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Tatsuha's Point Of View

Shuichi was awake at last. It was like a beautiful dream. I went to the doctor and explained he was finally awake. When I returned Shuichi was sitting up looking confused. I pulled him close to me. "Oh you have no idea how worried I was. I didn't think you'd talk to me again," I ranted hysterically. He didn't say anything. He only stared blankly at me. "Shuichi?" He didn't respond to his own name. I waved my hand in front of his eyes. "Who are you," he asked. "I'm Tatsuha. Don't you remember?" Of course I knew he didn't remember. Hell, I'd be surprised if he remembered who he was. "Nope," Shuichi said after thinking. "Do you know who you are," I asked him. He thought for a second and tears came to his eyes. "I remember the song. IT was at the park. He sang so beautiful. I thought maybe I'd gone to heaven. I thought maybe I was hearing angels," he said slowly. He was talking about when I sang 'Suteki Da Ne.' "Oh I'm not that good," I protested. "That was you singing," he said. He looked up at me in awe. "You can sing much better than I," I had to addmit. "Really? I do? I can't remember," he sighed. "And your eyes get really tiny when you're surprised. You're energetic and fun. You cry at least once a day. People can't help but love you. You idolize Ryuichi Sakuma," I explained. "Ryu...ichi," he repeated. He looked like he was concentrating. It was a look I wasn't used to seeing on his face. "Yeah, you're just like the famous singer Ryuichi Sakuma from your favorite band Nittle Grasper. Well you're a famous singer, but the similarities don't end there. You guys have the same hair cut. You use the same shampoo too. It smells real nice. You used to move like him on stage." He grabbed a piece of his hair and smelled it. I never thought it would be hard to tell a person about themselves. I was wrong. So many thoughts of Shuichi flooded into my head, and that was only from the short time I knew him. Hiro could tell him what he needed to know. "That's right Hiroshi Nakano is your best friend. He knows more than I do about you. He plays guitar in your band. Uh, our band. I play the drums," I said. It was hard to remember things for a person when your own memory was getting jumbled up. "And to top it off you're in love with novelist Eiri Yuki." I hated to confess that. "Yuki? Is she pretty? Do you have her picture?" I wondered how he would take this. "Well she isn't a she. She's a he. And he's my older brother." "You're joking right? That's just sick! I would never date a man," he exclaimed. I pulled out Eiri's picture from my wallet. "Those eyes. I remember," he said. His lower lip quivered. "Shuichi are you okay?" He turned and looked at me. He was shaking. I wanted to hold him. I wanted to make his trembling go away. "Tatsuha I remember. Yuki he told me he doesn't love me anymore." He said my name! He really did remember. I held him tightly while he cried. "Shuichi," I said petting the back of his head. He calmed down a little. "I love you," I told him. "Oh Tatsuha," he sobbed.

An hour or so later

Shuichi's Point Of View

After an hour of tests and check ups the doctors decided I was fit to go home. Of course I have to take it easy. Still no sign of Yuki. Tatsuha told me he loves me. I want to be able to say it back, with full meaning. First I had to let go of Yuki. During the hour of testing Tatsuha told me the bad news about Hiro and Ayaka. There was a knock at the door. As I had hoped it was Yuki. This was it. Time for me to break free. "Tatsuha, please go get Hiro. I want to speak with Yuki," I said. "Sure." He smiled at me and left. I hopped off the bed and looked at Yuki. He looked as angry as I felt. That anger of his had always been there, masking his true feelings. "I see you're up and about already, damn brat," he started. "Don't give me that brat crap," I said toneless. He moved towards me. He was going to kiss me. I wouldn't let him. "You can't," I said. "Why not," he pressed. I wasn't going to let him win. I wasn't going to let him pull me in again. "You can't keep doing this to me Yuki!" I didn't want to hurt him, but he might force me to. "But this is what you wanted, to be with me," Yuki said. He was good at confusing me, I'll give him that. "And you said you didn't want me anymore. You don't love me anymore," I argued. He was toying with my heart again. I pictured Tatsuha's smile. It gave me hope. "Well now I realize I was wrong," Yuki said. It was tempting, but it was too late to go back now. I swallowed hard and said what was on my mind. "You say you want me back now, but later you'll kick me out of your life again. I can't keep going in these circles. Yuki, you're breaking my heart. You're killing me. It' over Yuki. This is the end of us." There I said it. It was on the table. "You're right. You need some thing better. S...something I obviously can't give you," and he left. I was surprised he got stuck for a minute. It was barely noticable, but it was there. I didn't feel the need to make sure he was okay. I did it. I let go! "Yahoo," I shouted. Tatsuha wheeled Hiro in to see me. And I began to tell them everything that had happened.

Outside the room

Yuki's Point Of View

The impossible happened. The damn brat actually got over me. I wasn't sure what had just happened. I wasn't sure what to think or feel. When I looked back at Shuichi he looked happy. He looked relieved. He was really going to be okay without me. It was a little hard to swallow. I wasn't exactly sure where that left me. I could just drift for a while. "Hey Yuki look! The little guys awake," Frey said excitedly. He was pressing his nose against the glass window of the door. "You look like a pig," I told him. That's right. I had another idiot to take care of. I needed a smoke. "Yuki! No smoking in the hospital," Frey whined.

In Ayaka's room

Hiro's Point Of View

"What," Ayaka half shouted. I had just told her about Shuichi letting go of Yuki, for real. I had fear this would mean Ayaka would try again for Yuki's heart. I didn't want her to leave me, but most of all I didn't want that pretty boy breaking her heart again. "Hiroshi dear, you look so worried. Is something wrong," she asked so sweetly. "Nothing just thinking," I sighed. "Hiroshi I love you. I will never leave your side. Not for Eiri. Not for anyone," she promised.

Later at the park

Tatsuha's Point Of View

Shuichi and laid together in the grass. Our fingers laced together. I thought about the moments in the hospital. My mind was stuck on Shuichi's amnesia. Stuck on what I couldn't tell him, because I didn't know him. Being Eiri's brother taught me that you may never know a person's past. So much unknown. So much to explore. "Say Shuichi there's alot I don't know about you," I said regretfully breaking the silence. He sat up and said, "What do you want to know Tatsuha? All you have to do is ask. Just ask."

The End!

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