Author : Mònica

E-Mail: or PG

Summary: The start of a relationship

Spoilers: slightly "Play with fire"

A/N: Tired of seeing the same pairings on fics (though they are really good), I write something about an unusual pairing. It's a drabble. AU

A hand on her shoulder stopped her. She turned back to see who it was. Surprised to see him again, after all what had happened, she tenderly kissed his face. They both were smiling, accepting the new bond created between them. Because one's fault was the other's salvation. A fatal omission of the established protocol had been the start of something really strange but more beautiful.

Their foreheads were touching, eyes closed and hands united, feeling each others skin. Their bodies pressed against each other.

"Never thought i could feel this way" she said

"I've dreamt about you for a long, long time. You're my strength."

"How can you say that? I've been the cause of all your problems."

"I wouldn't change a thing. All i know is that you're with me now."

Then, he tentatively searched for her lips. First tenderly exploring their feelings, later more passionate to finally forget about all the insecurities that surrounded their relationship.

"Let me take you home honey" he said

"You're going to call me that?" she asked

"Always, love, always."