Title: Let Me In
Rating: M for implied theme.
Pairing: B/F (but you mostly have to use your imagination)
Summary: Another 100 wordthingie. From Faith's POV. I thought I'd share cos I like writing them!

Let Me In

I knocked on the door. Tap tap. I stepped in and she lead the way. She closed a second door behind her and then she was around me, pulling off clothes, planting kisses, laying me down.

I let my sense do the talking and the feeling and the expressing. We moved sensually together, hands entwined, gripping, following fantastic contours.

I breathe. She gasps. She's there. It was my motions that drew her closer and closer to the inebriation of ecstasy. Her hand moves indolently to the mirroring spot that i had aroused just moments ago. She is persistent; mumbles, 'Let me.'