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We were all hanging from a tree. Sam and Clover were hanging from a branch, Alex was hanging from the trunk, Mandy was hanging from Clover's waist, and I was hanging from Sam's torso. Sam, Clover, Alex and I were calm while the avalanche passed by us, but Mandy was shaken with fear.

"This whole thing is entirely my fault," Mandy said in her fear.

"I'm sorry for being so horrible. If I ever get out of this alive, I'll never call you another name,"

Thank you, I thought to myself.

"Thanks," Sam said in relief.

"Or make fun of your clothes," Mandy added.

"What's wrong with our clothes?" Alex asked.

"And what about me?" I added.

"Or steal your boyfriends," Mandy added one more time.

"And how can I make fun of your clothes, Mathew; You wear the same thing to school everyday."

"Thank you," I said.

"Okay, now you're speakin' my language; It's a deal," Clover said, starting to team up with Mandy.

As all of us let go from the tree, all of us landed on our feet, but Mandy landed on her butt in the snow.

"Alex, you take care of Mandy; Clover, Mathew and I will go after Gelee," Sam ordered.

Alex and Mandy were running in the race with Todd, but they were way behind. Mandy was hanging on Alex's upper back.

"Wow, where did you get these rad boots?" Mandy asked Alex.

"From W.O.-- uh, Switzer-land; They're the next trend in winterwear," Alex answered.

Mandy screamed as Alex started going a little faster.

"Waaahhhhhh! Black and blue are not my best colors. Can't we slow down?"

"Not if we wanna win this race," Alex responded.

"What race?" Mandy asked.

"Hold on tight, girlfriend," Alex said.

The dynamic duo started inching closer to Todd, who was way out in front.

8:30 p.m. -- Champion's Run

Todd was enjoying a nice 4 second lead over Mandy and Alex, who were starting to catch up. Mandy screamed when they were inching up on Todd. Her and Alex had closed the gap up to just under a second.

"Give it up, girls. No one beats Todd," Todd said to them.

"That's weird," Mandy said.

"Did he just refer to himself in the 3rd person?"

"Yeah, and that's exactly where he's gonna finish in this race; Behind the two of us," Alex pointed out.

Nearing down the home stretch of the race, only one more ski jump stood in between the finish line. Todd hit it first, then Mandy and Alex. All of a sudden, Todd lost the lead to the girls, which caused him to lose his focus. As a result, instead of landing on his board, he landed on his head as he fell into the snow. Mandy and Alex had took the lead and took the checkered flag. They had won the race. Alex and Mandy received a standing ovation from

Meanwhile, Clover, Sam and I were snowboarding our way to stop Gelee, who was right in front of us on a snowmobile.

"Your escape was a lucky break," Gelee sneered at us.

"You 3 are still no match for me."

"You might wanna rethink that, dude. Rethink it to talkin' smack, Gelee," I said.

Gelee continued driving the snowmobile until he stopped at a chasm.

"We've got you cornered," Sam said.

"I wouldn't be so sure," Gelee sneered again, taking out one of the girls' laser lipsticks and melted some of the snow, then drove off.

"He's using our gadgets against us!" Sam said.

"We better get used to this," I said to the girls, but it was too late.

We had nowhere to go but the rocky road and we fell down the chasm. Just when it looked like curtains for us, Jerry caught us, courtesy of him flying the W.O.O.H.P. jet. (A/n: A side note: All that was in that backpack I stored in my pocket in the last chapter was all small gadgets.)

"Nice catch, Jerr," Clover commented.

"For sure; 6 points, Jerry," I improvised.

"Yes, I wish I could say the same for you," Jerry said to us, looking disappointed.

"Well, we're trying, but--" Sam said until I cut her off.

"But Gelee took our backpacks and we've been having trouble since," I said.

"If at first you don't succeed, you 3, try try again," Jerry said to us, giving us 3 extra packs of the same gadgets to us. Then, he ejected us out of the jet.

Meanwhile, back at the winner's circle, Alex and Mandy just received their gold trophy for winning the race. A minute later, Alex saw us.

"What happened? What's wrong?" Alex asked.

"Gelee got away. We lost him," Sam said.

"But I've got a feeling he's close by," I said.

In the meantime, Mandy was eyeing the trophy.

"This trophy looks cheesy? Do you think it's gold? I mean it could be bronze painted gold.

Sam looked at the reflection off the glass. Gelee stood on his snowmobile holding one of the girls' laser lipsticks and firing it at us.

"Clover, Alex, Mathew!"

But it was too late. Gelee fired the laser lipstick at us, but we got another lucky break; Instead of hitting one of us, it reflected off the glass of the trophy and fired at the mountain. An avalanche started and pummeled Gelee. We all looked over at it.

"Sweet!" I said clenching my fists together like I had won a race or something when I saw the avalanche smother Gelee.

"Am I dreaming or did Mandy just save us?" Clover asked in surprise.

9:50 p.m. -- Super Soaker Sauna

Back at the chalet, we were in the sauna having our baths. Mandy was telling her two lackeys all about what happened.

"Oh totally. Alex totally outboarded that inconceived Todd," Mandy said

Meanwhile, we were also getting ready for a dip. The girls were wearing their bathing suits and I was wearing my Mach 1 Yamaha T-shirt with Heath Voss' last name on the back and underneath it was a 13, and some black and blue shorts.

"Wow, look you guys," Sam said to us, holding her digital camera.

"What is it, Sam?" I asked after I took out a bottle of water I packed along in a lunch bag with an ice pack inside to keep it cool.

"My camera must have been on while we were chasing Gelee and the avalanche. I got some steller shots after all,"

"Sammy, that's awesome," Alex commented.

"That's great," I said excited for her. I even gave her a pat on her shoulders.

"Everything worked out perfectly. And now we're all gonna be B.F.F.'s," Mandy also said to her two friends.

"Best Friends Forever?" Mandy's two friends said.

"Shall we take a relaxing soak, girlfriends, and guy friend?" Mandy asked us.

We did just that, but before I went inside, I took off my shirt. I even sat next to Sam and wrapped my arm around her shoulder. Then, Todd walked right by Clover.

"Hey, uh, I never noticed but, you're pretty easy on the eyes. Mind if I join you?" Todd asked Clover.

"Uh, sorry, Todd. I'm not interested in recycled goods," Clover scoffed as Todd walked away. Mandy was speechless.

"You devious, horrible person!" Mandy said angrily, standing up.

"What's your problem, girl?" I said.

"Yeah, Mandy. What are you talking about?" Clover asked.

"Oh, now I see: You had me kidnapped so you could have Todd all to yourself. I can see right through your little game of hard to get!" Mandy snapped.

"Earth to Mandy: Clover risked her life to save her; we all did, even Mathew," Sam said.

"Yeah, I'd bust my butt on anything if Sam was kidnapped," I pointed out.

"I bet you 4 were in cahoots with that Gelee guy! I should've never trusted you wanna-bes!" Mandy said and stormed out of the sauna.

"The only wanna-be is friends," Alex said.

Mandy didn't believe her.

"Hmph. I don't appreciate with two based backstabbers. Girls, I am moving into your room for the rest of our vacation. But I need my own bed,"

Mandy's friends ran back with her and with evil looks on their faces.

"That friendship was short-lived," Sam said.

"You said it," I said to Sam.

"We should have left her on the mountain," Alex added.

"Double you said it," I said to Alex.

"Look on the upside, girls. We accomplished our mission," Clover pointed out.

"True, Gelee is gone for good," Sam said agreeing with Clover.

"And up to his neck in broken bones," I added.

"I've always wanted to say that."

"Not that mission, Sammy," Clover pointed out.

"We finally got Mandy out of our room!"

"And off our backs," I added.

"Yeah!" Alex and Sam said happily and began splashing water at us like little kids.

"Hey, watch my water," I said.

The end.

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