specifically?"

His companion said nothing; as she had said nothing yet. She looked at him with concerned, if not fearful eyes. It appeared as if she had decided not to fear Trigger, although her eyes conveyed a still insistent apprehension. He could hardly blame her. A beta unit would have no inherent knowledge of the situation they were currently in.

Her eyes did indeed react to the setting sun, as they were ungifted with his optics. Beautiful as they were, the green irises were hidden from his sight by their not-unattractive eyelids for more than 2 seconds. Afterwards, they rested on his for a time more than triple that.

"Don't worry," he said, for what felt like the twelfth time. "We're getting out of here. I'll protect you."

She offered a small grin. MegaMan wondered why it elated him so. He couldn't think of a concrete reason why, not even with his recently-restored memories. Nor even with the ones he already possessed.

A persistent whine drew his attention. The Terra Station surface lift reached the top of its apex slowly, revealing the bulky Gretz, who carried perhaps half of what his impressive strength was capable.

"Here are the items you requested," said the big Servitor, handing Trigger the bags he carried. "Mother Unit Yuna and Servitor Gatz have left the Station, heading for what the beta units call the 'Forbidden Zone.' Is there anything else you require of me, Master Trigger?"

Trigger nodded. "Yes. I'm sorry, Gretz, but we need you to deliver us to our next destination. Somewhere where the Mother won't think of looking for us at first." He paused, thinking. There were so many places that they couldn't go. Yosyonke, Kattleox, Ryship, Quarrwump. Yuna had scanned his recent memory, as well as the more ancient memories he still retained. Where would the Mother Unit not immediately think he had gone? Marabonne. No, even that wasn't safe.

"Gretz. I need you to take us to Arryd Island."

Gretz blinked. "Arryd? Are you quite certain, Master Trigger?"

Trigger nodded. "Yes. I'm sure. And you cannot tell Yuna our destination, or even the fact that you were the one who transported us there. Can you do that, Gretz?"

"Per you orders, I can," Gretz said. "We have just enough time. Do I have permission to remain with you, Master?"

Saddened, Trigger shook his head. "I'm sorry, Gretz, but you do not. Can you make your return in time to avoid suspicion?"

Gretz shook his head mournfully. "No, but there is no need for alarm. I should have ample time to arrive at a different destination. Servitor Gatz will assume that I chose to return to my existence among the beta units. Truth to tell, such a possibility is not unpalatable to my program."

"I see." Trigger said, realizing that neither one of them had ruled out that possibility that Yuna herself might deduce a different reason for Gretz's absence. Hopefully, her program would rely on Gatz's conclusions, as it often did.

Overcome with emotion, far out of character for a mere Purifier, he gripped the Servitor's right shoulder, much in echo of what had happened mere hours earlier. "Gretz, thank you for what you are doing. I know the risk you take. As soon as it is safe for you to join us, I'll send you a message, along our usual channel. Be strong. It may take a few thousand hours, perhaps more, before I can signal you. I'll imbue my other self with the knowledge he needs, but little more."

Gretz raised an eyebrow. "So you intend…?"

"Indeed," Trigger affirmed. "I'll be 'MegaMan' again, such as he is. You can believe in him, do not fear. By the time we land, my catharsis will be complete. You can trust him as well as I, perhaps better."

"But why, Master..?"

Trigger embraced him, quickly. "It… is not simple." He buried his face in the Servitor's shoulder. "Let us just say that I like who I am, when I'm him. Do you understand?"

Releasing the Purifier, the large Servitor rewarded him with a beatific smile. "Perhaps not completely, but I do understand. Know that I will protect you, Master Trigger, as far as I can, to my own self-termination, if necessary."

Trigger nodded. "I hope that will not be necessary, Gretz. Allow me a moment." He turned to the beta unit. "Matilda. Look at me. Yes, that's it. Look directly into my eyes." They were so green. MegaMan longed for eyes of that color. "You must not be afraid. We will fly elsewhere soon. By the time we arrive, I shall appear different to you, but it will still be me. Do you understand?"

She nodded, shortly, hesitantly, but still appeared shrunken, unsure.

"You have nothing to worry about. Every version of me wants to safeguard you." He shook his head quickly, knowing it was true, without knowing exactly why. "Give me your hand."

Feeling himself shrinking ever so slightly, Trigger guided his charge onto the large, angular black dragon that now rested next to them. Gathering the packs, he set them to his right and sat down, guiding the beta unit to sit between his legs. "We'll be at our destination soon."

Sensing that he, Matilda, and their gear was secure, he clapped the back of the dragon's hide. "Gretz, let's go!" he commanded.