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Shattered Glass

Chapter 18

Ten minutes later, they were all on their way back from the hospital. Kagome included. Inuyasha had not left Kagome's side, since the second they lifted her from her bed and into a wheelchair. Ignoring Kagome's protest that she could walk, Inuyasha had even lifted her into the back seat of his father's Cadillac Escalade. Inuyasha then claimed the seat adjacent to Kagome. Leaving Sango to take the seat behind Inuyasha, who then shoved Miroku up front into the passages seat saying that she didn't want the pervert sitting next to her.

"Inuyasha, when we get home I want you to get Kagome settled in your room. Then, I want you to meet me in my study, you, your mother, and I are going to have a talk," Inutaishou commanded from the drivers seat, as he glanced at Inuyasha in the review mirror.

"Fine," Inuyasha huffed sadly as he watched out the window as they got closer and closer to his home. The rest of the ride home was deafly quiet, and tension filled the air. Upon stopping in front of the house, Inutaishou hastily exited the vehicle and went inside, leaving the rest in the car. Opening the door, Inuyasha first let Sango slide out from the back before turning to Kagome, who was moving to get up.

"What do you think you're doing," Inuyasha scolded gently pushing Kagome back into her seat.

"I'm getting out," Kagome replied as she tried to get up again, only to be pushed back.

"You're in no condition to move around! Didn't you hear what the doctor said! You're supposed to rest. Keh, stupid girl," Inuyasha scoffed as he scooped Kagome up bridal style into his arms and out of the Escalade.

"Inuyasha, put me down! I can walk!" Kagome squeaked in surprise as she found herself lifted effortlessly out of the Escalade.

"Hey Miroku, can you shut the door for me?" Inuyasha asked Miroku, who was waiting for them by the passenger side door, blatantly ignoring Kagome's statement.

"Sure thing," Miroku replied smoothly pushing himself off of the car and closing the door for Inuyasha.

"Inuyasha, let me down," Kagome protested as she wiggled a little in Inuyasha's arms, only causing him to tighten his grip.

"Not a chance, Kagome," Inuyasha replied smugly, which caused Kagome to huff, as he walked through the open door, and into the house with Miroku in toe.

"Well this is where we split, I will come by and see you later," Sango commented to Kagome, as she saw the position her friend was in. 'Aww, they look so cute together!' Sango thought happily.

"I also regret to inform you that I must leave as well," Miroku added, as him and Sango said their good bye's before disappearing.

"Well let's get you upstairs," Inuyasha sighed as he carried Kagome to his, well, their room.

"I really can walk by myself," Kagome mumbled slightly embarrassed that Inuyasha was carrying her.

"I don't care if you can walk or not. I'm not risking you falling and hurting yourself all over again! Especially when you aren't even completely recovered yet," Inuyasha answered his voice full of emotion that he tried to hide.

'He was really worried about me wasn't he,' Kagome thought as a small smile spread across her face, 'I don't know why, but it makes me happy that he cares enough about me to worry so much.' With that last thought, Inuyasha gently laid Kagome down on their bed.

"Stay here until I get back, I have to go talk my parents. You'd better be in the exact same spot when I get back," Inuyasha commanded lightly before quickly leaving the room, shutting the door behind him.

Inuyasha slowly made his way to his fathers' study. Stopping in front of the closed wood door, Inuyasha took a deep breath. 'I wonder what's going to happen. Are they going to take Kagome away, because I lost control in the hospital?' Inuyasha thought rapidly, 'No, I wont let that happen! They tried to take Kagome away once, I won't let it happen again!'

"Inuyasha are you going to stand outside the door for the rest of the day, or are you going to come in," Inutaishou barked from the other side. Cursing his father's enhanced hearing ability, Inuyasha opened the door slowly and walked inside, closing the door behind him.

"Sit," Inutaishou commanded, indicating the couch that was across from him. Silently Inuyasha sat down, awaiting his punishment.

"Inuyasha, would you like some tea?" Izayoi asked from her position beside Inutaishou, as she poured herself a cup.

"No thanks, mom," Inuyasha said with a kindness that he rarely showed anyone else.

"Now let's get down to business," Inutaishou said relaxing into the couch cushions, his face emotionless, as Inuyasha braced himself for what was to come.

"Your mother and I are greatly disappointed in you Inuyasha. Losing control of your demon side, and in a hospital no less! You could have killed hundreds of people with your lack of control, and do you what that would've caused? Even more hatred among those that are half-blooded!" Inutaishou scolded harshly, causing Inuyasha to wince slightly.

"Dad, I didn't mean to, I'm sorry,"

"I'm afraid an 'I'm sorry' isn't going to cut it Inuyasha. I am goi-" Inutaishou started but was interrupted by Izayoi.

"Dear, don't you think you are being a little too hard on him. Inuyasha didn't mean to do what he did, he was just afraid. Even demons can lose a little bit of control when they are scared or angry," Izayoi spoke softly, resting her hand over Inutaishou's causing him to sigh.

"I guess your right," Inutaishou sighed before he turned his attention back to Inuyasha, who currently had his ears pressed into his scalp, making him look like a whipped puppy. "I will say this again Inuyasha what you did was inexcusable, and my first punishment was to take away Kagome t..."

"NO! You're not taking Kagome away!" Inuyasha yelled in anguish, rising from his seat, fists clenched.

"SIT down and let me finish what I was saying!" Inutaishou commanded harshly, as he watched Inuyasha angrily take his seat again. "As I was saying, my first punishment was to take Kagome away so that it would prevent any further mishaps, and to prevent anything like what happened two years ago happen, again," Inutaishou paused for a second "BUT, what happened was also a sign that you are growing up, and that your demon blood is starting to act fiercer when it feels that something that belongs to it is threatened. I was hoping that I wouldn't have to give you this for a couple of years," Inutaishou sighed as he got up from the couch and retrieved what looked like a battered up, old sword from a case hidden behind his desk.

"Here take this," Inutaishou instructed, placing the sword in Inuyasha's hands.

"What's an old sword have to do with my demon blood, " Inuyasha asked unsheathing the sword to look at the dull, rusted blade.

"That old sword, as you so kindly put it, is Tetsusaiga. I had that sword forged for you, from my fang, when you were just a baby. As long as you have Tetsusaiga with you, it will keep your demon blood in check and you will not have to worry about turning full demon anymore," Inutaishou explained as he watched Inuyasha examine Tetsusaiga with interest.

"Why is it so rusty and dull," Inuyasha inquired studying the various rust spots and scratches that covered the blade.

"The Tetsusaiga is a very powerful sword Inuyasha, and only when you find the key to unlocking its full power will you be able to transform Tetsusaiga into the marvelous sword it is meant to be," Inutaishou answered wistfully.

"What's the key," Inuyasha questioned sheathing the sword.

"You will have to find that out on your own, I'm afraid. You may leave now, if you wish, just remember what I said and keep Tetsusaiga near by at all times," Inutaishou finished as he watched Inuyasha nod before getting up to leave.

"Oh and Inuyasha," Izayoi called out, causing Inuyasha to turn around, "take good care of Kagome, she needs her rest!"

"I will, mom. I will," Inuyasha answered before opening the door and closing it behind him.

"Now where could that stupid pervert gone," Sango muttered to herself as she walked through the dining room. Just as Sango was about to turn around, and go back the way she came, a balding old man with grey hair came stumbling out of the kitchen wheezing. Upon seeing Sango the old man rushed forward, "Sango! I'm so glad I found you! Miroku he.." that old man stopped for a second trying to catch his breath.

"What's wrong!? Mushin, what happened to Miroku?" Sango asked worry etching her features.

"I told him not to climb that tree! I did!" Mushin rambled on.

"Where's Miroku, Mushin?"

"He..I told him not to..I really did.."

"Mushin just tell me where Miroku is!" Sango nearly screeched in worry.

"He's by the creek, near the willow tree," Mushin stammered out before Sango rushed into the kitchen and out of the house through the back door. 'What the hell was he thinking!' Sango thought as she ran into the small woods that were behind the mansion. 'What if he's seriously hurt!' Sango though as she ran faster through the frozen foliage and the snow-capped trees. 'I will kill him, that's what!' Sango finished angrily as she came near the willow tree only to see Miroku laying motionless at its base.

"Miro..Miroku..." Sango called tentatively, all the traces of anger were gone and quickly replaced by worry.

Not seeing any movement from the man, Sango quickly rushed to his side, dropping to her knees next to his motionless body.

"Miroku!" Sango cried shaking him a little bit, but getting no reaction. 'I don't see any blood! What's wrong with him?! Could it be a concussion? Internal bleeding?' Sango thought frantically, until she felt something softly caress her bottom.

"PERVERT!" Sango screeched slapping Miroku hard on the cheek.

"My dearest Sango! How could you slap me! I'm injured!" Miroku whined nursing his abused cheek.

"Injured my ass!" Sango yelled getting to her feet, " I can't believe I fell for your stupid little joke in the first place!" she finished before beginning to stomp away. In a flash, Miroku got up and quickly secured his hand around Sango's wrist preventing her from leaving.

"Wait Sango!" Miroku pleaded as he tightened his grip on her wrist, as she tried to pull away.

"Let go of me, Miroku, I'm tired of your games!" Sango hissed angrily.

"Come on Sango, let me explain!"


"Sango, please!"

"NO! Now let me go!"

"But Sango it was the only way to get you to come out here! Yo-"

"I don't care! You have no idea how worried I was about you! Especially after what happened with Kagome!" Sango yelled as she whirled around to glare at him.

"I'm sorry I made you worry Sango, I really am! I just wanted to give you something, but I know you wouldn't come out here with me willingly, so I had to think of a way to get you out here. I'm sorry" Miroku said softly, eyes glistening with emotion.

"Fine, whatever" Sango huffed as she yanked her wrist from Miroku's grasp, "What is it that you wanted to give me?" she asked with false anger, her curiosity getting the better of her. Miroku's face instantly brightened up into a smile as he took her hand in his, and dragged her back over willow tree. Stopping in the same place that Miroku was laying moments ago, and picked up a medium sized brown cardboard box from the side of the tree.

"This Sango, is for you," Miroku declared triumphantly, as he presented Sango with the box.

"Ohh.." Sango said curiously as she lifted the lid of the box, and peaked inside.


"Awww!" Sango squealed in delight as a small cream colored demon kitten with a red bow tied around its neck and two tails stared back at her. "Miroku! She looks just like the kitten on my favorite t-shirt!" Sango ku-ed as she picked up the kitten.

"I know that's why I got her for you. I saw her at a pet shop the day that we went to the mall with Kagome, and I wanted to get her for you, but you know the rules. So I asked Izayoi if she would get her for me so I could give her to you and she agreed," Miroku smiled happy to see Sango so happy.

"Thank you so much, Miroku!" Sango cried as she hugged Miroku fiercely causing him to drop the box.

"Does that mean you forgive me?" Miroku questioned innocently, as they broke apart.

"For the time being, yes," Sango chimed before she went back to ogling her kitten.

"So have you decided what you are going to name her?" Miroku asked happily as he watched Sango ku over the little demon kitten.

"Kirara. That's what Im going to name her, Kirara." Sango stated proudly admiring her new friend.

"Perfect name, for a perfect kitten," Miroku replied seductively, causing Sango to roll her eyes.

"Geeze, what're you trying to now Miroku? Seduce innocent little kittens," Sango accused.

"Sango, how could you think so little of me? It hurts," Miroku said as he dramatically put his hand over his heart.

"Let's go, drama boy. It's freezing out here!" Sango concluded as she turned away from Miroku and started heading back to the house, with Kirara on her shoulder.

'She likes me!' Miroku thought happily as he trailed after Sango, back to the house.

"Here's this month's profit chart, and a list of all the slaves that were sold. The names that are highlighted are the ones that were returned. Hope you had a wonderful vacation Mr. Onigumo," The young secretary chimed.

"Thank you very much, Kana. I had a great vacation until I had to return to this frozen wasteland"

"You're welcome, Mr. Onigumo," Kana replied quickly.

"I've told you before Kana, call me Naraku," Naraku demanded.

"So..Sorry, Naraku," Kana stammered quietly.

"It's fine, Kana, just remember next time," Naraku instructed before going into his office. Flopping down into his chair, Naraku cracked open the folder and skimmed the names on the list, frowning in displeasure, as his eyes fell upon the un-highlighted name:

'Kagome Higurashi'

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