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..:Shattered Glass Chapter 1:..

Rain poured down outside of the Taisho mansion as Inuyasha scowled for what seemed like the millionth time that day, as he slouched in the couch that he was currently sitting on. "No" Inuyasha said over and over again.

"Inuyasha you are now at the rightful age, which means you are obligated to get a slave." Inutaishou growled at his son. Inuyasha knew that his father wanted him to get a slave, he apparently 'needed' one since he just turned 17, but to Inuyasha that was a load of crap..

"Well I don't want some stinking human following me around all the time!" Inuyasha protested as he ran his clawed hand though his silvery hair, which made his ears twitch...

"I don't care your getting one whether you like it or not! Tomorrow you are going to go to The Center and picking out a slave. If you do not come home with a slave then, I will go chose one for you." Inutaishou threatened back.

"Fine, whatever" Inuyasha said as he got up off the couch and angrily went to his room. Inuyasha slammed the door to his room shut, he then made his way to his bed and laid down on top of the sheets. 'Damn it! I don't see why I need a slave anyway, I don't want some stupid human following me around.' Inuyasha thought angrily as he looked outside to see that it was still raining. 'I don't see why you are

obligated to get a slave when you turn 17, I think it's bogus' Inuyasha thought as he drifted to sleep..

Next Morning..
Inuyasha woke the next morning by someone shaking his shoulder trying to wake him up. Inuyasha scowled "Buzz off" he said as he tried to get the person to stop shaking him and let him go back to sleep..

"Come on, Inu time to wake up" a males voice said as Inuyasha sat up immediately..

"Miroku, what the hell are you doing here?" Inuyasha asked. Miroku Kazana was one of their house 'slaves' that worked in the kitchen. Miroku had been staying at the Taisho mansion since he was 5 years old, when he one day showed up outside their gates, naked. Soon after that Inuyasha and Miroku became friends..

"Your father sent me up here to tell you that he wants you to go to The Center and get a slave, he also said that he wanted me to come with you to make sure that you get one." Miroku said.

"Fine, I'll be down in 10 minutes, but leave now so I can get dressed" Inuyasha said grumpily.

"Alright" Miroku said as he left the room. 10 minutes later Inuyasha came downstairs wearing a red muscle shirt and dark blue jeans that were slightly baggy..

"Let's go" Inuyasha said as he walked past Miroku and headed for the door..

" I take it your not to happy about your father having you get a slave?" Miroku said as he got into Inuyasha's Silver Lexus..

"Ohh aren't you observant" Inuyasha scowled as he started up the car and headed to The Center..

An hour later Inuyasha and Miroku made their way though the doors of The Center, and made there way up to the reception desk up ahead..

"Hello and welcome! What can I do for you today?" the overly cheery girl who looked no older then 15 said.

"I am here to get a slave." Inuyasha said in a monotone voice..

"Okay then if you go to my left and go straight down there will someone waiting for you to tell you what you need to know." the girl said as she pointed to the left. Inuyasha and Miroku lazily went down the corridor until they came upon a girl who had short black hair who immediately came up to them when she spotted them..

"Hi im Yura and I will follow you down to the slave quarters, so if you find some one you want I can get the proper paper work for you." Yura said.

"Fine" Inuyasha said gruffly.

"Okay now before we get started I need to know what age range you would like you slave to be in" Yura said.

"No one below the age of 15 and no one above the age of 17" Inuyasha said..

"Okay" Yura said "You will want to go down that hall over there, now one either side of that hall there is a room with a glass window so you can see into it below the window is the data and picture of that person in the cell there are usually two people to a cell and the girls are on the left side of the hall and the guys or on the right side of the hall. Do you understand that?".

"Yes" Inuyasha said.

"Good now lets proceed" Yura said as she led them down to the hall where the slaves were in. Inuyasha looked into the first window on the girls side and saw a cheery looking girl with wavy brown hair chatting and giggling to another girl with short black hair. Inuyasha just kept looking through the windows till he came to the last one-or the one he thought was the last one..

"Did you see any one that you wanted" Yura asked.

"No" Inuyasha said in a monotone voice.

"Well that was the last of them you could always got to another wing to see, the age might be a bit different but there are more" Yura said.

"Fine" Inuyasha said as he started to turn around and follow Yura when.

"Inuyasha STOP!" Miroku yelled suddenly.

"What is it Miroku?" Inuyasha asked slightly irritated.

"There's still another cell down here but it seems to be away from the others."Miroku said.

"Okay fine, I'll go look" Inuyasha said as he headed back down the hall to the last window..

Looking into the last window Inuyasha saw a girl with waist length raven hair and chocolate brown eyes sitting on her bed just staring at the floor with a frown on her face, she was the only one in the room. Though, something about her made Inuyasha want to meet her. Picking up the Information sheet it said:

Name: Kagome Higurashi.
Age: 16.
Birthday: May 8.
Gender: Female.
Family: None.
In The Center since: 4 years old.

Dropping the sheet Inuyasha looked once more at the girl and said to Yura " I want her".

"But sir, there area lot of better slaves to chose from I mea-" Yura was saying when Inuyasha cut her off.

"I don't care I want her so get her ready and I will pay for her at the front desk" Inuyasha said with a scowl..

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