Fanfic: Naruto

Title: You are the one I love

Genre: Romance-Drama

Written By: firewindgurl

Story: For years, Hinata, had always waited for her friend, Sasuke Uchiha, to return after ten years. Unexpectedly, Hinata meets him in Tokyo. He has a girlfriend, Sakura. What will happen to these two? SasuHina all the way!


"Hey, Sasuke?" asked Hinata, sitting next to a tree.

"Yeah, Hinata," said Sasuke, lying his back at the tree, closing his eeys.

Hinata turned to look at him and said," You won't forget me, will you?"

"What are you talking about?" said Sasuke, talking with his eyes closed," I'm just going to move to Tokyo for a year. Not like I'm going away forever."

Hinata smiled and she looked away at the children playing in the playground before her. "Good, because I won't ever forget you." She said it in a low murmur so that he couldn't hear her. She blushed. They have known each other since first grade and have been friends ever since.

She then felt an arm around her shoulders and she looked at Sasuke," Sasuke?" He was staring at her. Hinata had short blue hair and pearly white eyes. He loved those white eyes. She was so innocent and kind.

"Promise me then," said Sasuke, looking her in a serious way," That next time we meet, we will never leave each other." He was going to miss her.

Hinata looked at him and nodded," I promise."

"Here," said Sasuke, talking out a necklace from his pocket. It was a silver necklace with a green stone on it. "I want you to have it. It belonged to my mother. My father had given this to her and she gave it to me. I want you to keep it."

Hinata shook her head," Oh, no, Sasuke. This is a precious treasure from your mother. You shouldn't give this to me." She put up her hands in defense so that he wouldn't put it on her," It is a wonderful necklace, but-"

She then felt Sasuke embrace her. Her cheeks flushed pink as he was now putting on the necklace on her.

"I want to give it to you," he said in her ears," So that you will remember the promise and," he finished and looked at her in the eyes," me."

Hinata could feel tears coming," Oh, Sasuke." She was now crying," I'm going to miss you so much."

Sasuke smiled at her compassion and he hugged her as she still cried.

No matter what, thought Hinata, I know that we will meet each other again.

Author's Notes: Hey, this is my second fic about Naruto! Hope you liked it! Please review! I know that this was kinda short, but it's a prologue, right? Anyways, thank you if you review!


Love for all!