Chapter 15: Friends and Fame Don't Mix

Written by aZn dReAmEr xD

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Ulrich stared after Yumi's form, and leaned back on the wall behind him. He'd been there a day, had a chance to kiss Yumi, chickened out, and now she was leaving. Joy.

"Ulrich… go." His blonde-haired, slow-thinking companion hissed to him, pulling on his arm. His now slow friend's brain was now working to it's full extent- which, sadly, was a normal person's average thought length, if that makes sense.

"To the bathroom?" the brunette furrowed his eyebrows, confused. "I just went…"

"NO, you idiot!" Odd rolled his eyes, as if it were the obvious. "On the airplane!"

"… Why?"

"Do I really have to give you an answer?" Odd replied, smart-wittedly. This would probably be the only time he would actually think. In a few minutes, he'd go back to thinking Buffalo wings were actually the wings of a buffalo.

"Why don't you go, if you want me to go so bad?' Ulrich questioned, crossing his arms.

"Because, I'm not obsessed and in love with Yumi," Odd answered, rolling his eyes. "I like the girl who may possibly be gay."


Odd sighed. "Forget it. Just go, before Yumi leaves, and you go into a state of depression for the rest of your life."

"… B-b-but…"

"For once, can't you take a risk in something else other than you know, what we used to do in Lyoko, jumping off walls, trying to not get blasted, trying not get eaten alive by freaking rats. Then, you're not as scared as you are now. See that ramp?" Odd pointed in the direction of the ramp that connected the ground with the airplane entrance. "It's only a few feet away. And you're scared of stepping on it and going inside? What kind of chicken are you?"

"A scared one."

"… I will never understand you."


"Do you really, really want to wait for her to come back from Japan? It'll take like, three years. You'll have to wait, and wonder what's happening to her for three years, just like a few days ago." Odd was really persuasive when he wanted to be.

"I hate you, Odd."

"Hehe, I know!" Odd replied, giddily.

"You know what? I'm going."

"YES! Go play hide-and-seek for the next 16 hours, and call me when you get there." Odd waved him away.

Ulrich looked hesitantly at the sleek white plane, and took a few small baby steps toward the plane. Then tip-toeing to the open door of the plane, he peeked to the left and right. He saw Yumi talking to her manager, Sasha, and then heading to the right. Sasha headed to the left, into the airplane cockpit to talk with the pilot. The door automatically closed behind her.

Ulrich strained his neck to the right to see where Yumi was going.

The bathroom. Perfect.

Ulrich looked back to Odd, and gave him a thumbs-up sign. Odd returned the gesture, grinning from ear-to-ear. He began doing an idiotic break-dance song that he made up three years ago. He looked like another addition of The Retards.

Ulrich rolled his eyes and quickly scanned for a hiding place. He didn't have much time before Yumi came out. His eyes landed on the bottom of the seat.

He lowered himself to the ground, and crawled like a spider underneath the chair. He found a few cobwebs, and lots of dust. He came out, trying not to cough and sneeze. Besides, if someone sat there, he'd be squashed. He heard toilet paper ripping.


He quickly opened one of the three luggage storage closets. Two were stuffed with bags, the third one was empty except for one medium-sized bag. He climbed up one of the red, plushy seats and squished into the rather large storage. He closed the storage door, but left about a centimeter open so he could peek out.

As if on cue, the toilet flushed, the sink turned on, and in a few seconds, the door opened with Yumi stepping out. She looked around with a raised eyebrow. "I swear I thought I heard something moving…"

She shrugged it off, and plopped onto a row of red plushy seats, right under the storage closets, where Ulrich had a perfect view of her. He propped his head on his arm and stared at her gorgeous face and perfect body. It was all too unnatural. It really was, no one could be so perfect.

"Ah-ahhh…" Ulrich looked around the closet wildly, on the verge of sneezing. Must be the dust. No one ever bothers cleaning up luggage storages.

He quickly pressed his fingers on both sides of his nose, trying to hold it in. Yumi couldn't discover him. He'd be dead.

The urge to sneeze stopped. Ulrich let out an inaudible "phew".

"CHOO!" He sneezed, his eyes widening right afterwards.

"What?" Yumi gasped and stood up, bewildered. Her eyes landed on the luggage closet where the noise had come from. She instinctively flung open the door to come face to face with Ulrich.

"Ulrich!" she gaped.

"Oops." He gave her an adorable sheepish smile.

"Oh my god! I'm so glad you're here!" Yumi squealed, as she climbed onto the red plush seats. She enclosed her arms around his neck and kissed him happily. She barely noticed how daring she suddenly became, or how befuddled and astonished he looked.

He was about to kiss back when she pulled away. It was a 2-second kiss, but the feeling was amazing, but fled almost instantly when Yumi took her lips away from Ulrich's.

"Oh my god," Yumi repeated, as she stepped off the seats. "I am, so, so sorry. I truly am."

"What for?" Ulrich questioned, getting himself out of the tight closet.

"For kissing you." Yumi looked away on the ground.

"Why? I enjoyed it for the two seconds it lasted." Ulrich took Yumi's clasped hands and placed them in hers as he leaned forward. Yumi's eyes widened as his lukewarm lips made contact with hers. She had never before made-out for real. The other times were just for modeling and acting.

She kissed him back, freeing her hands from his, and placing them around his neck. They stood there making out for a while, as an unsuspected manager watched from a window in the cockpit.

"Hm, I knew they had the hots for each other." Sasha muttered, crossing her arms and grinning slightly.

"Wha-? I read in a magazine Yumi had no boyfriend," the pilot answered, his eyes stuck on the sky ahead.

"She doesn't," Sasha replied, "But now she does."

"It's good they're not in public. This would make the People magazine or something."

"Of course it would. But this is a real make-out session. If I weren't Yumi's manager, I would have already taken 10 pictures and sent them to a few hundred magazines."

Meanwhile, the two had pulled apart, flushed and humiliated.

"To tell you the truth," Yumi started, as she sank into a seat, her eyes locked on the floor of the airplane. Ulrich plopped down next to her, waiting patiently. "I've… been wishing for that for three years now."

Ulrich stayed silent, staring at her eyes and tried to see if she was lying or not. Her gleaming eyes showed compassion and truth. He stared at her for so long, Yumi was becoming afraid he didn't return those affections. "Truth is," he admitted, smiling. "I did too."

His smile faltered as he thought of the past. "That stupid William kid was the guy I hated."

"Oh, he was okay." Yumi shrugged. "We kissed once."

"WHAT?" Ulrich shouted, his eyes becoming wide, and jealousy brimming in his heart. "I waited three years for this, and you had already kissed another guy!" he shut his eyes and banged his head against the seat.

"He forced it though," Yumi argued. "I never really liked him. I loved you."

Ulrich did a double-take. "Loved?"

Yumi closed her eyes in distress and rested her head in her hands. "Maybe."

"I-I…" Ulrich shut himself up, and finally managed to utter, "Wow."

"Yeah. It was hard to admit at first, but I finally just admitted it to myself. I liked you a lot."

"You are amazing."

Yumi let out a giggle, as she raised her head from her hands. "Don't get corny on me. I've had to endure that too many times." She laughed as she placed her hand on her heart dramatically and raised an arm in the air, "My love for you burns like a thousand Suns. It is as deep as the wondrous blue ocean waters. I love you more than love and life itself!" she laughed hysterically. "Please! Come on, as romantic as it is, I can't stand such corniness."

Ulrich laughed nervously. Yumi's laughter died down, as she sighed. "I'm all worn out. You better hide before Sasha comes out."

On cue, Sasha walked out, and pretended to be shocked. "My, my, what do we have here?"

"Uh-um!" Yumi quickly hid Ulrich as she rushed in front of him. "What are you talking about, Sasha?" she asked innocently.

"… You're missing a spot." Sasha pointed out, pointing at his head.

"Um!" Yumi stuttered, as she went on her tippy-toes to hide Ulrich's head. Ulrich inhaled her sweet, flowery scent and died. Hah-hah, don't we all wish.

"Yumi, stop acting stupid and get off the sweaty boy." Sasha rolled her eyes, getting sarcastic and practical. She had mood swings often. "Look, I'll go back into the cockpit, and you two lovebirds can go back to your 3-year worth of making out. You have a lot of work to do."

"Teenagers…" she muttered as she walked back into the cockpit.

Yumi and Ulrich stared after her, open-mouthed. Then turned to each other, with eyes still as wide as plates.

"I-I think I'm going to go back and hide now…" Ulrich muttered.

Yumi, still shocked, nodded quietly and replied, "You go do that."



I arrived home late that night, as I've just been hanging out with the others at Yumi's mansion.

We had fun in Yumi's basement, A.K.A., the game arcade. Skye challenged me at the Ping Pong table and beat me at least ten times. Odd and Ashley stuffed food down their mouths at 500+ cph (chips per hour). I had asked Odd where Ulrich was, but he said Ulrich had sneaked into Yumi's jet. I wonder what he's going to do to her. Whatever, I'm sure Yumi wouldn't mind. She's insane about him anyway.

My mom greeted me as soon as I walked through the door of my house with a blustering, "Why are you home so late?" Typical parental question.

"I was hanging out with my friends, Mom." I answered. "Yumi went to Japan."


"To visit family and to put on a play in China or something, I don't know."

"What were you doing there?"

"Playing games down in her basement."

She gave me a suspicious look. "Anything else?"


She wasn't satisfied with my answer. She decided not to pester me for more information. She was always thinking that I was killed by a drunk driver, or gotten drunk myself, or taking pot or… yeah, you get the idea.

"Where's Justin?" I questioned, referring to my brother. I yawned, and stretched. Today had been an eventful day. Odd hallucinated, and thought that chips were confetti, so he threw the entire bag in the air. It was delicious, but we had spent the next hour on their hands and knees. Ashley didn't mind though, she jumped all over Odd whenever she got the chance. I don't think he minded either.

It looked… strange, to say the least.

"I think he's upstairs…" she replied, shrugging. "His entire life is on the computer. Oh! And I have wonderful news for you!"

"Mm-hmm?" I muttered, twirling around in circles dizzily.

"We're going to Hong Kong on Sunday!"

I stopped short of my circles. "Whoaaa, seriously!"

"Your cousin's getting married. Regina, I think."

"Oh, okay. I can't wait!" I grinned inwardly. "But that's in two days, right?"

"Better start packing." She shrugged.

As I took the stairs two at a time, I wondered what it'd be like to see my family again. It'd been six years since I had last see their friendly faces. I hadn't kept in contact with Chole either, so it would be a good time to catch up with each other.

As soon as I opened the door, I ran for my pillow, buried my face in it, and screamed.

No more stuffy, boring America for me.


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