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A "man" was driving an ice-cream truck and listening to the radio. All of a sudden, there was a newsflash.

"We interrupt all programming for a special report," The radio announcer said.

While the speech went on for a few minutes, the "man" shut off the radio, snickered to himself and continued driving. (It was Dr. Gelee.)

9:03 a.m. -- Road to Devil's Ski Lodge (A/n: I made up the time.)

The girls and I were riding on a school bus to a ski resort with our class for the entire weekend. I was sitting right behind them. Sam was wearing her green and white jacket and sweatpants. Clover was wearing her pink jacket and sweatpants, Alex was wearing her purple and green sweatshirt and sweatpants, and I was wearing my Makita Suzuki jacket with Davi Millsaps' last name on the back and underneath it was a 188, and matching Makita Suzuki sweatpants. (A/n: Yes I can wear everything motocross like.)

"Okay, guys, to maximize the success of our class ski trip, let's make sure we have our prairies straight: meeting boys, flirting with boys, and kissing boys," Clover said, looking excited.

"Do you have ANYTHING else on your mind other than boys, Clover?" I asked in disbelief, but I knew that Sam wouldn't go out with another boy, excluding David. We were all looking at Clover in disbelief in fact.

"You know, Clover, there are a lot more things to do at ski resorts," Sam said to Clover.

"What Sam said," I improvised.

"Did you girls know this is actually my 2nd time I'm going to a ski resort? The first time was Christmas '99, at Big Bear in your native California, but the first time with my class."

"Are you serious, Mathew?" Sam said to me.

"Mm-hmm," I said back to Sam.

"Besides, like Sam said, there's a lot more things to do at ski resorts like pucks and snowboarding. Anyone wanna come with?" Alex said.

"Nah. Count me out. I'm on a mission to take some cool photos with my new digi-cam," Sam answered.

"Can I tag along, Sammy?" I asked.

"Because I originally was gonna learn how to ride a snowmobile from a friend of mines, but he's unfortunately at a race as we speak."

Sam thought about it for a moment.

"Sure, why not. You prove to be a pretty quiet kind of guy."

"Thanks," I said back to Sam as we hit each other's fists gently.

"What about you, Clover?" Alex offered.

"No thanks; I'm on a mission to snag the hottest guy at the resort," Clover answered.

"That's easy, the hottest guy on the PLANET is right next to us," Alex said, pointing at David.

David was looking out the window and listening to a CD player he brought along.

"Hey, David. What'cha listening to?" Clover asked.

David couldn't hear Clover. He was too busy getting lost in his music.

"Whatever," Clover said under her breath.

"Once I have my new outfit on, he'll notice me for sure."

She reached into her jacket pocket right below the left side of her chest and took out some pink goggles.

"Check out these rad goggles,"

The 4 of us began to walk towards an unaware David.

"Oh, this should be good," I whispered to Sam.

"I know," Sam said.

"Hey, David," Clover was about to say until Mandy's friends toppled Alex and Clover over.

"The only guy you'll snag with those lame goggles is Arnold; Besides, he wears a pair just like them in Chems lab," Mandy said and began to snicker.

"Talking smack just like usual, are ya, Mandy," I said in sarcasm.

"You know who you remind me of? Mike Alessi, the guy who in 2004, in his first race at Millville in the 250cc class, said, 'I'm gonna win it all, and I'm gonna get it my way,', and whaddya know, he didn't. That's talking smack, and that's exactly what you're doing. Should I call you 'Mandy Alessi' from now on, Mandy Alessi?"

Sam was snickering in the process, and everyone was laughing at Mandy, except David and Arnold because Arnold had headphones on connected to his laptop computer.

"Don't feel bad, Clover," Mandy said, shrugging off what I had said to her.

"We all can't have one-of-a-kind ski outfits,"

"One-of-a-kind? The red ski outfit is identical to my spy outfit," Clover said under her breath.

10:12 a.m. -- Mountain Chalet

We reached the mountain chalet in an hour or so, and we began to get off the bus. Clover looked over to her right and noticed a pro snowboarder named Todd and he was busting his moves over the jumps. Clover was going head over heals, AGAIN.

"Wow! Move over, David. I found my hottie," Clover said to herself as hearts formed in her eyes.

"Here we go again, girls," I said to Alex and Sam.

"Absolutely," Sam and Alex said agreeing with me.

Todd was signing himself up for the ski jump competition.

"Yeah, my jumps are rad! Fakies, eggplants, big twists, I do it all. Downhill race is all mine. Gonna waste the competition,"

"Now there's a real smack talker," I whispered to the girls.

"Yep. Mathew's right. And you could so beat him, Alex," Sam said.

"Definitely," I said, agreeing with Sam.

"You two think?" Alex said.

"We know," Sam answered in total confidence.

"Besides, he's just a real smack talker like when I mentioned about Mike Alessi on the bus ride here," I added.

Meanwhile, Clover was running towards Todd.

"Snowboarding is so much cooler than skiing. You can tell by the outfits. Can you teach me how?"

"Alright," Todd said, feeling too confident in himself.

"Todd," Mandy said, calling him over.

"Want a cup of my hot mochachino whipped supreme?"

"Alright," Todd said and walked off with Mandy.

"Did I mention I snowboard and surf?" Mandy added.

Clover was really ticked off at seeing that.

"You okay, Clover?" Sam asked.

"I'm fine! This ski buddy doesn't give up without a fight," Clover answered and stormed off, causing some fire to burn and we got burned all over our bodies (Sam, Alex, and me.)

"It's gonna be one of those weekends, isn't it?" Alex said.

"But why this one?" I said in disgrace.

We began to walk into the hallways to our room for the weekend.

"Okay, after that bus ride with Mandy, I can't wait to just kick it," Clover said to us.

"I can't wait to take a short snooze before I go out into that wild side with Sam," I said.

"Obviously you can't wait until you and I hit it, are you, Mathew?" Sam assumed.

"Yep," I said.

"Yeah, absolutely, and it'll be nice to get some peace and quiet before we hit the slopes," Alex added.

Clover inserted the card into the slot and opened up the door. When we walked in, we saw, none other than Mandy! Clover, and Mandy screamed.

"NO WAY!" We all screamed.

"You have got to be kidding! I specifically asked for a single suite," Mandy screamed.

"Please tell me this totally isn't happening!" Clover said in disgrace. Sam, Alex and I were both dumbfounded. Our mouths were still struck open, but I was about ready to fall over.

Clover took out her compowder and called Jerry, who was reading the paper.

"Girls, Mathew, calm down," Jerry said to us.

"Calm down? How in the living damn are we gonna calm down when we're sharing a room with our greatest enemy!" I screamed in disbelief.

"Mathew's right, Jerry. You're our only hope of us escaping Mandy!" Clover whined.

"I'm sorry you 4, but high school rivalries do not fall under my concern," Jerry said.

"But Mandy's more of a menace than any other villain we've faced," Alex said.

"Can't you scrape together a mission?" Sam asked.

"A cat up a tree? Anything?" Clover added.

"And we don't give a damn what?" I added.

"The world doesn't need saving today. So, the best suggestion I can offer is for you 4 to relax and enjoy your mission free weekend," Jerry said and he hung up.

We all looked at each other in disbelief.

"Sometimes I feel like I wanna just deck (or punch) you, Jerry," I said after we all hung up on each other.

Meanwhile Mandy was making the rules to us.

"F.Y.I. you 4, I'll be taking this bed. You 4 can share the other one," Mandy said to us.

"Okay, newsflash, Mandy: none of us wanted to share sheets with you anyway," Clover said to her.

"So, what happened to Todd? Did you run out of hot chocolate or did he just run?"

"Puh-lease! Todd wanted to get a few more runs in before the race. We're hooking up together after the race," Mandy answered.

She began to walk by our stuff.

"What's this?" Mandy asked as she picked up Sam's camera.

"My camera, and you can stop pawing at any time, you're gonna--"

But Sam couldn't finish her sentence because Mandy lost grip on her camera and dropped it on the floor.

"Drop it," Sam said, finishing her sentence.

"Oops," Mandy said to Sam, apologizing.

All of a sudden, Mandy's butt accidentally knocked Alex's snowboard and knocked it down to the floor.

"My snowboard!" Alex cried.

"Watch it, klutz!" I said.

"And what's this supposed to be?" Mandy said picking up my small MP3 Player.

"That's my MP3 player. And if you were smart you'd put it down because I've already dropped it once by accident and I don't want--"

Just like Sam's camera, Mandy dropped my MP3 Player on the carpet.

"It to happen again," I said finishing my sentence.

Mandy's clumsiness continued as her butt bumped the table and spilled her hot chocolate on Clover's jacket.

"My outfit!" Clover screamed.

"Whoops," Mandy said.

She looked at her hand.

"Oh! Ohhh! That's just great! I chipped a nail on your junk!"

"Okay, let's get out of here, now!" Sam said steamed.

"Absolutely, and get away from this idiotic klutz!" I added.

We stomped out of the room, leaving Mandy all alone.

12:36 p.m. -- Ice Rink Field

Meanwhile, Todd was playing some ice hockey with some friends and Clover was watching from the sidelines.

"Operation: Snag Todd, take 2," Clover said to herself.

Meanwhile, Todd had scored another goal firing the puck with his stick into the goal, right past the goalie. Clover skated over to him.

"Man, snowboarding, hockey, skating, is there anything you can't do?" Clover asked.

"Yeah, lose," Todd answered.

"Well, I'm a pretty good skater myself," Clover said to Todd.

She started to twirl around gracefully like a ballerina on ice, until she jumped while still twirling, and fell down. Clover landed on her back. Todd skated over to see if she was okay.

"Ouch, that so hurt," Clover said as Todd picked up her right arm.

"Oh, Todd?" Mandy said, calling him over and being very competitive with Clover.

"Could you help me? These laces are so tricky; Is it right over left or left over right?"

Todd skated over to Mandy, leaving Clover laying on the ground.

"Is this a cool joke?" Clover asked herself.

Just when she was about to stand up, the ice was starting to break into a circle around her. When it was fully made into a circle, she fell into the cold, icy water.

"Help me somebody! Anybody!" Clover screamed, but nobody heard her.

"Never mind, I'm fine."

She climbed out of the water, but quickly realized something.

"Since when does ice break in a perfect circle? Someone did this on purpose,"

Clover groaned as she looked at her outfit, which was totally soaked.

"Skate much, Clover?" Mandy asked sarcastically.

Clover started steaming up inside of herself.

1:02 p.m. -- Devil's Peak Cablecar

Meanwhile, in another part of the ski resort, Sam, David and I were riding in a cablecar with a whole lot of other people, and holding skis. I was standing right next to Sam, who was standing right next to David.

"So, David, this resort is pretty cool, huh?" Sam asked David as she started blushing. I didn't really mind her doing that.

"Yeah, but to build it they probably had to cut down some old forests, which in turn, probably left a lot of endangered species homeless," David said coldly.

"Ouch," I said to myself, and to Sam.

"Definitely," Sam whispered back to me.

Sam could feel David's pain, but she quickly shrugged it off.

"The view's pretty romantic, if you have a guy to share it with like how I'm with Mathew," Sam said to David.

"So I noticed," David said to her.

When the cablecar slowed to a stop, everyone started getting off.

"Don't give up, Sam. I'll keep my eyes open for you and Mathew," David said and got off the cablecar.

Sam was frustrated, but I put a comforting hand on her shoulder. She groaned.

"Crash and burn! Next year, I'm taking Flirting 101; I am so not good at this!"

Just when she was about ready to get off as was me, the cablecar door closed with the two of us inside.

"Hey wait!" Sam screamed.

"What's the big idea!" I said in surprisement.

It looked like the cablecar was getting a little faster.

"Um, Sam. Is it me or is this thing getting faster?" I said to Sam.

"I think you're right, Mathew," Sam said back to me.

All of a sudden, the cablecar wire snapped and Sam and me fell down and landed on a cliff next to a 35 foot drop below.

End of chapter.

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