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Crash And Burn

Sitting down in his desk in the front row, 15-year-old James Isaac Neutron stared blankly out the window as the rain poured down in buckets. Mrs. Fowl, who was surprising still alive and stillteaching the same kids, started to take attendance despite the fact that there were still several empty desks. The late bell hadn't rang, so Jimmy didn't answer when his name was called. There was nothing unusual about this dark and dismal day.

Jimmy turned to his best friend since fourth grade; Carlton Ulysses Wheezer; who had been drawing a picture of, what else, a llama. Thankfully his artistic skills had gotten way better since the fifth grade.

"Hey Carl. What's up?"

Carl didn't even look up from his drawing. "Nothing much, Jim. This field trip to the observatory is gonna be great, isn't it?"

"Yeah," Jimmy muttered.

To be honest, he thought it was going to be quite boring. There were countless times that he, as a young boy of eleven, had went there to show them pictures of planets and stars that he himself had taken with his own telescope. They had turned him down several times when they soon realized that he could be a threat to their jobs, and he had eventually given up on it.

"Ah, there's nothing that great about it," Sheen Juarerra Estavez, who had walked in and sat in his seat behind unnoticed, stated.

"Hey Sheen," Jimmy and Carl said nonchalantly in unison.

"Uh oh, Jimmy, blonde-haired witch approaching from the east," Sheen said looking beyond Jimmy as he sank lower in his seat.

Jimmy turned as the blonde head of Cynthia Aurora Vortex pushed her way through the door, followed by her usual group of giggling followers. She scanned the classroom, then found what she was searching for, and walked up to Jimmy's desk placing her hands delacately on the front of it.

"Well, looks like Neutron's here and ready to go, just like I said Libby. You owe me five bucks," She leaned away from Jimmy to say this to Liberty Danielle Folfax; her dark-skinned best friend; then turned back to Jimmy.

"What's that supposed to mean?" He said, a hint of anger in his voice.

"Oh, nothing," She left his desk and sat in her own, which was to the right of his. "I just made a bet with Libby that you were going to definately be here because you wouldn't want to miss a trip to your favorite place in the world."

The sarcasm hurt him, but he wouldn't let it show. That would be disastrous for him. He thought for a moment.

"Oh yeah, you just know me...so...well..." His sentence was broken into fragments as he looked up and saw that she was no longer paying attention to him, but engaged in a passionate kiss with her boyfriend of three months.

Jimmy wanted to take his eyes off of the scene, but he couldn't. His mind told him that there was nothing wrong with Cindy Vortex and Nick Dean going out, but whenever he saw them...especially when they would hold hands, or...kiss...it would tear him apart inside, and he would just start to stare at her. Cindy, the one that got away.

"Uh...Nerdtron...you okay?" His thoughts were interrupted and he saw a hand wave in front of his face. His eyes traveled up the arm of the hand and saw that the owner was Nick.

"Yeah, I'm fine! Why do you want to know!" He said, a little too quickly. Cindy looked at him with concern, but Nick didn't see this and stood up from where he was leaning against the desk to put his hands up in defense.

"Hey man, whatever. Be cool, alright?" He walked to his usual seat in the back as the late bell rang. Cindy just glared at Jimmy.


"Did you have to go and bite his head off?" She said, and before he could retort Mrs. Fowl stood up in front of the class.

"Alright, children, settle down so we can get on the bus!" She beckoned in her usual poultry voice, but it didn't seem to phase them. "I SAID SETTLE DOWN!"

Instantly silence spread like a disease and everyone was sitting forward, wide-eyed. "Alright, then, we're now ready to load the bus. Everyone get in a single file line at the door and start to head out."

As Jimmy stood up besides Cindy, he noticed out of the corner of his eye that she was staring at him. He turned to look at her all the way, but she pretended to be looking at someone beyond him and he just shook his head. When they got in line; Carl, Sheen, Jimmy, Cindy, then Libby; Cindy stepped over to the side a little and swung her foot up backwards so that it hit Jimmy square in the butt.

He spun around as she turned to talk to Libby, and both the girls giggled at him when they saw the look of annoyance that he was shooting her.

She took her seat next to Libby on the bus, but noticed that for some reason, Libby wasn't paying any attention to her. She was about to say something, but then Jimmy and Sheen took the seat across the aisle from them.

"Hey Cindy, do you mind switching seats with Sheen so I can sit with him? I promise I'll sit with you on the way back." She glanced at the two boys, who seemed to be having a similar conversation.


"Awww, c'mon Cindy! Please?" She gave Cindy her best pleading face. She thought for a minute, but finally nodded. "Yes!" Libby shot her fist into the air.

Instantly, Cindy felt herself lifted up and placed into the seat with Jimmy as she replaced her. Sheen just smiled and then hesitantly put his arm around Libby. Libby looked taken aback by this and backed away, then realized that he was only trying to put his arm around her and blushed. Jimmy and Cindy just looked at each other and started laughing, but then realized that they had to sit with one another and resumed their silent protests.

Jimmy looked out the window at the passing cars. They had only been driving for half an hour, and they still had another half an hour to go.

Way ahead on the opposite side of the highway, was a huge semi-truck that was swerving just ever so slightly, but he thought nothing of it and continued looking at anything but Cindy. Mrs. Fowl stood up and, holding onto her seat so she didn't lose her balance, started to talk about the observatory. Glancing at her for a split second, Jimmy saw the same semi-truck that was swerving coming straight at them.

It was about to hit the bus head on, and Jimmy pulled Cindy under his arm protectively, covering his head protectively with his other arm. She looked at him with confusion in her eyes and then looked up, screaming when she saw what was coming at us.

That triggered screams to escape from almost all of their female classmates. The bus driver swerved, but it was no use, and the semi-truck collided head on with the bus. It pushed the bus down the highway a bit, then came to a stop. But they still weren't safe.

A foul stench found his nose, and Jimmy jumped as he realized that the container the semi-truck was carrying gasoline. There was an explosion from the front of the bus. He looked at Cindy shortly, and said the words he thought would never leave the confines of his mind. This is almost funny in a ironic way, Jimmy thought.

As Cindy was moving closer to him, they heard a scream come from next to them. Jimmy looked over and saw, through all the flames, that Sheen was laying unconcious on the seat next to Libby, flames eating away his body. Libby looked up at us one last time and then flames consumed her too. A tear rolled down Cindy's cheek, and then everything was silent.

Jimmy popped his head up over the seat slowly and ducked back down, an explosion erupting from the wrecked gasoline tank and consuming everyone.

The last thing that Jimmy saw was Cindy reaching for him, her eyes pleading as flames grasped her and slowly burned away the beautiful blonde-haired, green-eyed girl. She had looked so peaceful, like an angel. The same flames threatened to take Jimmy with them, and without any resistance, Jimmy gave in and the flames ate him too. Then everything was black.

So, how was that for a first chapter? I know that it was kind of short and apocalyptic, but I'll try and make the next chapter better. And I felt like I could've explained the crash better, but I'm kind of in a hurry. Oh well, R & R!