Chapter 1: A model?

Okay, even though Aelita is still in Lyoko, X.A.N.A. is deactivated, and NOT COMING BACK- and shall never return in this story! And I hope you enjoy this story, I'm re-creating some chapters, and keeping the originals. The plot will basically be the same- but maybe some surprise twists… Well here's the new chapter of the new story! Enjoy! Review please!

"YU-MI! YU-MI," Crowds of people chanted as she walked by.

"Huh?" She glanced at the mirror next to her.

She was in a red dress, and she looked- different. Black hair, red highlights, and a red carpet were in front of her to walk on.

She screamed…

"AAAHHH," Yumi Ishiyama, 14, woke up, panting and grouchy as the sun rays hit her hair.

She sat up, knowing with the sun, she wouldn't be able to go back to her deep slumber.

She panted, and she realized she was in her cozy bedroom, and relaxed, breathing hard.

"Yumi!" Her smiling mother bounded up to her room. "You're awake! It's Picture Day!"

"Yippee…" grumbled Yumi.

"Oh, come on, it isn't that bad!" Yumi's mother said.

"From 1st grade to now, I've had bad pictures!" Yumi replied. "In order, in 1st, I had a pimple, in 2nd, crooked teeth, in 3rd, 2 teeth
missing, in 4th, bee sting, in 5th, rash, in 6th, scar, and in 7th, I had a bad smile."

"Yumi." Her mother said, softly, and sat next to her on the bed.

Her mother could never be ugly. Yumi thought. She was too pretty with her beautiful face.

"You are beautiful, no matter what anyone says. If someone says bad things about you, tell me, and they'll never say it again." Her mother grimaced, and her fist tightened.

Yumi nodded. "I will."

She decided not to say anything to her about Sissy… yet. If she discovered that she had said it, Sissy would never leave her- and her
friends- alone for a spare moment.

She then leapt up and said, "Want to see your new outfit?"

"Mom..." Yumi groaned.

"It's really nice though." Yumi's mom said. "You know, you're going no matter what."

"Oh fine." Yumi grumbled.

Her mother grinned, rummaged through the closet, and showed off a black halter top with sequins on it, and a black mini-skirt with red trimming.

Yumi's mother could tell she was trying not to smile.

"Mom…" Yumi grumbled, in a phony voice.

"You know you like it." Her mother replied knowingly.

She threw the outfit on her daughter's bed, and said, "I'll be downstairs."

She bounded down the stairs as sudden as she had come.

Yumi took a look at her outfit, and smiled a little.

She took out her journal, and started writing.

October 21st

would this outfit make Ulrich like me? I'm not the type of person to say these things, but I really wish we could be more than just friends. He's so cute, and so nice to me. But, maybe if we were more than just friends, things would get wacky. Being friends right now is just fine with me. I'm already lucky that he hates Sissy, and that we're friends. Why should I expect more?

Yumi closed her journal, sat up, and stretched.

She glanced at her outfit and sighed.

"Picture Day, here I come." She said, as she began to put it on.

"Wow!" Guys and girls crowded around as they saw Yumi walk down the hallway. They whispered, and pointed.

Yumi felt uncomfortable, and quickly ran to the auditorium.

"YUMI!" She heard a voice call. "COME OVER HERE!"

She recognized the voice as Odd's, and ran over to her group of friends.

"Hey Yumi." Jeremie said. "You look great."

He barely looked up from the laptop on his lap, for he was communicating with Aelita. They were both close to making an antidote to
bring Aelita into the world, and both were truly excited to think of anything else.

"Then the crab flew in the air, and then I tripled-", Ulrich was telling Odd.

"Then what?" A pretty voice said behind him.

Ulrich quickly jumped, to reveal a gorgeous girl, with raven colored hair up to her shoulders. Her hair was neat, and flat on her shoulders, and the effect looked amazing.

"H-h-hey Yumi…" Ulrich gasped. "You look…"

"Hot." Odd substituted, smirking at Ulrich.

Ulrich blushed furiously and said, "Different… pretty."

Yumi laughed in her special way, which made Ulrich want to melt.

Odd leaned over and whispered in Yumi's ear, "If he acts strange, it's okay. He's just amazed at how 'different' you look."

He snickered in Ulrich's direction, and Ulrich blushed.

Yumi patted Odd's shoulder and thanked him, then sat next to Ulrich, waiting to be called up.

"Hey." She whispered in his ear, startling him.

He smiled that cute smile of his that made her want to melt.

She smiled back at him, a free stray of her black hair falling on her eye.

It made him want to take her in his arms, and never let go… he was so tempted, but he knew he couldn't. If he did- what would she do?

Yell at him? Scream? Run away?

Instead, he played a pretty safe move. He brushed the hair away from her eyes, and their face was so close, they could feel each other's breath.

They both realized at the same time what they were doing, and quickly retreated, blushing furiously, with odd snickering.

"Well, I've already been called," Odd said, grinning knowingly at the two. "I'm going back into the room."

He slithered away, with Ulrich smiling at him.

Odd winked at him before he disappeared.

"ULRICH!" Jim's voice boomed.

Ulrich quickly ran up to Jim, and pushed open the door to have his picture taken.

"Ulrich asked me out today in the morning!" Sissy lied, but in a boastful manner, as soon as Ulrich disappeared.

Yumi sat stiffly, listening to them speaking, as they were in the back of her.

"He did?" Her posse squealed. "He's like the hottest guy in school!"

"Duh. That's why he asked moi." Sissy replied.

The girls swooned as Ulrich's picture was taken.

"You know that Japanese loser he used to like?" Sissy smirked. "He dumped her."

Yumi was puzzled. They were never together in the first place. Her fists tightened when she said Japanese Loser.

"Yeah, but she's so pretty." A girl whispered. "She has such a clear face, beautiful eyes, and she looks so kind."

Yumi's eyes sparkled at that, and she smiled a little.

"And I don't?" Sissy screamed.

"Of course you do!" The girls chorused.

"Better." Sissy grinned, superiorly.

"Yumi!" Jim's voice boomed again.

Ulrich smiled at Yumi as he came out.

She grinned back at him, then turned around in her seat, and smirked at Sissy.

She stuck out her tongue at her, and wriggled her fingers good-bye, and Sissy shot daggers with her eyes.

But the other girls smirked momentarily.

Yumi grinned, and slapped him a high-five as they met.

"If Sissy bothers you, tell her to shut up really loud." Yumi whispered advice in his ear.

Ulrich grinned at her, and nodded.

"Yumi, GET IN HERE!" Jim roared, and Yumi quickly ran inside, before she grew deaf.

A woman stood, adjusting her big camera, and lights.

"Hello," She said, smiling. "You ready?"

"Yes." Yumi nodded.

"Okay, sit on the bench, and we'll get started." The woman said.

Yumi did as told.

The woman combed her hair, and told her not to move, and to smile.

Yumi flashed a smile, and the camera flashed in her eyes, blindingly.

"Thank you." Yumi said politely, and began to walk to the door.

"Wait!" The woman said, stopping Yumi with her arm.

Yumi turned, puzzled by the interruption.

"My friend has just created a modeling agency," The woman began, looking at Yumi's face now and then for her reaction. "She's looking
for young, pretty girls like you. I'm sure she would love to have you as an addition to her agency. If you give me your name and phone number, we could get you started."

"No… no way!" Yumi said, slowly.

Was her nightmare going to come true? She would never admit it… but she was shy, and she was afraid of big heights. But instead, she was going to gain big heights of fame. She couldn't do it. She was too shy!

"No, no, I'm too ugly!" She made an excuse.

"Dear, you're not!" The woman replied, "Please, give me your phone number and we'll discuss it."

Yumi reluctantly recited her phone number, and told the woman her name.

"Thank you, dear, is it okay if I call you tonight?" The woman asked.

"I guess so." Yumi shrugged.

"Okay then. You may leave." She replied.

Yumi nodded briskly, and ran out.

She quickly walked over to Ulrich, and sat beside him, thinking hard. She felt like she would burst into tears. She knew her parents would
approve. But she didn't approve! She didn't want to be a model! The thought was too much.

"Yumi, are you okay?" Ulrich asked, concerned, as he saw she was filled with tears.

"No!" Yumi burst out. "No, Ulrich! I'm not!"

Without thinking, she hugged him hard, and cried into his shoulder.

"It's okay… its okay, I'm here." Ulrich said, patting her awkwardly.

Her head was buried into his shoulder, and he held her hard, not willing to let go…

Cliffy? Hmm, I don't think so.

I know this will be a question: Why is Yumi so upset?
Answer: The thought's overwhelming!

Imagine if this stranger went up to you and asked you to be a model. I would have run away. Plus, she's kind of shy.

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