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A thunderous boom sounded off in the close distance and lightning split through the sky a second later, its white hot light making it temporarily the middle of the day. The thunderstorm seemed to reflect many a person's mood that night, and continued to pour down in sheets. Cindy sighed deeply from beside Jimmy on the porch.

"It's not supposed to be like this..." She whispered to herself.

"What do you mean?" Jimmy turned his head sharply in her direction.

"The rest of us should all be able to see signs, right?" The blonde girl's eyes examined his face intensely.


She hesitated to say anything, and glanced warily towards the window that framed Libby and Carl almost like a picture frame. Jimmy, taking the hint, leaned forward with his ear next to her mouth.


"What?" Jimmy asked anxiously. "Wha-what about him?"

"I think he's going to die next." The monotonous tone of her voice was extremely morbid. Jimmy didn't like this side of Cindy, and gently grabbed her arm.

"How do you know?" Desperation was apparent in his eyes. Her eyes began to water. "Cindy, how!"

The only thing that any of them heard for a moment was the sound of the rain falling down to the silent earth beneath them.

"I'll prove it wrong."

Jimmy removed his hand immediately as if some unknown force field had activated around her.

"I'll show Death that it's not always right." She reached around her back and pulled a scythe-shaped knife from her belt.

His eyes grew wide with fear and a lump caught in his throat. The beauty and innocence of the rain was ruined by the glimmer and deathliness of the blade. She placed the blade an inch away from her wrist, her eyes not leaving the face of the emotionally pained boy.

"Cindy, don't!" He cried, gripping her wrist firmly.

She pulled away without success and began to tug on the knife, trying to bring it closer to her chest.

"You don't know what you're doing! Cindy, c'mon!" He resisted her as best as he could, but still the knife slipped closer and closer to her.

"I'm gonna end all of this! I'm gonna end it now!" She exclaimed and she pulled the knife towards her with all her strength.

Jimmy had the sickening feeling that something bad was going to happen. He had closed his eyes as he had felt the knife lunge forward, hands still on her wrists. Opening one eye at a time at the sound of a corpse-like thud, he gasped as he saw Cindy lying on the floor of the deck with an expression of anger. Lightning flashed and he looked up to see Libby above her in a nightmarish stance, gripping the knife as if she herself were going to thrust it into Cindy's chest for her. Instead, she dropped the knife with a clang and kneeled down next to Cindy.

She helped her up and Cindy leaned her back against the railing. "Come here."

An embrace later found them staring up at the sky in a stunned and reverent silence, just taking in the beauty of life. Jimmy spared a glimpse at Cindy, who was tracing her vein up and down her arm. He lightly touched her and she stopped, but didn't look up.

"You should've just let me kill myself..." She whispered to them both.

"No, I don't think that would solve anything. The last thing I would've needed right now was for you to die. It-It would mess me up pretty bad."

She lifted her beautiful emerald orbs to his blue ones, question written all over her face. "Why are you so persistent?"

He hadn't expected this. Sure, he was persistent…in many things, actually, but he knew exactly what she meant. It was best for him to try to play stupid.

"Persistent as in what?"

"You know exactly what. Persistent in pursuing me."

"Because…" Hadn't he explained himself before? And, if not recently, a million times by most?

She gazed at him unchangingly, waiting for an answer. "Because I love you, okay?"

Her silence beckoned him to continue. "And you know that I do. I have ever since I met you, and I've told you…I don't know how many times!"

Libby, now the third wheel, stood and walked slowly into the cabin.

"We can never be together-"

"Stop saying that! We could be; why are you so sure that we couldn't?"

"We just aren't meant for each other."

Suddenly he felt like something was missing. He stood up swiftly and turned on his heel to look into the window.

"Cindy...uh...Where's Carl?"

"He said he was going to cook something earlier." She replied without even looking at him.

"I need you to get as far away from this cabin as possible. Now." The girl jumped up and walked slowly towards the steps. She was confused, but she knew that he had foreseen something horrible.

He ran into the building, screaming out for his best friend as his heart began to pound furiously against his chest. "Carl!"

"Yeah, Jim, what is it?" His familiar sinus-clogged voice called from the kitchen in a nonchalant way.

"Carl, you have to get out of here! Something…is gonna…explode…" In between breaths, the warning seemed extremely irrational.

"Don't worry about it, nothing's gonna explode." Many things happened then. In what seemed like a split second of forever, Carl began to advance towards Jimmy in a questioning manner, accidentally bumping into a knife the was somehow unknowingly rigged to spring forward at the slightest movement against it. It landed with an odd and disturbing noise in the back of his lower shin, causing Carl to fall to the ground with an agonizing scream of pain. And if you've ever at the least strained a tendon or muscle in the back of your shin of your Achilles' tendon, then you'd know just how much it hurts.

"Hang on Carl, just hang on!" The knife was obviously not enough to kill him, no matter how intense the pain was, but it did make Carl a sedentary target for Death.

Jimmy frantically skittered past the oven in search of a towel to cut off the blood to his leg, when a horrible smell reached his nostrils and almost burned his eyes out with realization. He looked from Carl, then back to the stove, then back to Carl. It was a tough decision, and Jimmy couldn't leave Cindy and Libby alone if he died, but he couldn't just abandon Carl like that.

"GO!" Carl screeched in terror. "GET OUT NOW!"

The stove burst in flames and the smell became ever more present. Jimmy had seen cases like this on the discovery channel. When a person's life in threatened, of they are in excruciating pain like the kind that Carl was in now, then they would often resort to irrational thinking, or near-insanity. For some reason he couldn't bring to mind any thought that would not have helped the situation, nor could he use one of his inventions to save Carl. This time, it was out of his reach.

"GET OUT!" His voice cracked with insanity and he screamed as his leg was twisted in pain.

Jimmy sprinted out of the cabin as the gas mixed with a flame and…he remembered dropping to the ground and blacking out, hearing his name being called from ahead of him.

I saw him fall down. Like an angel, like a soldier that had gotten shot. My pitiful cries to him fell on deaf ears. I dropped down to the ground as the force of the explosion could've reached to where we were standing. War was never beautiful, but there was a sort of pride in it that she had never been able to understand. I suppose that other soldiers would've told me to suck it up, if I was on a battlefield. The profanities and cruelties dragged themselves along with the realization that he wasn't moving. What do soldiers do when they see a good friend or a brother fall from a bullet? Do they get the same gut feeling that I'm getting now? I feel almost nauseous, but I fight it down and l glanced toward the lifeless lump in the charred grass. Then I ran to him.

"Jimmy!" I knelt down by his side, and Libby followed suit. "Jimmy, c'mon, wake up!"

"Cindy, he just blacked out, he'll be fine." She placed a friendly hand on my cold shoulder.

"No, I want to be sure that he'll be fine!" I looked towards him slowly, and then smacked him.

Hard. Way harder than I meant to, if I even meant to at all. I swear the nervous system is too quick for my own good.

He began to sit up, rubbing his head. I began to smile as Libby shot me a look of utter disorientation.

"Glad you're awake," Libby stated. "I don't know what Cindy would've done if you hadn't woken up."

"Carl's dead…" Jimmy stared out in front of him blankly. "I…left him there…"

Libby and I exchanged looks of sorrow, and we helped him stand up. "Come on, let's get out of here." I said.

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